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emma basset

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Country: United States
Member Since: Sep 11, 2009

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me:emma basset

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Posted: Sep 12, 2009
this is about me and how my life has been so...

i am online [x] ofline[ ]

i know its weird being born on 9/11 but i didnt have a choice!btw i was not born on the exact date but when it hapenned i was at my bday party so i was not born on the accually crashing. adopted on 9/11

have 9 brothers and sisters and 4 of them are adopted(including me)

i hope to find my birth parents somday but i am not allowed to contact them.

siblings names: maci (9,girl) brayden(4,boy) elle(14,girl) tori(13 like my bff,girl) samantha(1 has a twin jessica,girl) jessica(1,girl) kyle(15,boy) noah(6,boy) and lastly my least favorite sydney(13,girl me and tori beat her up)

Got a problem with me? .x.Solve It
Think Im trippin? .x.Tie My Shoe
Can't stand me? .x.Sit Down
Can't face me?.x.Turn Around
Love me? .x.Awesome
Hate me? .x.Even Better
Think Im ugly? .x.Like your prettier?
Don't like my style? .x.Hate Yours
Don't know me? .x.Don't Judge Me
Think u know me?.x. You Don't Have A Clue

Color? red
Book?Historical Person (other than Jesus):Abraham Lincoln
Song? I hope you Dance by Lee Ann Womack (It has a funny/sad story to go along with it)
Book Series? Inheritance Cycle
Author? Christopher Paolini (he wrote Inheritance Cycle)
Ice Cream? vannilla (Yum)2nd Favorite Color? BlueAbout Me.
I am a girl
I am straight (But I don’t mind if you aren’t, as long as you don’t go off on me, and force your beliefs on me)
I feel left out all the time
I love my family
I am glad that I have sportive parents
I have regrets. Who doesn’t?
I don’t want you to judge me
I love my God
I am a Christian. And I do think that it is the only way to God.
I love to learn about other religions.  
I love to read =D and write poetry
I may look young, but I can talk intelligently;
I will become so mean and demanding if you hurt someone love, but overall I am lovable and weird.
I love to laugh =D
I love to put a puzzled look on people’s faces
Please talk to me, I do not bite.


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If you're weird and proud of it, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you don't know where you/we would be without music, copy and paste this into your profile

If you laugh a lot, copy and paste this into your profile


95% of teens would freak if their crush didn't like them. I would be among the 5% saying, "Your loss." A friend calls you while you're in jail, good friend visits you while you're in jail, and a best friend would be sitting next to you yelling,"THAT WAS AWESOME LETS DO IT AGAIN!" Put this on your page if you are best friends with someone. -Put up Bird Houses and Feeders: don't forget to plant flowers in the window box to provide food for the birds. -Cut Plastic Rings- by cutting the plastic rings of six-packs you reduce the risk of birds getting caught in them. -Plant a Tree: Help filter our pollution and provide oxygen and homes for animals. -Be Respectful of our Land and Resources -Don't Litter: Pick up garbage you find by the sides of roads or in parks because animals could die from eating litter or get caught in platic bags. -Don't take Wild Plants for your Personal Collection: by doing this rare plants become endangered plants. -Spread the Word: Let people know what is happening to our world. -Join an Organization: by joining ones that are active in conservation you are helping save our ecosystem. -Write to your Representatives: let them know you support the Endangered Species Act.

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