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They Say (Harry Styles love story)

Book By: DestinyWriter94
Fan fiction

You know people always say 'Its better to be something your not than something you are.' I say that's bullshit, they Say that stuff to make themselves feel good about being two faced. I'm not two faced, I'm simply me, I will tell you what no one else will tell you, The Truth. I've been shunned in my hometown, Ontario Canada, because of my truthfulness and that's the reason why I'm headed to the airport. Very few people like me, but the ones who do like me are my best friends, though people not liking me isn't my issue, my issue is I'm tired of trying to keep my mouth shut and trying to not offend people. At least if I start fresh somewhere someone will appreciate my Truthfulness, at least that's what I'm hoping. My Mom always loved my truthfulness, Jane Marie Knight. My Dad Liked it and at other times didn't, Richard Knight. My older Sister was glad I wasn't scared to voice my opinion, Destiny Marie Knight. I'm Anna Marie Knight, no one special, just a girl who loves music and art. I'll tell you my story, it's not pretty, it's simply my life, though it's more than meets the eye. So stick around and give my life a try, who knows it may entail a twist or two, or simply Someone new. ;)

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Chapter 1 Saturday (5:00 Pm) January, 12, 2013 (Ontario, Canada) Anna-Marie's POV: "Mar, you take care on your Way there and don't talk to strangers." Jake my friend ever since we were 4 years old, told me as he hugged me and kissed my head. "Jake, I'm not eight and going off to my aunts, I'm the same age as you...well I guess a couple months behind but none-the-less we're in the same age range...you know We will be a bit closer Jake, I'll be in California and you'll be in Washington maybe we will be able to see more of each other, yeah?" I asked him holding onto the small chance he'd agree, we were getting older and he didn't have the obligation to stay as close to me as he is. He smirked and hugged me closer. "Of course, Anna-Banana, I'd fly to see you even if you were half-way across the globe." He said as he pulled back and smiled his smile he reserved for Me. This was the thing I disliked about going away, was I had to say a beer if good-bye, because I would always see them again but it still hurt to leave them. I sighed as I turned to my parents and they looked like they were fighting there tears."Thank you Jake, I love you very much Mom, you take good care of Dad while I'm gone, I love you both very much and yes I'll tell Destiny hi and that you love her, Bye!" I said as I hugged them and held back my tears. I've never not been by my parents, I love them both very much they always took very good care of me but, I needed a small break from just everything. I finally made my way to the jet and settled in for the long ride to, Los Angeles, CA. I was going to stay with my Older Sister, Destiny Marie Knight. She is two years older then me, doesn't like boy bands, which defiantly include One Direction, is bossy and likes things her way. Though I love her despite our differences. Ah, time sit back and listen to some music, while I wait for the jet to get to the destination. I laid back, looked out the window and still could vaguely see my parents waving. I smiled waved and turned on some music. I really was going to miss my parents, but I do miss my Sister too. "Sorry to bother you but, you may be in my seat." A guy said with a british accent and brown bushy hair. I frowned and pulled my earbuds out, my music still blasting 'P!nk-Are We All We Are'. "Really? Because this is where my ticket told me to be." I said not looking up at him, as I pulled out my first class ticket and handed him my ticket so he could see the truth. "There is still a seat open so feel free to sit there." I said still looking out the window, not really caring who this guy was, just wanting to be left alone. "All right..." he cleared his throat and I finally looked at him, he had on Black Sunglasses and he looked uncomfortable. He handed me my ticket back and when our finger tips touched they tingled. I jerked my hand away from him and shoved my ticket into my Laptop bag. When I chanced a glance back at him, it seemed as if he was staring at his finger tips and probably wondering what it was when our fingers touched. "I'm sorry to bug you again but... May I sit by the window?" he asked me sounding hesitant to even ask. I stood up with my laptop bag and when I was trying to get out of the way so he could sit where I was sitting, he was still standing there. I smiled and looked at him. "Excuse me, but you can't exactly sit by the window if you're standing here blocking my path. That is, if you still want to sit there?" I asked laughing. "Oh right, sorry, thank you Marie." He said backing away and bumping into another guy in shades who had a buzz cut. "Oi! Watch where you're going Harry." The guy said sounding familiar with him, sounding slightly annoyed and teasing. Though, he too had a British accent. "Blimey, Sorry mate, didn't mean to do that." He said smirking and I stepped into the isle. Harry went and sat where I once sat and I took the isle seat. I got comfortable and tried to ignore the fact that Harry Styles was sitting right next to me and had talked to me. I put my earbuds in and it was already on the fifth song at random 'One Direction-Little things'. I scoffed and shook my head, of course it would be this song, I flipped to the next one and it was 'Green Day-Kill the DJ'. I was bobbing my