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Blissful Insanity

Novel By: cbravo856
Fan fiction

Lorrayne Karakov lost her family to a monstrous animal that resembled a wolf.... now she has to deal with her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the incident. The New Falls police thought it would be better if she moved to Beacon Hills for protection and surveillance. Now she's trying to cope, but with Derek as her house mate, and a charming and sarcastic blue eyed man, catching her interest will she be able to? or will she be considered a lunatic for life??

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C'mon Lorri Run! Run Lorri...Don't give up now….Never give up or else your left for dead… Lorrayne was running through the forest behind her father… no her house, it was her house now… leaving the scene that she was terrified of being any apart of…. She slowed down to a jog thinking that they were gone and no longer chasing her. She took a moment to look around her, she had never ran this far into the forest before, she could just barely, make out the silhouette of her house… no, not her house she didn't want anything to do with that damn house.

Her mother, father and twin baby brothers all gone. Lorrayne never thought about how life could be so harsh, the things and people that you hold close and dearly, could be ripped away from you, and never to be seen again.

Lorrayne was so within herself thoughts that she didn't hear the animal/predator creeping up behind her until it was right behind her… Lorri was pulled out of her reverie by the hot, heavy breath coming in puffs on her neck. She froze completely aware of the monster behind her, monster that she almost considered a family friend, then she found out what he truly was, a human shell that when shed turned into a wolf looking monster that didn't have any sympathy, any remorse...her family was taken away by this creature that had in any other situation she recalled that it had grace, but no it wasn't grace it was agility, it was made to kill, it was made for hunting, it was an animal, killer, a murderer….

Now that thing was behind her, and that thing could kill her in a second, could snap her spine like a tooth pick like it did her father…. No don't think about that, you need to be strong you need to be fierce. Don't show your fear. The breath on her neck stopped, there was nothing behind her that she could sense. Dare she turn to look behind her in fear of what she might see? She turned around..

Nothing, absolutely nothing was behind her… just the empty clearing she ran into earlier where that wolf creature thing trapped her… she spun around at the rustle of leaves blowing across the wind in the autumn air… nothing was there…

Three years later Lorrayne Karakov was moved to Beacon Hills under police surveillance and protection. But no way in hell was she gonna arrive in Beacon in a police cruiser, she had insisted with the police back in New Falls, that she would be able to drive herself to Beacon… that in her words she didn't need a chaperone. She could take care of herself. Once she arrived in Beacon she headed to the police station to meet up with Sheriff Stilinski. She was beginning like Beacon, until she made the turn off for the police station, then realize that the whole town was surrounded by woods…

Images of blood spattered walls and the empty eyes of her dead family flashed across her eyes. She slammed the brakes, breath coming fast, sweat breaking out on her brow. Lorrayne closed her eyes and rested her head on the steering wheel of her 2008 Camero SS. (http://www.blogcdn.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2007/02/camaro_render_ss.jpg) When her breathing calmed to where she could look in the mirror and fix her make up and hide the panicked look in her eyes. She didn't need people to know the reason she was here, she wanted to live a normal life, she wanted to forget all that has happened in the last few years. Sure Sheriff Stilinski knew why she was here, but that was because he was the one who was put on the job of protecting and keeping an eye on her.

Because of all the panic attacks and calls she made to 911 saying that someone was following her and watching her, all the police in New Falls thought that she was crazy, so after three years they thought it would be better if she was moved for both her protection and well being….. But she knew it was because they were tired of her calling them and freaking out on the street, and causing a scene. But she wasn't insane she knew she that she wasn't. At least she would hope not. As she sat there she felt that like she was Being watched again it was a feeling that she had slowly had gotten used to over the years. She started the car again and drove on into the parking lot and parked into the a slot next to the closest to the building, and got out of the car, and headed into the police station.

Once inside Lorrayne looked around at the small and dark front foyer of the Beacon Hills police department. The lady at the front desk greeted her and asked if she had been needing some help looking for someone or something.

"Umm, yes, actually I'm looking for Sheriff Stilinski." She said with a fleeting smile, she looked down at the floor suddenly shy of her scrutinizing me as though I would cause some trouble, or harm. "Ok, you must be Lorrayne…. I'm officer Lenia Burns, I'll go get him just have a seat." She said.

As she waited for the Sheriff to arrive she thought about where she was going to live and hoping that it was far, far, away from the woods…. The monster that killed her family flashing in her mind…"You must be Lorrayne-" she jumped out of her mind to see a man with kind but stern blue eyes, and graying blonde hair. "You alright there?" he said, with amusement coloring his voice..

