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141 ways to tell if you are obsessed with DEATH NOTE

Article By: eragon96
Fan fiction

a list of things to tell you if you are obsessed with death note
(i fit alot of these

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You know your addicted to Death Note when 1. You have all the scanslations saved to your computer and have read them several times, yet you still buy the manga anyways. 2. You spend hours on the internet looking at Death Note pictures, information, and fan-sites. 3. You create a fan-site. 4. When you accidentally read a spoiler, you get the urge to go kill little fluffy animals. 5. When L died, you became so depressed that you wouldn't read Death Note for 5 weeks, wouldn't eat or sleep, and probably cried like a baby until you were dehydrated. 6. You have started to sit like L or Near 7. You have started to only eat sweets and fruit. 8. You sometimes leave apples lying around the house, hoping that they will disappear. 9. You created a new imaginary pet and it's a Shinigami. 10. You made/bought a notebook that looks like the Death Note, have every single rule copied into the first pages, and actually write names down in it. 11. You have decided to name your first child "L". Or Light. Or maybe Mello. 12. If someone doesn't like Death Note or doesn't understand it, you will argue with them for hours until they see it from your point-of-view. 13. You have several Death Note plushies, a couple of pillows, the manga, the episodes (so far), the movies, and even Death Note underwear. 14. You have talked about Death Note so much that when you say something about Raito, your family knows who you mean. 15. You would actually give up your left arm to bring L or Raito (depending on who you liked better) back to life. 16. You get a new dog and name it Ryuk or Rem. 17. You have had dreams about Death Note. 18. You are failing school, you got fired from your part-time job at McDonald's, and your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you, but as long as you have Death Note, you are as happy as can be. 19. You read Death Note doujinshi's in your spare time. 20. At random times you stare wildly at the empty air above people's heads and scream, "No, Shinigami God of Death, don't write down my name!" and then run away. 21. If someone you know has a heart attack, you vow to find the Kira who did it. 22. You start to call one of your siblings "Watari." 23. You pretend to have Shinigami eyes and tell people how long they will live. (You tell your enemies that they only have a week left, of course.) 24. You now lick donuts several times before you eat them. And chocolate bars too. 25. You know all the main characters' real names, ages, heights, weights, birthdays, dates of death, and etc. 26. Someone says that Ryuk looks like the demented clown from "It" and you punch them in the face. 27. That same person calls Mello 'a little Dutch girl' and you punch them again. 28. You have put make-up under your eyes to try and make them look like L's. (Hopefully you did this in secret and didn't go out in public.) 29. You never wear shoes anymore. 30. You have started using a fake name and hide your face. 31. You hate Misa because Light kissed her and they moved in together. 32. You went as Near for Halloween and nobody knew who you were, they thought you were just trick-or-treating in your pajamas. 33. You have pages and pages full of Death Note fan-art and fan-fictions. 34. If someone calls Raito "Light", you get angry. OR If someone calls Light "Raito," you get angry. (Depending on which name you prefer to use.) 35. Your friends don't hang out with you anymore because they are sick of hearing about how insane, yet hot, Light is. 36. You know who Matt is and love him. 37. You have dirty daydreams about what might have happened when Light and L were handcuffed together. 38. When you watched the Death Note movie, you kept standing up and screaming, "THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE MANGA!" 39. You found all your childhood toys and play with them again. 40. You have a smutty Death Note wallpaper on your computer screen and sometimes you just sit and stare at it. 41. You write about Death Note or a Death Note character for a school assignment, even if that wasn't the topic. 42. You now put percentages into most of your sentences. (Example: "Honey, would you like tuna casserole for dinner tonight?) "I am 83.4% sure that I would not like tuna casserole for dinner.") 43. You and your friends go to a convention and cosplay as the main characters. A couple of you even make-out so the fans can take pictures. 44. You have actually written a letter to Tsugumi Ohba (the original Death Note author) to complain about how she killed all the characters off. 45. You put "L" on your Christmas Wish-List. 46. You put "Raito" on your To-Do List. 47. You learned Japanese just so you don't have to wait for the rest of the English-version manga volumes to come out. 48. You want to be a murderer when you grow up. 49. You want to be called by the first letter of your name. (Example: If your name is Tracie, you tell people to call you, "T".) 50. You think that Matsuda is just the cutest, silly thing ever. 51. You quote Death Note in day-to-day conversations. (Example: "I'm hungry.) "Do you know that Shinigami only eat apples?" "….what are you talking about?") 52. You already knew that you were obsessed with Death Note without even having to read all this, but it gave you a good laugh anyways. 53. You make a deathnote and wonder where your shinigami is. 54. You get made at the people who write Death Note doujinshi's because "they're not real fans" 55. You make Deathnotes obbsessively....