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They Say (One Direction, Harry Styles love story) Chapter 3

Book By: DestinyWriter94
Fan fiction

Will she see One Direction again? It's hit and miss but who knows what may happen, keep reading to find out.

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Chapter 3: Friday (5:15 pm) January. 18. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) Harry's POV: "How was your day Louis?" Niall asked as I stepped out of Louis, Zayn's and my shared room, showered and dressed in a Red Plaid shirt unbutton and not tucked into my pants, white v-neck shirt underneath it, Denim skinny jeans and my signature White Converse. "Pretty good,though Harry stalled quite a bit earlier, but other than that good." Louis said jokingly. "I heard from Locals this place has the best food around and great entertainment. You wouldn't have thought by the name though." Liam said as we neared where Liam and Niall chose where we'd eat for dinner. "Yeah, it's 'Titanium Express', I thought you were taking us to a metal shop Or something." Zayn said hitting Liam's arm. We walked in and I smelled Taco's! "Hi and Welcome to 'Titanium Express', your table is right this way." Some guy said leading us to a table while people were cheering and a girl that looked vaguely familiar stood up there. We took our seats as he handed us menus. "I'm the owner of this fine Restaurant, Jesse Knight. I'll get a waitress to take your orders soon, till then enjoy our entertainment." He said stepping back and gesturing to the stage. "All right, All right, Give it up for our little 'Angel of Music' Anna Maria Knight!" Some guy said as the girl I met on the jet, closed her eye's and when they opened the band started playing: *Avril Lavigne-Freak Out*: Try to tell me what I shouldn't do You should know by now, I won't listen to you Walk around with my hands up in the air 'Cause I don't care 'Cause I'm alright I'm fine Just freak out let it go I'm gonna live my life I can't ever run and hide, I won't compromise 'cause I'll never know I'm gonna close my eyes I can't watch the time go by I won't keep it inside Freak out let it go Just freak out let it go Do you always have to do everything right Stand up for yourself And put up a fight Walk around with your hands up in the air Like you don't care 'Cause I'm alright I'm fine Just freak out let it go I'm gonna live my life I can't ever run and hide I won't compromise cause I'll never know I'm gonna close my eyes I can't watch the time go by I won't keep it inside Freak out let it go On my own Let it go Yeah yeah yeah Just let me live my life I can't ever run and hide I won't compromise 'cause I'll never know I'm gonna close my eyes I can't watch the time go by I won't keep it inside Freak out let it go Just freak out let it go Gonna freak out let it go *END of song* Anna was extremely wild and funny on stage. She went everywhere and still, like her Street name told 'Angel of Music'. Everyone was standing on there feet, clapping, cheering or whistling. She stepped back up to the microphone and the crowd instantly went quiet. "Thank you Ty for the intro, you big jerk. For those of you that don't know me, I prefer to go by Maria and thank you for listening, enjoy your meals. For those of you just now joining us, Welcome to Titanium Express, where we feed you food on Titanium plates and as fast as we can get it to you and remember if it's not on Titanium, then your not at 'Titanium Express', thank you, enjoy your meals." She said smiling and advertising for the restaurant. "THAT is the girl, I think, that Harry was obsessing over, all afternoon." Louis said clapping. "Wow, her name fits her, 'Angel of music', I thought they were being too nice but it suits her." Niall said. I didn't hear anything else, I walked over to where I saw her exit the stage. "But, Sara, she sounded so amazing, I didn't know how else to congratulate her!" The owner said in his defense. The guy from the street performance was shaking his head and smirking. "Excuse me, Anna you-Your 'The Angel of Music'?" I asked her, ignoring the owner. "I-You-Seriously-" She said barely getting those words out before she crumbled to the floor, I stood there staring at her for a minute before, The same dark skinned guy swooped her up into his arms bridal style and walked into what I'm assuming is an office? I stood there frozen, staring at where she once was just trying to figure everything out, SHE was 'Angel of Music', She being Anna, the girl I met on the jet. Anna who preferred to be called Marie, was funny and a girl with an amazing voice. Of all times for her to faint, it had to be when I asked her an important question, I thought my being a superstar didn't affect her? I found myself by Jesse's office door, five minutes after my mind decided I needed to see how Anna-I mean Marie was doing."Mr. Knight...?" I knocked on his door and waited for him to come, but the door was wide open, so I