"Uhhh, yeah sorry officer, I just have a lot on my mind. Um, so what now?" she said a bit unsure of what was gonna happen next. "Alright then, if you could just wait a few minutes, I'll be out as soon as I can. I have some business to take care of." Lorrayne nodded and sat back down in her chair. She pulled out her i-pod and plugged in her headphones and disappeared into her thoughts…

Lorrayne for the past few years had been obsessed trying to figure out what that monster haunting her dreams, but as time went on the more and more foggy the memory was, and the more frustrated she became. She was trying to remember what exactly happened back in the forest but right as she ran into the clearing, everything became foggy and unclear. She opened her eyes to see florescent lights blinding her from the ceiling. She looked around puling the head phones out, and saw the female officer smiling at her. "I didn't bother you 'cause I thought you might've been exhausted, with all the driving and all."

The station door opened with a light bell, and Lorrayne sees a tall skinny guy with buzzed cut brown hair and hazel brown eyes, he looked about a year younger than her. "Hey, Burns is my dad back there?" he said with a goofy smile. "Yes, Stiles he is, but I wouldn't bug him if I were you he's finishing up some paper work…"

"Pshh, since when have I ever bugged him?" The kid walked into the back the sheriff disappeared into about 10 minutes ago. Only to be shoved by his arm back out the door by the sheriff.

"Stiles! I'm busy can't you let me do my work? Go sit by that girl over there and make some decent friends, she new here in town and could use some friends…GO Stiles!" he said shoving the kid over in Lorrayne's direction. The kid stumbled but set himself right and tried to walk over smoothly to her, but tripped and crashed into the chair next to her. Lorrayne giggled.

He sat up right and leaned over and stuck out his hand. "Hi, The names Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski… And you are?" he said trying act like James Bond. Lorri giggled at his introduction. "New.... Actually I'm Lorrayne Karakov."-she stuck out her hand. "Nice to meet you Mr. Stiles Stilinski." Stiles grabbed her hand and shook it.

"Lorrayne I'm sure you're well acquainted with my son Stiles now, and would like to stay and chat with him but we must be leaving now. Don't you want to see your new home?" The sheriff came out and helped her up.

As they headed out. Lorrayne was just about to get into her car when officer Stilinski Called out to her - "C'mon I want to talk to you first, and I have some one I want you to meet." She nodded and turned toward the police cruiser. Once inside the car Lorrayne buckled in and waited for Sheriff Stilinski to talk.

Lorrayne was beginning to feel uncomfortable as they drove along the dirt road leading away from the station and into the woods. "So we picked out the only available place here for your circumstances, and it's isolated like you had asked, but there is one down fall, you'll be living with someone who, though I don't trust him, I know he'll be able to help you through what ever your going through. He has lost family just like you have…" He trailed off knowing he traveled onto a sore spot. Lorrayne nodded taking in what the sheriff had just said. "Wait, WHAT?!" she shrieked, her eyes wide as realization dawned on her. Stilinski Senior winced as the high pitched sound echoed in his ears. "You mean to tell me that I'm gonna be living with some one? And that it's with some one you BARELY TRUST??!!" By the time she finished her rant she was screaming.

"Well not exactly…. It's just that he's a bit.. I don't know… Shady." The sheriff faded off knowing that it sounded worse than he meant. "What do you mean shady?" she said through clenched teeth. "I mean that… well… he doesn't you know….. He stays away from people, ever since the fire he has kept to himself, doesn't draw attention, keeps to the shadows you know…" he said. "Doesn't like attention." he continued like it would make it better for her.

"How do you know that he isn't some….serial killer or something?" She said trying to make the sheriff see that it's a bad idea. "Fine I won't want an isolated place… what if it's a place in the city? I don't care if it's isolated anymore.. I just don't want to be

near any one, people already think I'm some kind of freak that killed my family even though I was proven innocent….." Lorrayne trailed off with the thought of her family she would do anything for…. The family she wished had a different fate…. "…..Lorrayne!….Lorrayne!!" she snapped out of her thoughts as the sheriff snapped his fingers in front of her face, calling her name…

"Sorry, I tend to do that a lot. Ever since the Attack I haven't been the same… I've been more introverted, than most people…. Thats why I don't want to live with someone sheriff, I appreciate you helping, or at least trying to help…. But I cope better on my own." Lorrayne pleaded with the sheriff one last time. "You might even like him, he's a decent guy, may be a bit rough around the edges but I think you'll like him…." the sheriff trailed off knowing he won the battle….

As they turned off onto a dirt road leading deeper and deeper into the woods on the outskirts of the city of Beacon Hills. To the Stilinski senior Lorri's discomfort was obvious, so for her sake he speeded up a bit to get to the Hale House as soon as possible for Lorri looked like her lunch wasn't gonna stay down. The sheriff pulled out his phone and dialed the number of the quiet man whose house was mysteriously caught fire about six years before.

"Yeah?" A gruff voice answered the call.

"You still there? Cause I'm two minutes away…" The sheriff said.

"Hurry up… I have things I need to take care of… I don't have all day to wait for some nut job." The voice said bitingly.

"Derek your supposed to be helping her deal with what she's been through! Don't go there…. I'm -" The sheriff's call ended abruptly. "Alright well we're here…" The sheriff said cheerily. Lorrayne nodded and opened the door to the car.


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