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Interview with the supernatural Cast

Article By: starwarsfan775
Fan fiction

questions said to the cast of supernatural castiel, sam, dean. and sometimes luce, mikie, gabe and others. I do take questions in the comments!!

Submitted:Nov 11, 2012    Reads: 7    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Question 1,2,3 Me:Ok so i have a question and i guess i will be the first person to ask the first three. question 1!! What is your opinion on Destiel and if you dont know what that is it is shipping about Dean and Cas being in a realtionship together.

Castiel: We share a more profound bond so i would think that our relationship would be stronger.

Dean: I AM NOT GAY FOR CASTIEL *blushes deep red*

Sam: *laughing* oh...oh suree dean!!


Castiel: you are not happy for me Dean?

Dean: no cas....im happy for you. *blush* thats not what they ment by gay.

*sam laughs uncontrolably*

ME: OK!!! Dean i believe you are gay for Castiel no offence to you but they eye sexing really shows and everyone can tell u might as well stop hiding it. Question 2!!! what is your worst nightmare?

Sam: HAHAHA YOU NOTICED?!?!?!?! *laughing so hard*


Castiel: We eye sex? *tilts head at Dean*

Dean: just answer the questions so we can leave!

Sam: Hell dreams....and pphycic dreams...I hated those!!

Dean: oh i agree with Sam about the hell dreams....and purgatory *shudders*

castiel: loosing Dean, the apoclaypse, purgatory, and my brothers dieing.

Dean: *surpised* you dream about loosing me?

*castiel nods in responce*

me: awwwwwwww!!!! DESTIEL

Dean: SHUT UP!!

ME: Dean stop tourchering the poor angel he obviously loves u and ur obviously gay for him. now i will grib back Gabriel and Lucifer!!!!! Sam what is your opinion of Gabriel and Gabe what is ur opinion on Sam? Lucifer was it fun messing with sam's head if so what was the best part? Cas have u ever kissed Dean if so where and when? And Dean why are you in denial?

Sam: *shifts uncomfortably* He was pretty annoying but...he is also very cute..

Gabriel: *sucks on lollypop pervertedly* I LOVE MY MOOSE!!!! hes so tall and his hair is so fluffy!! with those eyes!

Lucifer: I enjoyed messing with Sam. My favorite was in the library when i tryed to get sam to talk to me. 'SAMMY PAY ATTENTION TO ME IM BORED!'

sam: *rolls eyes and facepalms* NO!

Castiel: yes we have... though Dean does not like to talk about it. it was on a bench in my heaven.

Dean: Oh god cas....I AM NOT IN DENIAL!!!

Castiel: I am only answering honestly dean. these people are nice.


Dean: I am not gay for cas...we kissed...ONCE.


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