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I'm Jasmine Moriarty, hi. yep, as you've probably guessed, THAT man is my father, I hate him, absolutely loath him. I've heard that he's dead, but that little nagging feeling inside me told me that isn't quite true...

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"I-I'm sorry" i choked out, in between sobs. i held the gun in the direction of my mother, her brown eyes filled with tears.

"DO IT!" My own father shouted at me. i winced at the sound of his voice. i didnt dare look in his direction.

"Good-bye, mum. I love you." i pulled the trigger.

"Well done!You really ARE a dady's girl!" my father exclaimed in his Irish accent.

"You basard!" i shouted. i ran towards him furiously. "YOU BASTARD!" i began attacking hi with my fists. suddenely 10 men with guns ran into the room.

"Mr.Moriarty, on the floor. Miss. Moriarty, come with us." A man shouted at us. Despite the fear, th adrenaline was too much, and i continued to hit my father,until i was shot with a tranquiliser gun.

Chapter 1- Four years on.

I'm Jasmine Moriarty, hi. I'm 16 and i live with my foster arents, John and Mary. My real parents are Jim and Jennifer Moriarty, but I dont see either of them, mainly because ones dead and the others an international criminal. As far as i know, my father ( the criminal) is also dead, but thats only rumors, might not be true. To be honest, i'm happy never to see him again. Ever.

"Jasmine! Breakfast!" John shouts to me. I'm upstairs, listening to my ipod.

"Coming!" i call back and run downstairs. Dad is there, making toast, and mum is there aswell, eating special K muslie.

"Hi sweet." mary says, and kisses me on the forehead. I smile at her. I sit down on the very comfy dining room chair; i sink into it and grin. john bring over my toast.

"Ta." I take the toast and munch into it. Dad sits down next to mum.

"You'll have to walk to school, love. Cars in the garage, ok?" john asks me. i swallow my toast

"Yeah, sure." i look at him. he's changed his tooth brush, and shampooed his hair. "Your seeing your mum today." i say.


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