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Why are people so mean what did we ever do to them?
They bully us just because we are smart, fat, ugly, and not popular. They use their words like knives and weapons they use against us.
What they care is how they look and they don’t even realize how dumb they are, they will laugh at us so they won’t get bored, they think they are all perfect and that, well they will see someday that when we grow up we will live in a big city while they sit in a bar with no job talking about their football game that no one cares about.
Every time we walk through the corridor we put our heads down because we will never make them get impressed, they make us feel like nails on the chalkboard calling as out when we are wounded and they are all against the weaker man. They all think that they are so important and have nothing to worry about. Some day we will be bigger and smarter and more popular than they are and they will be so shallow that they will never reach us.
So all of you people kids, teens, and even adults it’s time to put up with this and stand up and defend ourselves and do not be afraid to defend yourself because if you don’t then your life will be like hell so all this time that they were bullying you it’s time to reunite our power and show them who is smarter, powerful, and who deserves a better life. Do not be afraid of your life because life is your friend, life will always be there for you it always keep you company so don’t go and say I hate my life, no, there is a small voice inside of you trying to get free but you won’t let it because you are too afraid well no let it go free and let us show them bullies who is most stronger come and join me friends and do not be afraid.
You have to care about your life and don’t throw your hope outside the window and say that this is my life and I can’t change it, well no you are wrong take your hope In side and say that I always have hope and I can always change my life and make it better so never give up and become hopeless, no!! always encourage yourself to be a better person and stronger and don’t become a bully after you gain power, go help and encourage others who didn’t find there little voice that is hiding so be brave people and defend for your life. Go and help other people and show them how life can become your true friend it never lets you down its always honest with you, and shows you what's wrong and what's right. I am writing this because I've experienced this myself I've been bullied of how I look and how smart I used to be but I never cared because I knew I was a better person then they are. So don’t be afraid of showing yourself people might like the new you. And don’t be afraid of defending yourself if you know your right and don’t get tired and give up, continue and you will see the results and you will be happy of what you have achieved. And someday you will wake up realizing that you are in a big war and it’s a war worth fighting for, because believe me my friend you are not going through it alone, and never regret it what you have done because in some stage you will know that you have done the right thing and it’s something you will always be proud of. So never let people control you or bully you just ignore them and show them that you are much better and you will realize that they don’t worth your time so just walk away with your chin up like nothing happened but if things went too far then you have the right to defend yourself and fight for justice.

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