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Carlisle's Daughter

Book By: AbbieWiggins
Fan fiction

Meet Grace Thorne, an ordinary 14 year old girl. It's four years after breaking dawn when late one night, Grace is attacked by a newborn vampire. Carlisle and Esme are out hunting when they come across her being attacked. They manage to save her and take her home to their house. Grace seems pretty at ease with the Cullen's but what they dont know is that she is hiding her dark past from everyone. What happens when her past is suddenly exposed? Find out in 'Carlisle's daughter'

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Chapter 1...

Grace Thorne

Friday the 13th of July 2012. I was at my friends' house that evening and I hadn't realized how late it was getting. When I saw the time, I panicked; My parents had expected me home hours ago, I quickly excused myself and half ran out of their house and out into the street. Shoot! It was already dark out. I made my way down the darkly lit street. A shiver shot down my spine, I wrapped my jacket around myself. I decided that I should take the shortcut, turning into a dark alleyway. I felt an ice cold hand slam against my back, forcing me up into the air before I fell to the ground. I let out an ear-piercing scream as I felt the bones in my left arm crunch together, snapping in an instant. I froze, trying to contain the pain that was building up in my arm. Then I saw a stone like figure rush past me, yanking me back up into the air and slamming me back down onto the cold concrete. My legs went weak beneath me as I tumbled to the floor. I brought my right hand up to my face and I let out a gasp as I saw the amount of blood that was coming from my nose. I was about to scream for help when the figure came back, placing his granite hand over my mouth.

"I don't think so," he snarled.

My eyes widened in terror as I caught sight of his flaming red eyes. He takes a deep, frightening breath. I frantically tried to break free, but it was useless. I couldn't even hope to escape this monster now. I closed my eyes waiting for the end to come.

Carlisle P.O.V

"Esme, can you smell that?" I asked, looking back at my beautiful wife.

She paused, smelling the air around her. "Yes, blood. Human blood. Something's wrong Carlisle, I can sense it." My wife replied, her voice filled with angst.

"You're right, lets go." I almost whisper as we dart off towards the sweet smell.

As we get closer, I can smell another vampire, not one that I know? Maybe a nomad? "Esme, be careful."

"You too." She replied, running faster now.

We turned into a dark alleyway, fearing the worst, and we were right. The tall, dark haired vampire spun around to face us. He snarled. I pushed Esme behind me and crouched, getting ready to attack.

"Get away, she's mine!" The vampire snarled, shoving what looked like a young girl to the side. The girl screamed out in pain, her face was covered in fresh blood and her legs were clearly lifeless. This was cruel, I understand that not all vampires are vegetarian like us, but if you're going to kill them, at least do it quickly. Anyway, what was he doing hunting on our territory?

"You are aware that this is our territory that you're hunting on?" Esme called out from behind me, speaking my thoughts. The vampire glared at her, his bright red eyes shining.

"So?" he growled.

"So you can not hunt here." I replied, still crouching. I could tell that Esme was itching to save the girl.

"I'm not going to leave." He called out, rather childishly.

"Oh yes you are." Esme growled.

He smirked, "Are you going to make me?"

I snarled, and then he made his attack. He dashed forward, reaching out to grab Esme. Oh no you don't, I thought as I ran forward, flinging him up into the air. He came crashing down to the ground. Esme dashed past me, rushing to help the girl. I wanted to help but first I had to deal with him.

The vampire screeched and ran straight towards me. He was strong, a newborn, but he had no skill. It was an easy win for me; I got him in headlock and smashed his head off. I then took out a lighter from Esme's bag and burnt the remaining pieces. I hated violence, but when Esme was involved, there was no choice. I had to protect her, without her I would be nothing. I smiled, dashing to my wife's side. I winced, as I smelt the blood, stronger than ever. I closed my eyes, composing my thirst. I was used to this now, as I am a doctor, I have to deal with blood everyday. It doesn't really bother me that much now.

Esme turned to face me, "Carlisle, we have to take her back. I can't just leave her here."

I looked at her pleading eyes and sighed, I couldn't say no to her, it was obvious that she was attached to this girl now, "Alright then, lets go."

She smiled and I gently picked up the girl in my strong arms. Then Esme and I ran, faster than ever, back to our house.


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