peeked in and saw Anna-Ugh! I mean Marie, laying on a couch, with that Lady and guy sitting by her giving her water and brushing some hair of Marie's face. "I'm sorry Mar, your Uncle was just really happy that you sounded even better and with One Direction, here too. He's hoping they'll give you a recording contract." The lady said, as if she hadn't heard me knock. "Yeah, Mar-Mar, you gave us quite the scare, but I was your Calvary and brought you here." The guy said with the dark skin. "Aunt Sara, I don't sing for a recording contract, I sing because I like to sing, even if I didn't earn a lot of money doing so. Besides Uncle Jess has always treated me like one of the guys, just this time I was already breathless before his bear hug otherwise I wouldn't have fainted. Thank you too Jake and don't get too big of a head." She said sitting up and slightly pushing the guy named I'm guessing 'Jake'. "Good and here I thought it was because you finally registered I'm a celebrity and could barely handle being in my presence." I said smirking and walking into the room with my hands stuffed into my jean pockets, one of my nervous habits. "Just who are you and what are you doing here?" That guy asked me standing up and in front of Marie and 'Sara'."Jake, its fine, this is Harry, I know him." She said lightly touching his arm. Then she looked at me as Jake sat down. "Yeah, right! What the heck are you doing here Harry?" She asked me. "Oh nothing, just making you faint." I teased her. Her Aunt Sara, kissed her forehead and walked to the door. "If you need Jake or I we'll be right next door." She said to Marie, puling Jake with her. Marie nodded and curled her legs close to her."If he tries anything Stupid just yell and I'll be right there." Jake said. Marie's POV: Friday (6:02 PM) January. 18. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) I think I heard a knock and someone saying something but I wasn't sure, since I only just woke from my fainting. My Aunt Sara was giving me some water and she brushed some of my hair out of my face. "I'm sorry Mar, your Uncle was just really happy that you sounded even better, then two days ago and with One Direction, here too. We are all hoping they'll give you a recording contract." She said sounding hopeful. "Yeah, Mar-Mar, you gave us quite the scare, but I was your Calvary and brought you here." Jake said Chuckling and looking at me. I frowned. "Aunt Sara, I don't sing for a recording contract, I sing because I like to sing, even if I didn't earn a lot of money doing so. Besides Uncle Jess has always treated me like one of the guys, just this time I was already breathless before his bear hug otherwise I wouldn't have fainted. Thank you too Jake and don't get too big of a head" I told her and Jake sitting up. I lightly shoved Jake playfully as I sat up. "Good and here I thought it was because you finally registered I'm a celebrity and could barely handle being in my presence." Harry said smirking and walking into the room with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. "Just who are you and what are you doing here?" Jake asked, immediately standing up and in front of Aunt Sara and I protectively. "Jake, its fine, this is Harry, I know him." I told Jake lightly touching his arm and turning to Harry as Jake sat down. "Yeah, right, What the heck are you doing here Harry?" I asked him. "Oh nothing, just making you faint." He teased me, My Aunt Sara, kissed my forehead and walked to the door. "If you need me, I'll be right next door." She said, pulling Jake with her. "If he tries anything Stupid just yell and I'll be right here." Jake said. I nodded and curled my legs close to me trying not to laugh. "So, how do you even know about my street name 'Angel of music'? More importantly what are you doing here?" I questioned him, as he sat along side me with his elbows on his knee's and his hands folded together. "Well, we're here on pleasure, for two months before we're off to prepare for our 'Take me home' Tour. As for, your question about my knowing your 'street name', I came about it in I think it was some sea side bar-" "Jenny's Sea side bar, where everything is Jenny-licious!" I cut in. "Yeah...How'd you know?" He asked sounding a little worried. I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Because I work there." I informed him, though I don't know why I'm so irritated he was there, I mean everyone goes there, I guess it's because it all seems too coincidental, From hearing about me singing, to seeing him tonight and asking about my street name. "Oh, you're a busy girl. Anyway, I heard two girls talking about 'just some wannabe pop star, with some hot guy, but that wasn't what made me curious. They called you, 'just some street performer' and I asked them about her-you." Harry corrected himself and looked at me. "So they eventually told me, after my touching her hair, though I had a hard time finding you at first, until I saw a clapping crowd and