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By: Upper Room

Page 1, The end of the world according to the Bible.

This is for those of you whom had read the first start to this novel. I however, did not feel that it was graphic enough. While the characters of this story are fictional, the soon approaching events are not. Many scoff at the return of Jesus Christ, some Christians’ doubt His return will be in their day. I feel they are wrong. I believe we are so close to the book of Revelation coming to life. The prophesies are being fulfilled as foretold by the prophets.

Do I believe we are near the end? Yes, I do. I believe that the majority of the people on planet earth today will be alive to see the fulfillment of it all. You may think me a little off my rocker, or ready for the loony bin, but if you take time to read this you will see that the scriptures do not lie.

I am not going to type out the verse this time. I am only going to give its location. It will be up to you to research those locations for yourself so you can know with assurance.

I hope you enjoy this writing. There have been many books written on this topic, but none will be like mine, I assure you. My knowledge lies in the scriptures. I know the Word of God the way a doctor knows the human body. I have no glory in this, I am thankful that God has given it to me.

Many will not like the way this novel is written, in fact most will not. I cannot write to please people, I must write what the Word of God declares. Cna you not see the times in which we live? Can you not see how the world is changing what seems like daily, now? If not, I hope if you have a heart that can be dealt with that this novel will shake you up. The worst period in the history of the world is about to begin. The only difference is God has made a way of escape if we accept His way.

Thank you,

Shane Wilson

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