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The Haunting of Kincep Mansion

Book By: Gio Eldred Mitre
Fan fiction

No one has been to the Kincep mansion in years -- at least, not voluntarily. Locals say the place is haunted by the last of the Kincep family line, while others say that goblins, orcs, or worse have taken up residence in the house. But all anyone can say for certain is that these days, anyone who wanders near the mansion is unlikely to come home. Can the PCs unravel the mystery of Kincep mansion and bring some semblance of safety back to the area?

This mansion was once a manor house owned by the Kinceps. They were an old and respected noble family, though not one of any great political import. Though fairly wealthy, the Kinceps lived simply and enjoyed few luxuries, avoiding anything ostentatious. The family home was large but practical, well hidden behind an encircling orchard. A small mausoleum is the final resting place of family members.

A point of pride among the Kinceps was that each generation should make its own way in life, starting out with a small inheritance and earning a living through business, adventuring, or public service.

In more recent years, a series of misfortunes and disasters all but wiped out the youngest generation of Kinceps. Many believed that the family had fallen into poverty, then died out. In fact, the sole heir, Jaccobux Kincep, had traveled to foreign lands as an adventurer and mercenary, becoming rich in the process.

DISCLAIMER: Skip William wrote the D&D adventure not me. I only made the story with the idea from the adventure itself.