went to check it out. Louis was with me and we heard you perform you last song for the day there-" He was saying. "My Paper heart-All American Rejects, one of Jakes and my favorite bands apart from Green Day, therefore third favorite band." I said taking a sip of my water. "Yeah, so after that, I asked some surfer dude who was part of the crowd who was listening to you, about you. That was when I figured out your street name and when your there, he even thought you worked at 'Jenny's Sea Side Bar', I guess he was right. After that I pretty much had you on my mind, because I didn't know much about you at the time, I made it my mission to figure out who 'Angel of Music' was. I guess I should've known. Wait, who's your second favorite band?" Harry finally finished looking up at the ceiling smirking. "Oh...well...did I really voice that out loud-hehe?" I smiled, scratched my head and laughed nervously. "It would be One Direction-Wait! All American rejects got bumped down to I think Sixth favorite band. Green Day is First, Fall Out Boy is in Second, Nickleback is in third, Three doors down is Fourth, One Direction is in Fifth and All American Rejects is in Sixth." I said smiling and nodding as I mentally put the bands in the order in my head. "Glad, I made Top Five, didn't figure you to be a Pop/Rock kind of girl." Harry chuckled. "Wow, seems like that was supposed to be in a two day span, not just today. By the way, good to see you again after what...a week?" I asked him as he led me to his table, where his Bandmates were just finishing their meal. He immediately looked saggy and Louis smirked mischievously. "Mrrf mhn nnm nnary nas Nnng Mmnsing nnvr." Louis said mouthful of his last bite of dinner. I raised an eyebrow at him and looked at all of them to please translate, because I didn't get even a single word out of that. "Im sorry, but may someone tell me exactly what it was he said because I got 'Mrrf mhn one harry nas nnng missing never'?" I asked as Harry looked around the table for something to eat. Niall hit Louis as he swallowed and he frowned at him. "Sorry, he's usually much better than a five year old, after all he's supposed to be the older one in the group. Nice to meet you Again A-Marie." Liam said smiling charmingly at me and correcting him self. Mean while Louis took Sip of his water and looked at me again. "What I was saying, Your the girl Harry was obsessing over. NOT 'one Harry missing never'. I second what Liam here said great to meet you again Marie." Louis said clearing his throat with a slight blush embarrassed at how foolish he was. "Hey, quick question, where's my meal hey?" Harry asked and I noticed his accent was thicker now. "Oh, you weren't here, so we didn't order you one." Niall said. "Yeah, sorry mate we weren't sure where you went." Zayn said. Harry lunged at Niall but Louis pushed him back to the chair. "Oi! Settle down now, yeah? Don't worry we can-" Louis was saying. I sighed and rolled my eye's as I motioned for them to bring the taco meal over here. "Boys would you all just shut up? Harry, I already ordered your meal-well it was mine...but I'm not in much mood for a taco anymore so you can have it, I'll just order something else." I said as Jane, one of the other waitresses placed the plate in front of him. He looked at it as if it were gold. "Thanks Jane, tell My Uncle, I'll have chicken Cesar Salad instead and to put the Macho-Taco, on their tab." I said as I motioned to One Direction. Marie's POV: Saturday (10:30 am) January. 19. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) Jake had headed home early this morning after waking up from a kiss on my head at like six in the morning. He thanked me for letting him come by for his birthday and making it the best birthday yet. I was up at six thirty am on a Saturday and I still had forgotten to tell my sister that Niall and Harry were going to visit. I just walked into the kitchen for Drink and saw my Sister had just opened the biggest Keurig you could buy and she had a bunch of different decent sized boxes I'm assuming are Keurig flavored of Coffee, Tea, Vitamin Juice and Other drinks. "Morning Sis, I've been up since eight, but If I'd know you'd be up already I'd have been down here telling you-" *Knock-Knock* followed by *Someones here-Someone's here* my sisters weird doorbell, said in a weird demented child like voice. I ran to the door by my sister was faster than me and jerked it open only to "Hi-" *Slam* in Harry's face. "Sis get down in the basement, it's dooms day, it's finally come!" She said trying to push me to the basement, but I was buckled over laughing my butt off, defiantly better reaction than I imagined! I finally stood up straight, still shaking with laughter. "I meant to Tell you Harry and Niall are coming over to visit, though that was defiantly a better reaction than I could've ever imagined." I said laughing, walking back to the door and opening it. "I thought you Loved me?" I heard