(I have made six....so far) 56. You love, and yet hate Raito/Light oh-so-much. 53You got a Death Note and actually wrote a name down. 54. You did the above and hoped it would work (and was really disappointed when it didn't) 55. You see news reports about murders/rapes/obvious corruption/etc. and just wish-wish-wish Kira/a Death Note could really exist (especially in those reports where not only is it bad, there will be no measures taken to make it any better) 56. if a little bit of you died along with L 57. you walk up to random people and yell "i'm not kira!" or "I am kira!" 58. you write someone's name in the death note and get angry when they don't die the way you wanted them to 59. you go into withdrawal when you don't eat apples for awhile 60. you bring apples to your room, lock the dor, and talk to your shinigami 61. you start to hold things like L 62. you never leave the ground (even to sleep) 63. you wake up and order a cup of sugar with tea 64. you refuse to eat french fries shaped like 'L' because "I'm almost as bad as kira!" 65. you laugh malevolently everytime you open a bag of chips and you eat them as dramatically as possible 66. you are the most dramatic note-taker in class 67. you ask for a full name whenever you meet someone new 68. you demand to see a government issued id to prove their identity then after seeing it you scream "I've won!" 69. you don't sleep anymore 70. you refuse to eat anything that isn't more than 90% sugar 71. you believe you will be the god of the new world 72. there is a 10% chance that you are kira 73. you sit down at a computer and stare at the screen while biting your nails 74. you refuse to stop staring at said computer screen because "I haven't found out who kira is yet!" 75. you start glomping every red-haired guy coming out of hot topic 76. you get your hair cut like Mikami's 77. you start doodling 'I <3 L' on your papers 78. you cosplayed and put it online 79. you make dolls of the characters 80. you cuss out the computer because someone made Near a little kid even though he's a teenager 81. you get angry and indignant at the fact that Raye Penber had the audacity to expect Naiomi Misora to quit the bureau to marry him 82. you pass up PB&J for straight jam, from the jar... and eat it with your fingers 83. at least 3/4 of your favorites on youtube are DN related 84. you were curious enough to sit through the live action movies, despite their painful cheesiness 85. you buy your first Light poster and, despite sleeping over at your friend's house, you hang it up immediately 86. you attack said poster when it falls down and your friend looks at you like you are raping it 87. you watch DN re-runs and throw something at the TV everytime a commercial comes on 88. Your ringtone is Light's "Kira laugh" and yoy play it during quiet suspenseful moments during scary movies 89. you are playing with a friend's video camera and start immitating what you think would be your favorite character's sex face 90. you start saying "Oh My Kira!" instead of "OhMiGod!" 91. you bring your Death Note with you wherever you go 92. you start doing your Kira laugh randomly in public 93. print out pics of characters and tape them to your school stuff then in class you start talking to them 94. your diet consists only of strawberries, apples, chips, and chocolate 95. every sentence you say contains the word "eliminate" 96. you only get good grades because you want to be smarter than L, Light, or Near 97. you have a water gun in your pocket and walk around pretending it's a real gun 98. you now every video game imaginable and even if you don't like video games you still want to impress Matt 99. you tell people that if they are not nice you will write their name in your Death Note 100. you talk with no emotion 101. all your friends are toys 102. your nickname is "God" 103. you own everything possible of Death Note and you sleep with the plushies every night 104. your theme song is segret agent man 105. you want to own a chocolate factory so you can eat all the chocolate yourself 106. you have the opening song stuck in your head 107. you confuse the ugliest goth guy at school for Ryuk 108. you have a god complex and excleaim "I am justice!" at the end of every sentence 109. you name your bf-gf/ obsessive stalker "Misa" 110. tennis makes you think of DN 111. you decide to become a secret and anonymous agent 112. you wish you had a Death note to wipe all the criminals of the worldd out 113. you obsess over giant chocolate bars and wear skin tight leather 114. your second L plushie, which is in the midst of eating a piece of cake, is used to warm your computer chair 115. you start typing like L does 116. Li is: a- the world's greatest douschebag b- a dead ringer for Zac Efron c- doomed for eating chips d- all of the above 117. you find pieces of paper and scribble on them furiously while muttering "Sokujo" 118. you try to guess people's age by looking at the tops of their heads 119. when you become comfortable with L's ratty attire and maybe even adopt it 120. you sometimes say Death Note instead of Deth Klock when referring to the band on Metalocalypse 121. you are suspicious of any notebook someone is writing in 122. you watch the news and give your own judgments: practicing for when you get a Death Note 123. you can never look at chips the same 124. you start hearing L's theme song when you are solving a problem 125. you have considered the possibility that Ryuk is Light's imaginary friend and thus exists in the same canon as Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 126. when someone says "No Wammy" you think of DN instead of the gameshow 127. you have considered making the eye deal just to have an inside track on when famous people will die so you can bet on them and make money 128. you start thinking Mello would make a cute girl 129. you start calling your friends by the first letter of their first names 130. you have fanfiction that details the time gap between episodes 25 and 27 131. you bunch your monitor when finishing episode 37 132. you know who "O" is 133. you start making "You know you are obsessed with Death Note when..." things 134. you and your arch enemy have intense moments full of neon red and blue where you stare at each other from atop buildings 135. you memorized all the Death Note rules 136. L is your hero and you use all of his traits in daily life 137. when you think of a heart attack you know that kira caused it 138. You are obsessed with DN parodies (even in other languages) 139. You argue if Batman, The Question, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Sherlock Holmes, the guys from Law and Order and all the spinoffs, CSI, Monk, Thin Man, Spock, or Roger the Negotiator could beat Light, L, or Near in a battle of wits 140. you make a creepy happy face whenever the DN theme song sounds when someone calls you 141. you do a puzzle and immediately smash it afterwards, just to do it again


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