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"The Haunting of Kincep Mansion"
based on a book by Skip Williams
"Are you sure were in the right place?" asked Carthy the wizard elf. Treeson the human archer noded "Sure." Violet the human swordswoman stared at Carthy "Why? You scared Carthy?" she teased. "Ha! Me scared?" Carthy replied "As if!"
"Stop it you guys" Treeson said looking at his map. "This is our first mission and I dont want to mess it up, a group of hunters visited the hill recently, looking for wolf pelts but the wolves they found were deadly, the mayor said he should investigate that mansion on the hill," He pointed on an old mansion on the peak. "Where the wolves where found, and some more creatures unfourtunely" Carthy shivered, "What more creatures?"
"The hunters said they saw moving statues, giant wolves, zombies and demonic eyes staring at them" Violet explain "Shut up Violet," said Carthy "Your just scaring me" Treeson noded "No Carthy, its true."
"Ok, im ready, lets go up that hill!" said Violet, pulling her sword. "Well said Violet, lets go!" Treeson and Carthy said also pulling thier weapons. They started climbing up hill. They soon arrived the the mansion's orchard. The orchard was many fallen leaves and fruits sourrounding it. Many willow and oak trees still stand but with no leaves. And many untrimed bushes scatter everywhere. Treeson seemed unsure they not alone here. "Come out whos hiding there!" he pointed to the big bush. An awful howling answered "Who goes there?" a wolf emered. "Guys! Its breakfast" the big wolf said, and five more wolves appeared. "Ready your weapons guys, its a pack Werewolf Archer" said Treeson. "Lets go get 'em" said Violet. Violet charged to the wolves, "Treeson, Carthy, the moves we've been practicing" she said. "Ok, if you say so." said Carthy. "Here it comes."
Treeson fired five arrows at once, his "Poison Arrows" skill. Next Carthy whispered some words and exploded "Magic Missile" which turned the poisoned arrows into poisoned missiles. And as soon as the missiles hit the five werwolves Violet dashed in and sliced the big one down. And without attacking the werewolves were deafeated. "Nice job guys!" Violet said. "Wait" Treeson noticed one werewolf was still breathing. "Who sent you?" The werewolf shook his head. "You wont tell?" Violet asked looking at her sword. "Wait, wait, wait!" the werewolf shouted. "Its Cali, the Vampire Lord"
"Where is he?"
"At the hedgemaze behind the mansion, on the exit is her coffin"
"Who owns this mansion?"
"Its Jaccobux Kincep, thats why its called Kincep Mansion"
"Why did he let you in here?"
"He didn't, we came here on our own, unfortunatly we cant enter the mansion because of his stone statues"
"What about his statues?"
"There ali---" with that the werewolf died."Okay guys, lets go to that hedgemaze and end this once and for all" said Treeson. The three started walking, until they reached the river, near the mansion. "Wow, this is deep" said Carthy. Suddenly a man's voice has heard "Well, what do we have here?" said the man. "A bunch of adventurers? Scram our i'll kick you out" Carthy looked worried "Were just heading to the mans--" Treeson stopped her. "Wait what are you doing here?" he asked. "Well I was just, tree cutting" explained the man. Treeson pulled his bow. "Wait what are you doing boy?" asked the man. "What are you doing Treeson? Its just a lumberjack" whispered Carthy. "I have an idea, watch" Treeson replied. Treeson quickly pulled out an arrow and fired it, "Stun Shot" skill. The man was shot, and unable to move, then the man's body transformed into a wolf. "See Carthy, it isn't a real man, its a Dire Wolf, a shapeshifter."
And soon they sourrounded by a pack for three Dire Wolves. The three wolves dashed to Treeson and with there claws they slashed him. Treeson was unable to move, they were just to fast. Violet and Carthy took action. Violet took her blade and slamed it all three of them. "Hurry Carthy cast a spell!" she yelled. Carthy didn't listen she was wishpering something and yelled. "Magic Missile" The missiles hit the wolves, and Violet was quick enough to escape and so was the wolves. "What? I missed!" Carthy said. "There to quick"
"Do you have any spells to slow them down?" asked Violet. "I have one" said Treeson from behind. Treeson picked three arrows and put them in his bow. He fired and hitted two out of three wolves. "What was that?" asked Carthy. "My, Stun Shot" replied Treeson. "Violet finish that last one of" Violet noded. "With plessure" Violet dashed to the wolf and her sword began to glow purple. "Sword Change: Purple" She slashed the wolf and backed away. "You didn't kill it!" yelled Carthy.Violet giggled. "3-2-1" and after that the wolf died. "What was that?" asked Treeson. "Sword Change: Purple is a skill that puts poison into my sword, and there are 6 effects more, each one a color" Violet explained.