my Sister Mutter, questioning herself and Me. "Hi, Sorry Harry, I was just in the midst of Telling my sister you were coming over when you knocked and rang the door bell, Thus leading to-" "A door being slammed into my face, yeah. Good After-noon I guess, since it's like eleven in the morning, kind of in between Morning and Afternoon." He smiled and Hugged me. I hugged him and stepped out of the door way. "So, Welcome to my Sister's house, glad you found it so fast." I said as they stepped in and I closed the door. "Yeah, just come right on in, not like my house isn't all in a mess." My Sister said rubbing her temples and heading up to her room. I gasped when I realized I had completely forgotten to put on a bra! "I-I'll be right back! Make yourselves at home!" I said, knowing I was blushing a fiery red, as I ran up to my room, and slammed my door. I certainly did not miss the glare my sister sent me on the way to my room though, I guess she forgot her's too, though I expected it from her because I hadn't told Her that Harry and Niall were coming over. Not from myself though, I should've been in my more company, friendly comfy clothes, not my skimpy nightwear and no bra! Harry's POV: Saturday (10:14 AM) January. 19. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) "Oh come on, you can't seriously suck that bad with directions, fate all you were the one to name our band 'One Direction'. You think that's what you were best at!" Niall said irritated and tired. We were at this for half an Hour now, he did have a point, they were pretty plain written and I should be able to find her house, I'm just a horrible GPS. "Ugh! Here, you lead the way Mr. I-Know-Where-We-Should-Go!" I said as I shoved my phone into his hand and motioned for him to walk ahead of me. We left the house at Ten O'Clock AM, now it's Ten-thirty am. Only a half hour wasted but he did have a point, wandering around this early in the morning and On a Saturday was not on my highest list of funnest things to do. I heard Niall groan as we stopped to look at signs and had to ask a couple people along the way. Man, I seriously got us lost. Note to self, never try to pretend you know where your going when you have absolutely no clue which street is which. "There, this is her address, finally! Remind me never EVER follow you, it was the Blind leading the blind, not exactly how I imagined spending my Saturday." Niall said giving my phone back to me and gesturing to the house, yep, exactly the address. I opened the White Picket Gate and walked up the porch to the front door. I looked back at Niall and he was looking at the sky as if asking for help. I shook my head, knocked and Rang the doorbell. I heard running foot-steps, man was she ever happy to see me-The door opened "Hi-" *Slam* I stood there frowning and staring at the door. I thought I asked her to come over and get to know her and her Sister? I heard very faint talking and laughing. Finally the door was re-opened and there stood a very Happy Marie, holding back laughter. "Hi, Sorry Harry, I was just in the midst of Telling my sister you were coming over when you knocked and rang the door bell, Thus leading to-" "A door being slammed into my face, yeah. Good After-noon I guess, since its like eleven in the morning, kind of in between Morning and Afternoon." I babbled on and scratched my head. Marie hugged me and stepped out of the door way. "So, Welcome to my Sister's house, glad you found it so fast." She said as We stepped in and she closed the door behind us. "Yeah, just come right on in, not like my house isn't all in a mess." The girl I'm assuming is her Sister said rubbing her temples and heading up the stairs. Marie Gasped and looked everywhere but at me as she crossed her arms over her chest, looking uncomfortable. "I-I'll be right back! Make yourselves at home!" She said Blushing a cute Pink and running up the stairs passing the girl I'm assuming is her sister. Niall was sitting in the living room On his Black 3DS, playing some sort of game, While I was in the kitchen looking at the Brand New Kuerig, Nice, it's a Five Cup Machine. I was just about to plug it in and even considered filling it up to be nice. "You probably shouldn't touch anything, You and Her may know each other but it doesn't mean her and you know each other." Niall said making me confused, he wasn't being very clear on who 'Her' was, it could mean the girl I'm assuming is Marie's Sister or Marie, Ugh! Niall you're the reason all the time for my head aches. "Her and Her? Seriously, could you please be more clear on which girl you're talking about here? People tend to have names you know, beside's I was just going to plug it in and probably fill it up-" "No! My Machine, I paid good money for this, even if it was on sale. I prefer if something went wrong with it, that it would with me, I don't like to get mad at my Sister's little friends, so take five steps away and leave me be, I've done this before." The