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Short story By: angellynn
Editorial and opinion

As a mother, as so many are. We are faced with the overwhelming outbreak of Twilight. It seems this Edward Cullen has bitten every female under the age of 20, and has most likely slept with them too. My daughter swears she is'nt idolizing him. But the signs are written all over her room. Under her bed, and across her walls. This is my story of when I caught Edward in bed with my daughter.This story is fictional. My opinions are real. No more harrassing please. Critics are welcome.

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Marlena is my sixteen year old daughter. As a single mother working two jobs, I find it hard to spend much time with her. She is my only child, and her dad doesn't help at all. She is obsessed with the twilight saga. Magazines, movies, articles, anything that has a picture of Edward Cullen on it, or in it. Her computer screen saver is New Moon. A recent saga of Twilight. I tell you. I just want to pull my hair out.

It was the first weekend in months I was able to take off work. I was so excited to be able to spend some time with Marlena. I had planned for us to go to the mall. She was excited too. But not for the same reasons as I. She begged me to let her friend Marcey tag along. I was hesitant, as I wanted this time to be all about us. She looked at me with her sad blue eyes, and as usual I gave in.

We picked up Marcey, and was off to the mall. The girls were in the back giggling and whispering. I counted how many times I heard the name Edward. Between Marceys house to when we got out at the mall, they mentioned his name thirty-nine times. Thats ridiculous, seriously. My daughter and her friend wanted to go to the magazine section of the mall.

I thought to myself, thats just great. Another magizine to clutter her room. I informed her she had enough magizines. That I wasn't spending another dime on her beloved Edward. She gave me a funny look and skipped into the store.

The girls were going crazy over the New Moon articles. When I walked in, there were posters, pictures, and you name it. Everything was an advertisement of Twilight.. I stepped back and glanced up to see if this was a Twilight store. No. It says Jergens Book Store.

There were at least fifty females in here. A few dads standing back , as not to get trampled on. The look on their faces, weren't much different from the looks I had thrown a time or two.

I couldn't believe my ears when I overheard one of them say, he has spent over two thousand dollars on this Twilight crap. I just dont see what they all see in a guy who wears more make-up than I do.

Marlena begged me to buy the newest edition of Twilight. ( A book I wont name, as It hasn't been written yet. ) At least not to the public. Anyway, I took the book and put it back on the shelf. I insisted we leave, and get a bite to eat. Marlena was upset, but she didn't fight me over it. The girls talked on and on about Edward Cullen. It made so sick, I couldn't finish my meal.

We spent the next hour walking through the mall, when we walked up to a tattoo parlor, we stood there watching a girl getting a tattoo on her neck. Marlena and Marcey were amazed when they saw what was being branded in the girls neck. I looked closer, and I almost fainted. Not because of the girls blood, but because the tattoo was a vampire bite with drops of blood coming from it.

You've got to kidding me, I said out loud. Has everyone been brain washed by this ridiculous phenomenon. I mean its one thing to enjoy a movie saga, and give rave reviews. But the fangs, and tattooed vampire bites is taking it to extreme.

Marlena looked at me in amazement. Oh no, I blurted out. No way are you going to get one of those. No way In hell, I demanded. Lets go, I told her dragging her by the arm. Marlena talked about that tattoo all the way home. I was so upset, that these girls are taking this thing this far. What is wrong with this generation. Wake up!

After dinner, I decided to take a quick shower, before bed. As I passed Marlenas room. I heard a strange noise coming from her room. I put my ear to her door and listened.

It sounded like moaning. Then I heard my daughter whisper, Oh yea Edward. Harder, harder. I was shocked. I was too embarressed to say anything, and too scared to try the door. I knew what she was doing, and it is a shame. Edward has been screwing my daughter, and theres nothing I can do about it.

Like so many parents, I shoved the whole thing under the carpet. How can I punish her for being sexually active with a Twilight magizine. Its beyond me.

The next morning I couldn't even look her in the eye. This Twilight thing is'nt just hurting our youth, but it puts the parents in a difficult position also.

I eventually got over the embarrassing situation. I know masterbation is a normal act. But I would prefer to think my child doesn't feel the need to act upon it. Especially with a figment of Meyers imagination. This writer is leading our youth to slaughter. Wheather she realizes it or not. My only hope is that this thing blows over quickly, and the sooner the better.


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