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Faded Scars

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Country: United States
Member Since: Feb 21, 2012

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Think Before You Act (by Whiteroses)

Poem by Faded Scars
Posted: Feb 24, 2012
please read it till the end... I know its long...
Tags:poem, suicide, act, before

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Honestly, You Are Not Alone...

Poem by Faded Scars
Posted: Feb 24, 2012
For me cutting is a horrible thing to do. It inflicts...

Think Before You Act (by Whiteroses)

Poem by Faded Scars
Posted: Feb 24, 2012
please read it till the end... I know its long...

UPDATE: Emilie, SugarPlum, has joined the team!

Hello, beautiful.

Faded Scars is an account created to help YOU. We're a team of three who have came together to offer help, advice and support to those in the Booksie family who are suffering from depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, relationships, sexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse and everything else along those lines. We WANT to help!

Soon there will be articles posted for each topic of which you may be suffering from. You can read these articles for some advice and help. Even after reading these articles, you can post a comment on them for help. If you're not comfortable with posting a comment publicly, please, please, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can contact the main email and one of us will reply to you. You can even CHOOSE which one of us you want to talk to! To help you decide, you can read each of our short introductions below to see which one of us would be more suited to help you.
Estelle originally came up with the idea and with the help of Vicky (who has sadly now left the team), created Faded Scars. Rosie and Nicky were contacted asking if they wanted to be a part of the team, and both accepted without hesitation. We are now looking for someone else to join the team alongside us!

We go around the Booksie community talking to everyone. So don't be surprised if you get more than one comment from us, since we do this every day and sometimes forget who we'll already spoken to!

We would also like to take the time to kindly ask, even those who don't need our help, if you could possibly leave a link to this page on your profile. Maybe one of your fans might be reading your profile and see the little link to this page and contact us. YOU can help others too!

Meet the team:

Hey guys:) I'm Estelle & I'm Scottish! I'm young, but trust me, don't let that put you off my help. Vicky & I decided to create an account dedicated to others because of two reasons. One of the reasons is because I just got over major depression, self harming and suicidal thoughts. I managed to get help, and so can you! That's why we're here, right?

I only got over self harming at the end of January this year. I started self harming in December. That means I self harmed for nearly two months. It could have lasted longer, but I got help before I went too far. I cut my arm a few times, and I still have the scars. They won't fade. I also starved myself and got obsessed with weighing myself every day and setting up weight charts. Why? I simply didn't feel good enough. I felt like I was a disappointment to my parents compared to my sister.  I felt like every other girl was better than me. I found myself crying every night, refusing to watch TV or go on my laptop, ignoring my friends... I even found myself thinking of ways to kill myself.

Now? I'm fine. Why? Because I got help!

Please, if you're suffering from depression, self harm or even suicidal thoughts, you can email me or anyone else from the team. We're always here, always listening:)

-Estelle xoxo


I'm Nicky :) I'm fourteen, and I'm always here to listen and to help if you need it!

Please please please don't think that you'll look stupid asking for help, or that we'll think your problem is stupid, because if you have something bothering you, it can't be stupid if it makes you feel bad.

Always ask for help <3

Talking about things always helps, and we want to show that we care :)


Hey Lovlies :) You can call me Rosie :D It is really nice to meet you :)

I would love nothing more than to put a smile people's faces, to show them that there IS HOPE no matter how gloomy things seem to be.  and Never think that something which upsets you is NOTHING... you have to always know that YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID, what ever you feel is part of you and you matter, so what ever the problem might be, don't be afraid to let it out no matter how small or insignificant you think it might be. There are 2 sayings in my religion that constantly keep me going; that give me a reason to live...

(1) "there is ease after every hardship" which tells me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all you have to do is squint a little harder to see it, it might just surprise you.

(2) "God does not burden one with more than they can handle" which tells me that if God says I'm strong, then why can't I believe it... I will get through it...

I will always be honest with you! and I would never judge you... but I will say this... I don't claim to have the answers to everything, but I will do my best to help you and if I see that I can't, I will refer you to someone who can...

Just remember, you are not alone and with support you can get through it :)

Take care and smile even when you dont feel like it cuz if anything, it would be a "HAHA" to anyone who tried to make you frown so its like the perfect revenge and more than that, if you smile long enough it might just make you happy :D xoxoxoxoxoxo

Contact us:

Our main email:




We have several ways of talking to you.

-Right here on Booksie


Don't worry, your information is confidential and any emails and phone numbers you give us will not be shared, nor used for anything else but to simply talk to you and help you.

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