girl said. I stepped back hands raised palm up, while Niall stepped back 3DS Up and at that Moment Marie came down in different clothes or PJ's. I guess her clothes were rather skimpy earlier now that I think about it and her-I swear my face felt hotter than the first time I sunburned. "Sis, your friend here is blushing, I did not do it! Oh no, I've seen in manga's before, that what follows after the Blushing is-Oh yeah see, nose bleed." Her Sister said as Marie turned towards us smirking and shook her head. She came over with a Kleenex and I was unbelievably grateful. As I worked on making my nose bleed stop, I finally noticed what Marie was wearing, short Black and Pink Skull Bottoms, that went to above the knee, a Bright Pink shirt that said 'Bite Me' and some Black Flip-flops, that brought out her Toe nails that were colored Neon Pink and Turquoise and Sparkled like diamonds. Maries POV: Saturday (10:24 AM) January. 19. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) I was finally, in my other comfy Clothes, right above the knee Cotton Black PJ Bottoms, a Pink Shirt that had 'Bite Me' Written in Bold Black Blocky writing, with Black Flip-flops and I had just remembered I had painted my toe Nails, Bright Pink and Turquoise, that sparkled like diamonds. I brushed my hair and applied some Lip Moisturizer (Palmers Cocoa-Butter) and headed out of my room. I had just entered the kitchen and I heard my Sister talking in her bossy Voice. "-so take five steps away and leave me be, I've done this before." I think I only Heard half the conversation, probably less than that. I couldn't help the Smirk that came to my lips, my Sister barely knew them and she was still talking to them like that. Aw heck, who was I to talk I barely knew Harry and I talked to him Like that too. When I looked in the Kitchen, Harry Had His hands Palms up, while Niall Had 3DS up and Des working on filling up the Keurig. "Sis, your friend here is blushing, I did not do it! Oh no, I've seen in manga's before, that what follows after the Blushing is-Oh yeah see, nose bleed." My Sister said as I made my way into the Kitchen with a Kleenex in hand and gave it to Harry. I looked at Niall and He just shook his head while smirking. Harry was trying to indiscriminately check me out as he tried to get his nose bleed to slow down or stop. "You know, this is not exactly how I imagined spending a Saturday Morning and Afternoon with New friends, this is kind of like family." Niall said sitting at Des's Kitchen Table and playing on His 3DS. Yeah, I guess he's right, but a Dysfunctional Type of Family, not normal…not that there's any real normal. "Mmm, nothing like drinking a cup of Christmas Tea on a warm January Day." I said Curled up on the most comfortable patio chairs ever, holding the mug to my chest smelling the tea too, on Des's Patio, that over looked the Sunny California Beach and you could hear the Ocean up here. Harry was Sitting in the one close to me Drinking Iced Apple Juice. "Yeah, an amazing view too." I nodded my head staring out at some afternoon beach people, getting ready for the rest of the day on the beach. "So, you wanted to try and get to know my Sister and I?" I asked him as Niall came out with a cold bottle of Fiji water and my Sister shortly after him, holding a clear cup of,I think, Iced Coffee. "Sorry, How unbelievably rude of me, I'm Destiny Marie Knight, Anna's Sister. I'm sorry, I'm Marie's Sister, you Prefer to be called Marie, I don't understand why but you know to each their own right?" Des said holding out her hand to properly greet the guys. Harry was the first to shake her hand. "I'm Harry Styles and it's nice to Meet Marie's Sister." He said smiling at her and looking at me. Niall shook Des's Hand and gave her a goofy grin. "I'm Niall Horan, Nice to Meet you and good to see you again Marie." He said sipping at his water and playing his game again. "So, are you two like twins?" Harry asked both of us and we smiled. "No, I'm Two Years Older than her, she's my youngest and ONLY sister." Des said looking at me Lovingly. "And were getting mushy." Niall said smirking and STILL playing on his Blasted DS. "Excuse him, he's just mad that he doesn't have a mate and the other Three who aren't presently here do, not that I do but he feels as if he's on his own because-" "Because You guys instantly Connected the Moment you met, whether you guys want to voice it or not and I feel like the Third wheel here." Niall Butted in on Harry as he Stated that rather moodily and closed his DS pretty hard. He shoved it into his pocket and jumped over the railing onto the beach, it was only probably a foot or two to the sand. "I'll be around, but you know my Number Harry." He said and Walked off. I sat up and set my tea down. Mnnn, this just got real and there's the Dysfunctional Family part. "We just started the conversation, I didn't mean to make him fell third-wheelie." I said frowning, "Sis, go after him and tell me