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By: kagra15

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A path that never ends is not a path, but life. And every path comes to an end. A long path is the normal life span of a human, but a short path is a path cut short by something or someone. Those who paths are cut short should never come to the end of their lives beause of someone who can't help but be sick minded of a disease that can be prevented, but us as humans are un capable of comprehending the diseases nature. We humans are at fault for the deaths of loved ones or others we do not know. We as humans are the so called "superior" beings, we may think we are more important then animals but we are just as much an animal as any other creature. Humans go to war with each other with no valuable perpose, we fight our own kind for no reson at all. Freedom? Why fight for freedom when you are never truly free, ask yourselves, does every fight have a true perpose? Have you ever been in a fight and then when its over you feel more angery then when it startedl, or you dont know why the fight took place at all.

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