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Amaranthine - A Darkly Pulchritudinous Novel

Book By: Amaranthine
Fan fiction

"This is only just ...The Beginning...of all things that will come to ...an End."

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After receiving an urgent phone call about her father, Emerald Davis had no choice but to rush to the Harmony State Hospital. Her father had just been admitted to the emergency room since he was involved in a serious accident in Destini Falls, the next town from Harmony Heights, Michigan. She was at The Amaranthine Gift Shop - where she works and owns - when she got the news. So, she got into her bright red 2011 Land Rover and sped out of the parking lot to her destination. It was around two o'clock on a wet and dreary afternoon, as the stunningly pulchritudinous brunette pulled into the hospital parking lot. She noticed a huge media presence, as they were reporting that a decisive U.S. Congressman had just been in a serious three-car pile up. Being the daughter of the distinctive public figure, she knew if she was seen, an aberrant horde of news reporters and on-lookers would descend on her and eat her alive. Especially, when she already has been in the political spotlight herself. But today, she was in no mood to deal with the capricious media circus or the public. So, she drove to the back entrance of the building and down into a ramp that led underneath the hospital, to the basement level garage without being seen.

After scouring for a parking space, she got out of her red blazing Land Rover. And, proceeded to head to the entrance to the hospital, then she walked into the basement level of the hospital, and made her way up a flight of staircase. It was a dimlit and cold entrance, but she managed to make it to the third floor. She was greeted by a state police official, when she walked in the argent hallway. She was informed briefly about the accident, and then walked into room 64, where her father was laying sounded asleep. He was still in a coma state, and not may make a quick recovery. She quietly walked over and sat at the edge of his bed. She lowered her head to plant a kiss on his warm forehead. She murmured a few words, even though, she knew he couldn't really hear her sweet and elegant voice. Then she got up and left the room, sadden by the fact, she was about to lose her father. Still in distraught about her father, she almost forgot about the media blitz outside the hospital entrance. So, she backtracked and took the nearest exit through a glass automatic revolving door, and headed down the flight of stairs and out the backdoor.

As she got back into her blazing red Land Rover, she sat in the vehicle for a moment. She remembered vividly what the state trooper had mentioned prior to seeing her father. Apparently, for some unsubstantial reason, he didn't really believe it was an accident. Although, he had no previous evidence to back up his story, he did mention from witness accounts, he was actually being driven off the road. And, her father tried deseperately to avoid any unnecessary collisions, so he tried to advert from hitting any oncoming cars, and stepped on the brakes forcefully that it caused the car to revere the other cars; which caused the domino effect with the other two cars. So, if that was even the case, the only eminent question would remain:

Who would want to kill the prestigious Congressman? What was it that angered someone enough to want him dead? Was the mafia involved? A botched drug deal gone bad? Did he owe someone capacious amount of cash?

He didn't really seem to be the type that would even want to get involve with the mafia and he detested drug dealers. He was never dabbling with any drugs, even when he was a young lad growing up all of his life in Destini Falls. So, what could it possibly be, that would prompt someone, or any group, to want to go out of their way to kill him? He was very liked. And, he was truly a family man. He was quite dedicated to his family, and loved his wife as if she was his last. Which she was. He was very faithful to her. He was a good father, as well. So, it was no surprise, his only child would be astonished by the fact, something was not right at all. His death should not ever go in vain. And she is preordain to resolve her father's mysterious death.

The miserable and afflicting weather wasn't helping much boosting her self-confidence either. The rain was coming down quite hard. Emerald could barely see out her window as she pulled into her million dollar estate in Harmony Heights. Luckily, she has an automatic door-opener, as she pulled into the garage. She got out as she continued to make phone calls from her cell, as she walked into the house. A few moments later, she went into the kitchen to pour herself a drink - a cool and delicious Johnnie Walker Scotch. Then proceeded to sit down on the brown leather couch in the den. She just sat there pondering on what happened earlier and speculated a few notions about how her father really died. Taking what the verbal statements the state trooper mentioned when she was at the hospital, and tried to piece together some theories. She never thought, in a million years, someone would have some vile agenda to get rid of the thirty-year veteran Congressman. But the more she came up with ideas, it just became too much for her. As if she was digging too deep for nothing. Meaning, she was thinking eccentric, not realizing she maybe getting too deep into things she shouldn't be getting into. As if, according to her calculation from her mind, there were things she was not suppose to know. Even though, she didn't even have the slightest clue of what that would be. One theory that came to mind, was the fact, she is quite familiar of a meeting that took place. That involved a group of important men dressed in executive suits and ties, driving around in black Ford Expedition. She recollected on the thoughts, he could perhaps been involve in something big, and very cagey. She did notice, of a distinctive conversation that took place between an older man and her beloved father. This cryptic meeting took place a couple days ago. She didn't really think anything out of the ordinary, or anything to think of. But this enfeebled gentleman and her father were discussing something of some foremost meeting to take place with some members of The Association. She was obviously unfamiliar with this covert group of men, or even the group - "The Association". And, she was bent on finding out more about this aristocratic establishment.


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