where you are, well join you asap!" I said running back into the house, up to my room to change. I changed into a light wash Jean shorts were tight but comfy and had a vintage look about them. I put on a Green Day tee that was right above my belly-button, slipped on some black ankle socks and my Signature Green Day Converse. Put on my John Cena Dog tag necklace, some Neon green stud earrings, my Eat Me necklace and my Dog tag necklace that had a picture of all the One Direction guys in the background and 1D as the letters in Pink. Whoa I'm glad I was bored and applied my make-up around Nine this Morning, one less thing to do. I ran down the stairs, putting on my Green Day hat sideways and screamed out in surprise as I tumbled to the floor on top of something. "Ouch, you all right?" Harry asked wincing and rubbing his head. "Pretty good, so sorry I thought you were still waiting for me outside." I said climbing to my feet and off Harry. "It's good, as long as your all right I'm fine." He said and It took everything in me to not let the girlie side of me to just melt at his feet. After all Harry was my biggest crush out of One Direction and denying yourself is hard but I'm doing it. "We should g-get going, they're p-probably waiting on us." I said as Harry quickly examined to make sure I wasn't hurt, but almost distracting me just with his touch. "Styles, I'm fine! I'm not hurt at all, see?" I said laying a hand on his cheek, he looked down at me (he had a good four-five inches on me)and I wanted him to kiss me. I forced myself away, grabbed his hand, pulled him behind me out of my sisters house, stopping to lock the doors and not looking at him so he wouldn't see me blushing. Harry's POV: Saturday (1:15 pm) January. 19. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) "We just started the conversation, I didn't mean to make him feel all third-wheelie like." Marie said frowning. "Sis, could you please go after him and let me know where you two are, we'll join you asap!" Marie said running into the house and leaving me there blinking As Destiny took off in her Turquoise Summer Dress that had a Hot Pink ribbon tied just below her breasts and Hot Pink Converse. She has good taste in shoes, I love converse and looked down at mine. I got up, grabbed Destiny's cup, Marie's cup and mine. I walked inside with them and put them by the sink. It's been like five minutes, I think I'll just chill by the TV, girls tend to take a while when they get dressed. I was just going to let Marie know when she came running down the stairs putting on a hat. She screamed as we collided and tumbled to the floor. I was on bottom and Marie was laying on top of me for all of five seconds, but in those five seconds her breath tickled my ear, her breasts were in my face and both those wonderful things sent shivers down my spine. "Ouch, you all right?" I asked her, winced and rubbed my head. "Pretty good, so sorry I thought you were still waiting for me outside." She said climbing to her feet and off of me. "It's fine, as long as your all right, I'm fine." I said and wanted to punch myself, do I always have to flirt, she's not every other girl who would melt at those words, She's Marie. But I could see her fighting with herself to be her 'whatever' like self. I kind of wished that she would at least let herself act like a girl, but this is Marie I'm thinking about, she always puts her family and friends before herself. Emotionally, Physically and mentally. I stood up and immediately started to check Marie, if she even had a scrape on her. "We should g-get going, they're p-probably waiting on us." Marie said with a slight stutter and blush. My hands still rubbed her arms and I couldn't stop. "Styles, I'm fine! I'm not hurt at all, see?" Marie said a small smile, partially parting her lips and making them utterly Kissable. She laid her hand on my cheek and I instantly leaned into her touch. I looked down at her (since I had a good, four or five inches on her) and she took a sharp breath in when our eyes met. But before anything could happen, she pulled away and grasped my hand in hers. She led me through the house, stopped only to lock the doors and didn't meet my gaze. Why do you alway pull away? "Okay, they are over here, time for a fun day!" Marie said excitedly as she still pulled me behind her, past souvenir shops, photo booths and different shops. We stopped just outside a food shop. "Ooh, their corn dogs are the best! You want one? I love mine with Ketchup, Mustard and Pepper. Though sometimes I get pickles with it, not often, though I ALWAYS get an Ice Cold Pepsi." Marie said as she grasped my hand tighter and what was weird was it didn't hurt and I hadn't felt like telling her to let go. "Well, you can't go wrong with an Ice Cold Pepsi, I think I'll have a burger and fries though. Would you say to try the Deluxe or original?" I asked her standing next to her. "I tried the original, I haven't tried to Deluxe yet, I think