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Abortion- The controversial subject

Short story By: XUXIKI
Editorial and opinion

Just another view on this subject.

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I have been toying with the idea of writing my views on abortion. Views that I am not suppose to be having. I have read the views of a few people on the site and all seem to be against abortion, with some more subtle than the rest. Some gives you the same feeling you get when someone says, "I have nothing against gay people. I can sit in a company with them." And then that same person turns around and says, "But what they are doing is an abomination against God and they should all be killed to decrease their spread."

Abortion is a disease of our society. Like hypertension and diabetes and obesity it will spread. You empathize when someone tells you that they had diabetes since they were young, will you feel the same way about a girl telling you she had an abortion at twelve years of age? Now she is twenty and already has three children. In the world's eyes she is already middle aged. A girl that was suppose to be on the threshold of life, now torn and thrown for the dogs. Why, you ask?

All because a thirty year old man heard from a friend that if you rape a virgin you will be cured of AIDS. There was a lot of virgins walking around his village, but he chose her. He chose her because he knew her. He knew she would not tell anyone. He just had to tell her that he was going to kill her father and that would leave their family penniless. Through the mind of an innocent child she reasoned that what was happening to her was right because it was going to save their family. When she became pregnant at eleven she was forced to have an abortion on her twelve birthday to prevent shame on their family name. But the damage was done and those that knew violated her afterwards because she was seen as a whore. Was it her fault she had an abortion? Or can you put the blame on a sick society that allows this to happen. Would you be able to judge her now?

You almost cry with a friend when they tell you that their mother died due to complications of diabetes at the age of forty. Would you do the same if that friend told you their mother died due to complications of an abortion? Or would you condemn them secretly. Not knowing that the abortion was actually done too late. That she was told two weeks earlier by her obstetrician that her fetus died while still in her womb and that they had to abort immediately. She refused and went home praying secretly to God that the baby should come to life again. Two weeks later she became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a bleeding tendency and sepsis due to the rotten retained products of conception. Her husband signed the consent form for the hysterectomy, but she died two days later due to complications. All she wanted to do was carry her baby to term, leaving a husband wifeless, and three children under the age of eight years motherless. Do you still believe a woman should carry her pregnancy to term no matter what the cost?

Or do you only see that cheerleader in your school that slept with almost all the guys on the football team. When her periods came late the next month she did not know who the father was, so her 'best friend' escorted her to the clinic and waited with her till she was done. The next morning the whole school knew what she did and she was shunned by everyone, even her so-called 'best friend' who could not let such a juicy story go to waste. Nobody knew that her psychotic brother raped her two months earlier when he was having another episode, or that her parents forbid her to tell anyone because they did not want to be labeled as having madness in their genes. When she missed her period that month she tried to fill the emotional void she was feeling by substituting emotional love for physical love, giving her the reputation of being easy. Easy because she slept with the quarterback when he lied and told her he loved her and then kissed his best friend when he brushed her off after their one midnight encounter. Still she remains a whore and a murderer.

There is more behind the decision than just saying I want to have an abortion. There is more than meets the eye. No female jumps into bed with a man thinking I might as well have sex, because I can still have an abortion tomorrow. We all might think that is the case, but it is not. And is abortion murder? Murder is what happened to these women before they got to the point where they made the decision that they won't be able to support the life that is growing inside of them. I think they were dead long before the thought entered their minds, so who are we to condemn them? And then say to ease our minds that we wouldn't mind sitting in a company with them, but we are already burning them at the stakes in our minds?

You don't know what they are going through because you have not been there. You have not experienced what they are feeling. You cannot tell a young girl its okay to be a single mother with no means of financial or emotional support in an area where hoodlums pounce on them and rape their babies while they are struggling to find a job because you will feel better sleeping at night for saving another one. Not even me, with all the support and love at my beckoning want to bring up a baby in our sickened society. How can I judge them in their circumstances for choosing the much harder way out? How can you?

This comes from someone who should be burned in hell. Burned because my job made me a murderer in the eyes of some for helping these women. The same murderer that will not judge you when you accidentally killed someone in a car accident because you chose to take the last drink at the party putting your alcohol level way above what was legally allowed. The same murderer that will not judge you for not seeing that your best friend overdosed on cocaine because you were too stoned yourself. That same murderer who will not judge you for not picking up the cell phone when your sister was being raped and murdered because you were having the fuck of your life and refused to let her take this simple pleasure away from you.

There are things more evil than abortion happening in this world today, it is just the most talked about subject. You can ask anyone you come across and they will have a personal view on abortion, but just ask them about incest, family violence, genocide, date rape, crimes of passion, and they tell you they will have to think about it.


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