head to the semi-80's sounding Song by my favorite band 'Green Day'. Okay...they might be One Direction, but why should I be flustered, they just make good music it's not like they are royalty or anything. I smiled and was relaxed again. Harry's POV: Saturday (5:25 pm) January, 12, 2013 (Ontario, Canada) I just reached the area where my ticket told me to be and was surprised to see a fair skinned, Dark brown haired, girl who looked about 18-19 years old. She looked comfortable and I almost had to take a second look to make sure she was real, she was just sitting there as if the world was non-existent around her. Should I bug her? She looks very stuck in thought. I do need to find out if she's where she's supposed to be. "Sorry to bother you but, you may be in my seat." I told her and she just frowned, pulling her Purple earbuds out, Her music still on full blast. Ah, 'P!nk- Are We All We Are', she has pretty good taste. She didn't even look up at me as she was just digging in her bag. "Really? Because this is where my ticket told me to be." She said as she pulled out her ticket and handed it to me. It told me her name, her Destination, her seat and class. Okay, so she belongs right here, I'm surprised she just gave me her ticket. Her name is Anna Knight, wonder what her middle name is? "There is still a seat open so feel free to sit there." Anna said still looking out the window probably just wanting to be left alone. "All right..." I cleared my throat and She finally looked at me and I felt uncomfortable, with her just kind of looking me over. I finally reached out to her with her ticket in hand trying to Give it back when our finger tips touched and it felt like an electric current was right on her finger tips. She gasped, jerked her hand back, also taking her ticket from my grasp and shoving it into her bag. I couldn't help but look at my hand, what was it that caused that? "I'm sorry to bug you again but... May I sit by the window?" I asked her, hesitant to even ask, that she might just put her earbuds back in. She surprised me when she gracefully stood up with her things and was face to face with me. She looked up at me smiling. "Excuse me, but you can't exactly sit by the window if you're standing here blocking my path. That is, if you still want to sit there?" She asked laughing. "Oh right, sorry, thank you Anna." I fumbled for words and backed out of her way, though I bumped into someone and was not to surprised it was one of my friends/Bandmates. "Oi! Watch where you're going mate." Liam said smiling and shaking his head at me, as Zayn, Niall and Louis all turned to look at me. "Blimey, Sorry mate, didn't mean to do that." I said smirking and Marie stepped out into the Isle beside me. I sat right by the window and Marie sat in the isle seat. She settled in fairly quickly and looked at her Pink iPhone. She scoffed and shook her head. I peeked over at her phone screen and saw One of our songs was playing 'One Direction-Little things'. Though she quickly pressed skip and 'Green Day-Kill the DJ' was playing. Okay, weird song title, but I guess to each their own. I watched Her, she was bobbing her head to the song and looking deep in thought. I sat back in my seat and got comfortable, this is going to be a long ride. "Hey..." Nothing, I really have to pee. "Anna, please...I have to use the Loo would you please wake-up?" I whispered and lightly tapped her shoulder. "hmm, Mmhmm." She said frowning and bringing her feet up to her chest. "Thank you sorry." I said standing up and rushing to the bathroom. Much better, I walked back to my seat and sat down. Marie was laying there with one earbud in now. I re-situated myself and found myself thirsty and slightly hungry. "You never did tell me your name, now that you know mine." She said stretching in her seat, pulling her earbud out of her ear and out of her phone. "Harry Styles, Pleasure to meet you Anna." I told her looking at her with my arms crossed over my chest and waiting for a stewardess to walk by. "Pleasure to meet you to Harry." She said pushing her earbuds into her purse and grabbing her phone. I sat up expecting her to ask for a photo and was extremely surprised when she looked at me like I'd grown two heads. "What are you doing, I was just grabbing my phone?" She asked me eye brow raised. "I...you aren't going to ask for a picture?" I asked taken aback. "Ummm, no? I was just seeing if I missed any texts from my family and are you always this conceited?" She said frowning and smiling. "Oh...you know this is not Awkward at all and not conceited but almost every girl that knows who I am wants a picture form me or for me to sign something of theres." I said as a stewardess was walking by. "Oh, miss!" I called. She immediately turned toward us with a friendly smile. "Yes, how can I help you?" She asked. "I was hoping for something to munch on and a drink?" I asked her with a smile. "All right, a meal or an Hor D'oeuvre?" She asked. Anna looked at me and I shrugged. "Anna, Meal all right?" I asked her. She nodded her head and the stewardess looked at Anna as if she just noticed she was there. She backed up slightly and looked at Anna like she was a parasite. "What drinks?" She asked pasting a smile on her Face. "I'll Have a Pepsi, you Anna?" I asked her. "Iced tea cool, the one with the snowman on a ski board, please thank you." She said making me force back my laughter. "Very well, I'll be back." She said, walking away. I looked over at Anna and she was nodding off. "Hey, you can borrow my shoulder if you want, I know I'm just to hard to resist." I said smiling and meaning it jokingly. "Thanks, but I think I'll pass, don't want to catch your 'Self-centeredness'." she said yawning into her shoulder. "You know I highly doubt that Stewardess is going to be back, since you pointed me out to her, if you'd have kept you mouth shut about me, you'd already have you precious snacks." Anna told me. "Yeah, It's all right, she'll be haunted by my hungry, vengeful ghost, he will have to settle for her hair or a side of her bitterness." I said laughing and Mar laughed along with me. Marie's POV: Saturday (6:08 pm) January. 12. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) Man, Harry is defiantly the funny one in the group, though I didn't really know the other four or their personalities. All I knew is that I wasn't ready to walk away from Harry, he was so funny and kind. The Jet Landed in Los Angeles, California and I seriously didn't even want to move. I stood up as everyone else did and looked at Harry. He was standing up also, he gave me a crooked grin and I gave him the same grin. I grabbed my Laptop bag and started walking to the exit. "ANNA!" Harry shouted, as if I was far away, I turned back to him my eyebrow twitching and people pushing past me. "Hey, watch it Gramps!" I said to some old guy who was being rude. I stood there with my Arms crossed as I waited for Harry the weirdo to finally reach me. When he was close enough I noticed the rest of One Direction in tow behind him all with Sunglasses on. "You know, all wearing Sunglasses is kind of Tacky, you also know that I was barely Five or ten feet away from you, you didn't have to yell my name." I said blushing as more of the first class people exited the Jet with us right behind them. "I know, sorry, but I called your name before I yelled it and it was like you didn't even hear me." He said his eyebrows pinched together. "I'm Niall, nice to meet you-" He butted in as He left the Sentence open so I could inform him of my name. I hitched my laptop bag higher on my shoulder and smiled as I shook his hand. "Anna, my name is Anna. Pleasure to meet you Niall." I said. "Liam, I think we very briefly met earlier." He said chuckling and shaking my hand. "Yes, I remember you, along with Zayn and Louis. I know exactly who you guys are, I do listen to your music, which by the way is pretty darn good." I said shaking Zayn's and Louis hands as we were in the extremely busy Los Angeles Airport. "Heh, thanks, nice to meet you Anna-" ZXayn was saying. "She ruined my very well planned entrance! I was going to ask for a drum roll then do a back flip and say 'Louis, Louis Tomlinson, pleasure to meet you'. Now it's just kaput, just gone." Louis said pouting as I tried to force back my laughter. "Where is she? She's supposed to be here...where is she?" I heard her over the crowds. I peeked around The guys and She was walking on the wrong side marching through the people. People grunting and getting frustrated, Ugh that'd be…my sister Destiny Marie Knight. "Oh no…" I said outlaid and the guys were too busy talking-to each other to even hear me. Destiny's POV: Saturday (8:30 PM) January. 12. 2013 (Los Angeles, California; Airport) Ugh! I parked my 1940 Black Chevy truck that was complete with LOTS of chrome on it, in the airport parking lot and headed inside determined to find my kid sister. Once inside I barreled through the people, completely ignoring there angry remarks and that I was walking Against the current of people assuming she may be on this side. "Where is she? She's supposed to be here...Where is she?" I said scanning the crowd for my sister Anna. Ugh, there's a pretty big group right over there, that must be her. I went in head first shoving through the people and came head to head with someone. "Ouch! Watch it!" I said frustratedly rubbing my head. Lucky I'm headstrong, I smirked at that cheesy joke. Anna's POV: Saturday (8:36 pm) January. 12. 2013 (Los Angeles, California; Airport) "Guys" I said pulling on Harry's shirt trying to get them to listen to me, if that's my sister then she's just going to charge over here head first- "Guys!" I said frustrated. "What?" they all said at the same time looking at me also frustrated. "Anna Marie Knight!" My sister said head butting the Zayn and Liam out of her way and I leaned down to grab my laptop bag when our heads hit. I moaned out in pain and clutched my head, my stupid head strong sister! Why must she be so predictable, I should've waited to grab my bag. "Ouch Watch it!" She said also holding her head and glaring at me. "Yeah, coming from the idigit who came barging through people head first!" I said very irritated, barely registering Harry's hand on my shoulder. "Coming from the girl who is over Thirty Minutes Late!" She shot right back at me. "I was sort of busy trying to say bye." I glared at her and we were nose to nose. "Could've just said you know 'Bye'?" She told me sarcastically. I sighed and looked at the guys who were looking at me like 'Who is this chick?'. "Guys, my Sister, Destiny Marie Knight, Destiny meet, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry." I said still rubbing my head. "Oh, she's your sister." Louis said. "Thank you captain obvious." I said irritated. "Nice to meet you but we do need to get going, Bye!" Destiny said pulling me along to her Truck, lucky I already grabbed my two big bags. "Bye guys, take care!" I waved and tried to keep up with my irritated sister. This is going to be a very fun visit I can just tell. Now, the real problem is If I could make it through however long I decided to stay with my Sister.


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