it's up to you, but I'm SO getting the honey Corn dog with Curley fries! Yum!" She said even more excited talking about food. I smiled at her and bumped her shoulder. "Ooh! There's N-Him and my Sister." Marie said catching herself and being considerate enough to not say his or my name. "Almost ruined it didn't I? I think I may have got slightly too excited, I'm sorry I've just never done this with anyone..." She whispered blushing and trying to use her Hair to cover her face. "Seriously, your doing good for this being your first outing with other people with you and star quality people. So I think, I'll try the Deluxe with Normal fries and an Iced Pepsi." I told her. "Well, it's not my first outing with other people aside from myself, it's my first outing with...a guy." She said frowning and blushing. "I-I think I should go let N-Him and my sister know that we're here-" She said as her sister waved at us and Niall was looking down at the table. "I think they know we're here, they're just laying low trying not to attract attention." I told her. "Right, I should probably just be quiet, I think that all my Babbling is getting us some stares." She said, as she let go of my hand and stepped one step away from me. "Their see this is a more inconspicuous way to stand next to each other...at least I think it is, I see it done in movies all the time." Marie said frowning and making me laugh. "Please don't tell me you let Harry lead you here?" Niall grumbled. "No, of course not Ran, I lead the way since I've visited my Sister a couple times and figured out my way around here and memorized it." Marie said smiling, pointing to her head and winking. I shook my head, took a bite of my deluxe burger when Marie saying she hadn't tried it before popped into my mind, mouthful of Food, I softly nudged her shoulder with mine, she looked at me with her corn dog poised to bite when I pointed to the burger then her. She smiled, nodded, leaned forward and took a bite. "Mmm!" She said through her bite of Burger. I nodded my head and she thumbs upped me. I looked up as I grabbed a fry and Niall looked taken aback. What? I looked behind me, nothing, looked to my left, nothing looked to my right and still NOTHING. I swallowed my burgers and my bite of a fry and looked at Niall. Marie and I had just finished our Lunch and r sipping at our Pepsi when Destiny stood up. "Well, you guys ready to have some fun?" She asked as she stood up and threw away her garbage. "I think so, what do you say Ran and Les?" Marie asked a 'Ran' and 'Les'. I frowned and looked around so Did Nail, and Destiny. "Silly, That's you-" She pointed at Niall. "and you." She pointed at me, did the peace sign and winked. "Ran, that's you-" She pointed at Niall. "Les, that is so you." Marie laughed as she stated that to me. "But what does it even mean?" I asked her as we all stood and left the shop. "Well, your Last name is...styles, so your code name in public is Les!-" Marie said smiling triumphantly and pinging to me. "Your last name is horan, so your code name is Ran! I'm brilliant I know." She said gloating and laughing. Though whispering our last names so no one would hear as if we're secret spies or something. "Hmm, that is pretty ingenious." Ran (Niall) said and looked at me as if he needed to speak to me alone. "Hey sis, what are the plans for today?" Marie ran up to talk beside here sister, as if realizing I needed sometime with Niall. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* One Direction-Live While Were Young How it feels while they're all having fun and Just Playing around. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Marie's POV: Saturday (FF 5:00 pm) January. 19. 2013 (Los Angeles, California) "Come on! One more Point and we will win! Come on Les! Come on Tom!" I yelled as I hid behind a big thing of hay. We were playing Paintball and my Sister may have started out with the Advantage of Four players, that included herself, but My team was headed toward victory. We already took out, Zam (Zayn Javadd Malik), James (Liam James Payne) and Ran (Niall James Horan). Now My sister was the only one left. My team was Les (Harry Edward Styles) and Tom (Louis William Tomlinson). "Ha! Like I'm going to let my Kid sister win!" Destiny yelled from somewhere in the paintball park. "Sh kind of has a lead points wise though!" Zam yelled. "Yeah it's Three for them and Zero for us!" Ran yelled sounding frustrated. I creeped up to where I heard her conversing with her team, I had my paintball gun trained on her,when I was pulled back and a hand was placed over my mouth. I was dragged back to a different hiding spot when the person removed their hand off my mouth and I turned to see Harry squatting there with a sheet white looking Tom. "Tom, What's wrong?" I asked him and he just pointed towards the entrance. There stood three girls with their hair tied back and they looked eager to kick butt. They walked over to my Sister and I groaned. You've