They continued thier walk and soon arrive in stone pavement entrance. Treeson pulled the two girls down and hide in a nearby tree. "Whats that supposed to be" whispered Violet. "Look the statues are moving!" Treeson said. "Lets attack them!" Violet said. "Maybe there immune to something." suggested Carthy. "Lets try Sleep" She whispered something and exploded "Sleep Spell" and the Gaurdian Statues didn't stop except they came charging to the tree. "Lets try poison" Treeson pulled his arrows and fired them at the statues. The arrows didn't do much. "Okay thats it! Im going in!" Violet said pulling her sword and dashed at the statues. "No Violet! They have "Reactive Strike" which means if you move they will attack you!" Treeson yelled, but it was too late, Violet moved making the statues attack her. She was knockbacked - HARD. "Ouch, little help here!"said Violet."Well kill them later, in the mean time lets go to that stable." Treeson and Carthy helped Violet up and ran as fast as they could to the old stable. Suprisingly the statues stopped moving, "They stopped?" asked Violet who was badly injured. "Yes, there designed for just protecting the mansion" explained Treeson. They arrived at the wodden stable, and sighed in relief. The stable was dark, with tall walls and no windows. The horses carriges where parked. The storage place for horses still remain as well as the hay, but not the horses. Suddenly Carthy heard something creaking. "The floor" she tought. But no, the wooden carrige seem to come to life, and it was heading Carthy's way.
"Guys! The carrige, its moving!" Carthy yelled to her friends. Treeson who was healing Violet stopped and looked on the living carrige. "Look out Carthy!" yelled Treeson. Suddenly the carrige swoped down at Carthy and smashing Treeson and Violet into the wall. "Carthy!" Violet yelled. The moving carrige carried Carthy away, to the hedgemaze. Violet and Treeson were injured but they stood up in hopes of saving Carthy. They slowly lumped to the back door and arrived at the entrance of the hedgemaze, no sign of Carthy. Suddenly Treeason heard a loud "whoosh". An arrow missed them just by an ear. "That was close" said Violet, pulling her sword. Treeson and Violet backed away and found out that thier attacker was gone. They ran to the hedgemaze and found out that the same kind of statues from the garden shot the arrow. "Oh no, those are Archer Statues!" cried Treeson. Two of the archer statues prepared a shot and pointed thier bows in the air. "Treeson what are they doing?" whispered Violet. "Hide! There using Arrow Rain!" Treeson said. They ducked down, covering there heads and a twenty arrows came raining down from the sky. "Brace for impact!" The arrows one-by-one hits the ground and amazingly Violet and Treeson had no injuries.
Violet came out of thier hiding spot and swung her sword, and for the first time, the first statue came crumbling down. And another swing and the statue grab a hold of Violet's sword. "Careful, its thier 'Not so Close' skill, which grabs a weapon and not letting go, unless.." Threeson warned. Treeson pulled out a silver-colored arrow. He put it on his bow and shot the arrow aiming for the statue's arm. The arm crumbled into ruble and Violet's weapon came loose.Violet took the opportunity and smashed the statue. Violet and Treeson moved deeper into the maze hoping to find thier friend.
They arried at the center of the maze. No sign of Carthy. Soon they heard a long moan. "Ghouls" suspected Treeson. "Or zombies" suggested Violet, drawing her sword. Treeson pulled out arrows. There was silence in the maze. When suddenly, 'Ghouls' jumped out of thr hedges, they opened there stinky mouths and offered a bite to Treeson and Violet, they fell to the ground, unable to move, and passed away.
"What happend?" asked Violet laying on the ground. "The ghouls used thier 'Ghoulish Bite' skill" explained Treeson. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a red ghoul appeared. "Lunch? Nice catch boys!" The other four ghouls cheered. "What is that thing?" whispered Violet. "An 'Abyssal Ghoul Leader' " explained Treeson. "Shut up! Our food doesn't talk" said the leader. "I'll make you eat those words" Violet said, standing up. She slashed a ghoul by the head and its head came off. As well as its body. "Their trying to escape!" roared the leader. Three of the ghouls came running to Violet. Violet with the help of Treeson managed to kill the ghouls. "Three down, one to go!" said Treeson. And with his bow he fired his arrow. The Abyssal Ghoul Leader didn't move. The arrow came to him and suddenly a small black hole opened beneath its feet. The black hole sucked the arrow. "They dont call him an ' Abyssal Ghoul Leader ' for nothing. Be careful Violet, that black hole will suck you into an abyss!" warned Treeson. Violet dashed to the ghoul, to slice its arm. The arm wiggled in the ground and eventually sucked by the hole. The Abyssal Ghoul Leader used its other arm to claw Violet, knocking her to the ground. She was getting sucked by the hole!
"Treeson, help!" cried Violet. Treeson acted quickly, he pulled away Violet from the black hole but, the force of the hole was too strong it looks like there both being sucked. Violet had an idea. She took her sword and stabbed it into the ground, Treeson got hold of the sword and stood up, he helped Violet up and took the sword away, but the hole got bigger and sucked Violet's sword away. Luckily, they managed to survive. Treeson had a plan, he climed the hedge and aimed his bow into the Abyssal Ghoul Leader, the arrows went fast and struck the ghoul leader in the chest, which caused him to collapse. The black hole got smaller and smaller. Until the arrow that Treeson shot and Violet's sword appeared on the spot where the hole once was. "Whew! Glad that was over." sighed Violet. "That was a close one" said Treeson. They kept moving into the exit of the maze. There stood a very old mausoleum, where the Kincep family was burried. They opened the bronze door, in shock, they saw Carthy's dead body hanging above a huge coffin.
