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Nightclaws prophecy

Book By: BaniTheKitty
Fan fiction

Prologue to Nightclaws Prophecy. Nightclaw use to be a bashful, friendly, and sweet little kit, but then became a tad bit crazy when she learned a prophecy.

Submitted:Feb 21, 2013    Reads: 5    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

★ Prologue★ "Ahh, Yellowfang. Just the cat I wanted to see," A gray-blue cat purred. "What, Bluestar, do you possibly want now?" the old and dark, flat-faced gray she-cat growled. Bluestar padded around the edge of the wavering pool. "There is a prophecy," she breathed. "Another! There can't be ANOTHER!?!" Bluestar tucked her fluffy tail around her paws. "Your-your joking, right? The kit can't go through what Dovewing, Jayfeather and Lionblaze did." "Oh, but there IS, Yellowfang. As the shadows fall back and peace settles, Night will Claw , and all will never be the same." "Firestar will be 'joyed' to here this," And with that, Yellowfang rushed out of the marshes, swishing her tail in Bluestars recently groomed face.



Leader Darkstar- slver and black tabby tom with blue eyes

Deputy Cinderfire- dark gray she-cat with black legs, pale underbelly and pale green eyes Apprentice, Wolfpaw

Med. Cat Smallleaf- small brown and cream tom with amber eyes

Warriors Timberfoot- large dark brown tabby tom

(warrilrcats4ever2) Blackshimmer- black she-cat with white specks and icy blue eyes Apprentice, Fawnpaw

Will post more later


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