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Noah Archy: Atheist in waiting.

By: MuffinToItFilms

Page 1, Noah Archy\'s parents: Christians Noah\'s best girl friend Ruby: Christian Noah\'s best guy friend Eddie: Atheist Noah: ?

opening scene: It's sunday morning and Noah wakes up to an empty house. Hair is messed up, pajammas wrinkled, etc. he walks down stairs slowly and grogily. approaches kitchen and finds note on fridge. "Be back when service is over! love, Mom & Dad." he rolls his eyes, grabs the remote, and turns on the televison. 

scene two: now eating ceareal (to be determined later) the front door opens and Mom and Dad enter. Mom looks cheery, Dad looks hungry.

Mom:(cheerfully) Good morning sweetie!

Noah: (Routine sounding, 'i've said this a million times before) Hi mom, how was service?

Mom:(fasinated) great. Pastor dave really knows how to make it entertaining.

Noah: (staring at TV, distracted) That's nice Mom.

*few moments of semi-awkward silence*

Mom: (referring to Dad) so what're your plans for the day, dear? 

Dad: (mouth full of toast) probably just work on the car or something, i'm not sure.

Mom:How about you, Noah?

Noah:('Oh HERE we go' face) probably just gonna hang out with Eddie.

Mom: (not happy) I don't like that Eddie, he isn't a good influence on you.

Noah: (somewhat sassy) I pick my friends mom, not you.

Mom: (ignoring) you know what friend of yours i DO like? that Ruby White. she's a nice girl.

Noah: (lovey-dovey, yeah.) Yeah, she is sweet :3 (snaps out of it) but i'm hanging out with Eddie today Mom, maybe tomorrow i'll hang out with Ruby. *phone goes off*

Mom: Who's that?

Noah: (sarcastic) Get excited, Mom! It's Ruby!


Scene Three: (outside) Noah and Eddie are playing basketball, and wearing matching Jerseys.

Eddie: So, just out of curiosity... why does your Mom hate me?

Noah: She doesn't HATE you. She just thinks you're a bad influence

Eddie: (sarcastic) why? because i'm not always on my knees praying to our lord Jesus? please.

Noah: It's not that, it's just you. think about it, i mean, how would you feel if your kid was friends with someone like you?

Eddie: I'd lock all my doors and windows.

Noah: Exaclty, maybe if you were a little less "AYYY, MRS. A." and a little more "Hello Mrs. Archy" She'd like you better.

Eddie: Yeah, not gonna happen.


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