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Happy stinkin' New Year...

Short story By: Spyguy
Editorial and opinion

A New Year; Time for change, a new life, a new lift, new...

Submitted:Jan 1, 2013    Reads: 33    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Yes; I'm here to complain, I guess. Not because I'm the type to throw a wet blanket on things... Not because I even really expect that tonight's "Joyouscelebration" will carry on throughout2,013... Just because, for some crazy reason, I get the feeling that all my new-found friends here onBooksie might have a few words to say about this night's experiences that might take some of the sting out of the night's activities... Or lack thereof...

"So", you say, "What the hell happened to you?", as you stare at the normally happy, often effervescent man you thought you knew, & now are having a hard time recognizing..."You went to a party tonight, & last year you weren't even invited to one". Yes, & maybe that's a big part of the reason for my funk... I know that New Year's supposed to be a fun time, a happy time, a joyous time...A time when you kiss total strangers, you slap people on the back & whisper words of encouragement into their ears of the wonderful, yet to be accomplished things that you're sure that youknow they will achieve in this next year...& yes, I did all that.. So, once again you ask; "What the hell's the matter with you?"

Well, I knew too many people at the party, so, I really didn't get to dance, because they all know me, know that I'm married, I have to work along side of them, so, they don't see me as someone they can, "Have fun and flirt & enjoy a good time with" because they all have lots of respect for the family life that I have, & don't want to take a chance of messing it up. Fine and dandy... I understand. So, I get a single kiss, on the cheek, all night long, by a stranger, no less, & I danced most of the time with two to three women, never really only one. Loosly, appropriately, & quickly... No slow dances for me, no cuddling... I called my "Cyber-love-friend" who I felt might make the night worthwile, & while she told me she missed me, & said she was glad I'd called, it seemed that even she was rushed & as though she was 'Needed somewhere else'; "Of course, stupid, she has got a family too, & is celebrating New Year's in her own way, with them, & besides she's so far away, that you can't give her a kiss, or feel a thing from that connection on a physical level...Emotional, maybe yes, for a moment, but physical... not this time brother."

Later, I called my wife, in another state, (The New Year works it's way accross the country in time zones, & so it's "New Year's" hours apart from each other depending where in the country they are), to say "Happy New Year" to her too... Well, well, she "Missed me too"... Yep, apparantly & so did everything else... I guess I've just been missed... Nice to know that I've been missed, again, like last year, when I missed everything, & I'd hoped that that would never happen again... Yes, "Happy Stinkin' New Year to Everybody Else too... Here we go again... Will 2013 be any better than 2012? I sure as well hope so... But it sure ain't starting that way for me".

"Maybe it's just because I don't drink like everybody else & get falling down drunk off my ass like some of the others at the party who seemed to have so much fun... kissing so many people, enjoying the night... they seemed to really be having the time of their lives... But then they'll tell me that they wake up in the morning with a splitting headache, & can't even remember what they did last night...That's ahell of a "New Year head- start if youask me." So, does anyone have an answer for a lonely, worthless, old kodger who nobody seems to want to start the year off with??

Thanks for reading, my beloved readers & fans, sorry to start off your whole year on a bad foot... I just couldn't help it.

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It'd mean a lot to helping to restart the "New Year"...Your comments help too...Thanks...


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