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I am writing a book with my friend and this is what I have so far, on my half.I hope that some day, what I write, will mean something to everyone.

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"Peace of Voice"

I look into the sky, not really expecting much, but wishing for something our world desperatley needs in order to go on. You've heard of people wishing on a shooting star...well i wish upon the sky. Day or night. I'd open everyone's hearts and eyes. Maybe these words I write will mean something to you. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. If we dropped to the ground, or stopped fighting for what we know needs to be faught for, what would happen? Would the world begin to crumble?

Look at the news on the television. People are getting hurt every day. People disappear day after day, yet no one cares. There are just sick people like that, and we can't stop it. Who's really the monster though? Look into my eyes, are you strong enough to see past the mask? Can you see what I see? Can you hear the silent screams of the night?

You go on with your life. Sometimes we get so distracted by the good things, that we forget others are still suffering. Others need our help. If someone asked you to, would you help the ones in distress? Or would you sit back and watch the tragic show? Helping isn't that difficult, we're all capable of lending a hand.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have a voice. I have a voice, and I will not quiet down until I see a change. Just because someone is young, does not mean that they have no voice, or that their opinion doesn't matter.Sometimes, it's the young children, who are the only ones who can see what's really going on. How does someone just sit back and do nothing, while knowing what is happening to this place we love? There is so much hatred in this world, and I only wonder why. Where did all the love disappear to?

"Silent Music"

I sit there at the table, gazing out the window. The leaves are chaging from a dark green to various shades of yellow and orange; the wind gently blows them to the side. Everyone is testing, and I savor the silence. It's music to my ears. This is the time when I stop my life and think. About what, it's hard to explain. I often wonder what life would be like if everyone took the time to sit down and really think about life. Am I the only one who finds it relaxing to just sit on a hill and watch the sun set? To let my mind wander and think. My friend once said, "If the world could love like us, it would be perfect". Would it? I don't believe in perfection, because no one knows what perfection really is. I do know that the world would be better though. There would be no racism, sexism, or any other "ism".

"Pointless War"

Why do we have wars? What does anyone gain? If you think about it, we're just killing ourselves. Humans vs Humans. We all have different views on life. We all believe in different things. We cannot get along in life if we fighting pointless wars. Wars cost money and lives. If you're reading this...don't you feel the soldiers' family's pain?


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