Violet covered her hands, she was crying. Treeson came close to him. "Its ok," Treeson whispered. He had a felling, somethings fishy. Then slowly all the coffins in the mausoleum, slowly opened. "Welcome, i've been expecting you" said the demonic vampire occupying the big coffin. Vampires arose from the small coffins below him. "Vampire Spawns" said Treeson, eyeing the carrige that took Carthy away, it was parked in a corner. "Cali, the Vampire Lord I suppose" said Treeson. "Yes, and who are you?" said Cali "Friends of the weak elf?"
"You killed her!" yelled Violet pointing her sword to Cali. "She didn't seem to put up a fight, she didn't move, maybe because she was terrified" Cali laughed. Violet cried even more, "And i'll kill you next!" She charged to Cali, and he didn't seem to move and at a split-second, Cali seemed to teleport. "I see your fast!" said Violet. "But not fast as me!" She dashed to him and his minions and again Cali flew to the other side of the room. "Treeson. what are you just standing for? Help me!" cried Violet. Treeson belived it was their end. There out numbered. Eleven versus two, and their friend dead. Treeson redied his bow and pointed it up upwards. "This is for my friend! Arrow Rain!" with that twenty arrows propelled into the air and rained downwards. The vampires moved fast and none of them had been hit by the arrows. "There to fast! I cant hit them!" cried Treeson. Just then a voice, that sounded familliar, spoke to them. "Violet use your sword change but this time yellow! And Treeson use your Stun Shot!" Treeson and Violet both looked at the carrige, "Carthy?"
"Carthy! Youre alive!" cried Violet, hugging Carthy. "What happend?" asked Treeson. "Well, when I was being carried by the carrige, I found a book on 'How to be a Puppeteer' by Jaccobux Kincep and learn the basics of being a Puppeteer, and when the carrige took me to the vampires, I used my new skills and casted 'Puppet'" explained Carthy. Cali inturrupted them "What your still alive?!?! Minions attack them!" Then the vampire spawns where coming at them. "Violet your sword change!" Violet almost forgoted "Sword Change: Yellow!" she yelled. The yellow glow of her sword nearly blinded Treeson and Carthy. One by one the vampires where reduced to ashes. "Mainly the yellow change power-ups my attacks" explained Violet. "Now its my turn" Treeson said. He pulled out an arrow, and shot it at Cali "Stun Shot" Cali was surprisingly hit. And he was down. The party approached him, lying on a coffin. Treeson was going to pull his arrow when suddenly, Cali sprang to life and bit him by the neck!
Luckily, Violet pulled out her sword and pinned down Cali before he could escape. "Uh-uh, You've got nowhere to go" But then Cali began to vaporized until he was a mist, he could easily escape. "Thats a Polymorph spell, Mist Form" explain Carthy. The mist's eyes glared demonically and before Violet knows it, she was frozen, with fear. "Now his using his Dominating Gaze" explained Carthy. Carthy helped Violet and Treeson up, "Come and get me!" cried Cali, laughing menecingly.
"Guys you thinking what im thinking?" asked Treeson. "The move?" asked Carthy and Violet. Treeson nodded. "Lets do it!" they both cheered. Treeson pulled out four arrows and Violet dashed the misted Cali, when her sword glowing yellow, Cali return to his original form. Treeson fired the arrows, Carthy recited something and yelled "Magic Missle!" The four arrows turn into super-fast missles, then BOOM! Cali was hit by the explosives, as soon as that hit, Violet trusted her sword to Cali's chest and he came down with a thud. Cali turn into ashes.
"We did it guys!" they cheered. "Now, i have one last thing to do" Carthy said. "And whats that?" asked Violet. "Returning this book" replied Carthy as she took an old book by the carrige. "Lets go, I know who wrote this book." said Treeson. They made there way back to the maze and trough the back door of the mansion, which was surprisingly un-gaurded by those ston statues. And up into the massive library. Books and books everywhere. And on a wodden table, sat an old man, a ghost, reading. "Umm, Jaccobux Kincep?" Carthy asked. The ghost stared at them for a while and said. " I see you got rid of the vampires and wolves, I thank you" The trio approached him. "We found this book on the carrige" said Carthy giving him the book. "Thank you, young elf, did you read it and mastered some of the spells?" Carthy noded. "I see a future of an amazing Puppeteer of you, young elf" Carthy smiled. "Thank you,can you teach me some spells, Jaccobux?" The old man shook his head "Im sorry, I cannot, but maybe, I have a distant relative named Timber, who is an expert of puppetry, maybe you should give it a try." Carthy smiled again, "Thank you."
They said their goodbyes to Jaccobux, and made it on their way home.


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