got to be kidding, that's cheating! I stood up and ran out from my hiding spot before Les could stop me. I stood my ground and I knew I looked peeved. "Your not allowed to add anymore people to your team, that's cheating!" I yelled out to my Sister frustrated. "Louis! You'd best give up, or you won't be getting the day with me tomorrow!" Some brunette, orange skinned chick declared holding here paintball gun like an amateur but trying to look casual while holding it. Oh Shizz! That's Louis's Girlfriend, that's damn dirty and just plain unfair! "Hey, back off! Girlfriend or not I'll kick your butt! Aside the fact, your not included int this game, because if you are then Destiny is Disqualified and we Win!" I said taking a menacing step forward. When Harry came forward and held me back and I really did try, but I was mad. I take my paintball fights Extremely seriously. "Babe I'm out!" Louis (Tom) shouted to his girlfriend. "Tch, your freaking Whipped! But I'm not, so take this!" I yelled at him as I shot all three of the girls and glared at them. "Your Out!" I yelled at the stunned girls as they scoffed and headed out with Louis in tow. Harry was laughing and didn't hold me back anymore. "Hey Sis you really should try to pay attention to your opponent. They were merely a Distraction." Destiny said as she aimed her paintball gun on me and I quickly aimed it on her. We both shot at each other and Harry was the last man Standing! Yes! Harry and I won! I'd have included Louis but he's a little coward as he quit the game when his girlfriend threatened him. I jumped around and fist pumped the air in celebratory victory. I ran and hugged Harry. "We won! Ha! Yes!" I exclaimed as he hugged me too. Louis came out and started to celebrate with us when I picked up my Paintball gun and I think he already knew what was going to happen. His eyes got big and he shook his head. "What are you doing? I had to surrender!" He pleaded as he was slowly backing Up towards the exit and he didn't have his paintball suit on. I shot him and he fell to one knee. "You. Are. Whipped. You were on my team, you event supposed to just leave us high and dry because of your girlfriend. Making stupid idle threats since they're weren't even playing with us, then her threat was Null. They had absolutely no business butting in on our match. So yes, I'm frustrated, I warned you earlier that I take my paintball matches Extremely serious and I also told yo that if you we to be on my team, that your NOT to leave us high and dry." I said tossing the gun down and walked out taking the paintball outfit off. So we were all standing outside waiting as My sister returned her paintball suit. "Well, what's for dinner?" Zayn asked and all of us weren't sure. I sighed, I looked at the three girls, they all looked like they liked expensive stuff and that just wasn't me, besides they clearly didn't like me all that much either, no love loss there. "I have work in an hour, so I have to go, thanks for all the fun today guys." I said and hugged them (well except for there girlfriends). I grabbed my surfboard plushie, my bag of rainbow colored cotton candy and headed back to my sisters place. I was only two-three feet away when I turned back around to look tell them I'd see them tomorrow when my back hit a bar and I went falling backwards as I let out a surprised scream. I fell back on sand, at first it hurt but then it was kind of funny. How could I be such a dork? I was laying there blushing like mad and laughing. "Marie! Are you all right?" Harry asked as he made his way down to me and the rest of one direction was leaning over the railing and looking down at me with smiles. I was smiling still, I shook my head and covered my face. Man, I seriously wish they weren't here to see my clumsiness. "Mmrf fin..." I said through my hands as the guys busted out laughing (I said 'I'm fine...'). Harry helped me up, i guess he made it down here and I looked up at him still blushing. "I'm sorry, I turned around to tell you guys I'd see you tomorrow then I just fell over the railing...I'm more clumsy than I originally thought." I said as I looked up at Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam and back at Harry. He smiled and patted the remnants of sand off my shoulder. "Well, seems I leave you alone for a second and the next your on the beach." Des said with her hands on her hips. "Apparently she was going to say something else to us, she was walking backwards and her back hit the railing. Then she just flipped over it, screamed then laid there laughing." Zayn said holding in his laughter as Harry and I made it back up to the boardwalk. "Yeah, laugh it up, we all have clumsy moments, I'm fine." I said still blushing. "All right, I will more than likely see you guys tomorrow or some time soon, bye. I'm headed to work now." I said hugging them again and headed back with my Sister to her-Our place.


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