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Article By: kwakupobi
Fan fiction

This article talks about a new tech industry and it's founder.

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More reports suggest a smaller iPad is coming, Apple's Mountain Lion coming July 25? "Apple, we have fixed glitch causing apps to crash, Apple to start making TVs", report says, these are some of the breath catching headlines on the tech giant Apple. This is the company that has given us the most signature technological innovations over the past 30 years: the Apple II, the Macintosh, the iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Lev Grossman of Time Magazine writes an amazing article about Apple and in a paragraph says:

"Stop and look at Apple for a second, since it's an odd company. It has been around long enough and has a high enough profile that it's easy to forget that. While most high-tech firms focus on one or two sectors, Apple does all of them at once. Apple makes its own hardware (iBooks and iMacs), it makes the operating system that runs on that hardware (Mac OS X), and it makes programs that run on that operating system (iTunes, iMovie, Safari Web browser, etc.). It also makes the consumer-electronics devices that connect to all those things (the rapidly multiplying iPod family), and it runs the online service that furnishes content to those devices (iTunes Music Store). If you smooched together Microsoft, Dell and Sony into one company, you would have something like the diversity of the Apple technological biosphere."

I believe these sum-up the persona of Apple. Apple is one of the leading tech companies in the world and has stormed the world market with its innovative, a must have and breath taking products.

"Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest" and "Now when we see new things or opportunities we can seize them. In fact, we have already seized a few like desktop movies, wireless networking, and iTools. A creative period like this lasts only maybe a decade, but it can be a golden decade if we manage it properly" were two quotes by Steve Jobs, a co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple. Steve Jobs was an American businessman, designer and inventor. Through Apple, he was widely recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution and for his influential career in the computer and consumer electronics field. Steve Jobs oversaw the development of the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad and on the services side, the company's Apple Retail Stores, iTunes Store and the App Store which brought stable financial returns and propelled Apple to become the world's most valuable public traded company in 2011. The reinvigoration of the company is regarded by many commentators as one of the greatest turnarounds in business history which was empowered by Steve Jobs.

"Things happen fairly slowly, you know. They do. These waves of technology, you can see them way before they happen, and you just have to choose wisely which ones you're going to surf. If you choose unwisely, then you can waste a lot of energy, but if you choose wisely it actually unfolds fairly slowly. It takes years. One of our biggest insights [years ago] was that we didn't want to get into any business where we didn't own or control the primary technology because you'll get your head handed to you"- Steve Jobs.

This quote by Steve Jobs speaks volumes on tech industries all over the world and it can be seen on the stock market with some tech giants collapsing. This new wave of the Tech industry has attracted many players outside and within Africa and Africa has seen its fair share of tech industries springing up, some collapsing and others barely making it through each day, but there are others making names all over the world and found it interesting to locate Three African Tech companies in 'Forbes's 50 top tech companies'. Most of these new tech companies in Africa focus on reinventing web applications and mobile apps already in existence which is customized to suit a particular company or group of individuals. One of such companies that I know is making waves in Ghana and will soon be joining 'Forbes's top ten tech companies' is Origgin, a Ghanaian based tech company which has been operating for just one year, ten months old.

Origgin is a mobile software company that builds consumer apps to solve core everyday problems. It is located at East Legon, Accra and was co-founded on 3rd September 2010 by Kane Mani. Origgin focuses on the development of consumer mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms and the vision statement affirms this:

"To build insanely great apps that serves as tools to solve the everyday problem of our lives"

Origgin is characterized by innovation, extreme commitment, perfection and loyalty to both its end product and consumers. A few of the wonderful and innovative products include Shopmob; Shopmob is a social shopping app that allows consumers to access the catalogues of shopping centers like Koala, MaxMart, and Game; LastWords is also a social word gaming app developed with the idea of making sentence formation fun, interesting and educative. Another is the Studentify, a social student management app and DatesAround, a social location based hang-out app. Building and marketing end user products, Cloud Services and Enterprise Developments are a few of the wide range of services provided by Origgin. Just like the household tech name Apple, Origgin is gaining name in Ghana, soon Africa and then the whole world. Origgin has developed very innovative mobile apps yet to be shipped and used all over Ghana. The company as well has plans of developing its own mobile OS and Hardware.

It is the only tech company in Ghana, which has its own tech research laboratory and is undertaking some world changing research in its laboratory. Origgin plans on establishing the first ever tech factory to create on-demand apps for consumers' based on the specifications and as well as a design studio.

This I believe with their "wise chosen fields of research" just like Apple is setting the pace for this tech company to dominate the world. Currently, I dubbed Origgin as the most innovative tech company in Ghana, possibly in Africa with regards to their products I have currently seen in development.

The goal is being spear headed by Kane Mani and his team at Origgin. Apart from his shear love for tech innovation, Kane Mani, the CEO and co-founder of Origgin has the nature of an entrepreneur, the zeal of a businessman and the capacity to make his giant technology dream real. As he once said to me:

"The future is not a mystery but it is molded into reality by innovators and inventors."

From this short quote of his and spending some time with him, I have noticed and realized that he shows certain characteristics of a man I very well loved and greatly admired, Steve Jobs! Someone may think I am just creating a fuss about him for nothing but I have seen him at work, spoken to him and I can testify their similarities. Kane Mani is a designer and an inventor just like his mentor Steve Jobs and is developing some mind blowing mobile apps which are very much deem to be successful, providing strong years financial returns thereby propelling Origgin to become a valuable and tide changing Tech set-up in Ghana. Steve Jobs had a very hands-on approach to product design, which was arguably the favorite part of his job. He famously often came down to the Industrial (i.e. hardware) design lab to spend time with the designer's team and gave his opinion and guidance on their prototypes. Just like Steve Jobs, Kane Mani is an artist and oversees product design at Origgin. He contributes and spends time with his team during the design, development and testing phases to ensure that the final product meets all specifications he envisions and consumers' needs as well. Also, Kane Mani has developed a reputation of imaging and comes up with innovative ideas just like his mentor, Jobs' reputation as a tech visionary originates not only from the reliable stream of breakthrough products that have come out of Apple in the last decade, but also from an observation from his closest colleagues.

"Mind your thoughts, for your thoughts become words. Mind your words, for your words become actions. Mind your actions, for your actions become your character" - The Iron Lady.

Kane Mani's thoughts became words, his words became actions and his actions became his character. He made his vision come through and his goals are still unfolding, I believe given few years more, Kane Mani, the next Steve Jobs will bring Ghana and Africa into the industrial world map.

His goals have been fueled into reality by his committed team of designers, developers and many more, who share his vision and work tirelessly to make it a reality. I hope and am sure you agree with me that, Yes, Origgin is a visionary African tech company, Kane Mani is the next big name googled and role model, and last but not least, Origgin could be the next Apple.


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