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The New League Episode 1: Pilot

Book By: HappyPanda113
Fan fiction

This is a book series based loosely off of The New 52 Justice League.

Submitted:Jun 20, 2013    Reads: 12    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

The assassin known as Deathstroke was doing back flips and front flips, dodging the lasers that came from J'onn J'onzz's eyes. Martian Manhunter grew giant as he shifted into a small dragon. He started attacking Deathstroke. Deathstroke cut off the dragons head while unsheathing his sword. J'onn shrunk back down in pain while the ninja pulled out and loaded his gun. J'onn noticed the assassin has pulled out a sniper rifle and he quickly flew towards him knocking the gun to the side. Right before they began combat they both stopped. J'onn slowly looked down and saw the sword stabbed in to his green, martian skin. J'onn closed his eyes and sent a telepathic message to an unamed hero right before his heart stopped. J'onn J'onzz fell dead as Deathstroke returned his sword to his back. Three dark figures came from behind Deathstroke and a menacing voice said "Very good General Wilson, Very good."
-Gotham City-
It's a dark, silent night in Gotham City when six thugs are attacking someone. The man they are attacking has two small batons. He takes down two of them down and connects them to form a long staff, he then spins while holding it out in front of him and he drops two more. As he stops spinning he round-house kicks the fith one in the face. He disconnects the sticks and hits the last one on both sides of his face. The street light above him flickers and turns on to reveal Dick Grayson in costume, as he walks away.
The music can be heard outside the club as Oliver Queen and Barry Allan walk in. The room is glowing pink and it is very flashy like an epileptic's nightmare. Oliver and Barry take there seats at the bar when a random girl walks up and grabs Barry by the hand and walks with him to the dance floor. Oliver chuckles to him self as he requests for a grasshopper. Suddenly the door to the club goes flying in and gunshots start to go off, Bane walks in to the club followed by The Joker and four clown goons.
Two people stood over the lifeless body of J'onn J'onzz, "This may not go unpunished!" the words came out of Billy Batson's mouth with fury. "Don't worry Billy, we will find them." Carter Hall said with comfort. Carter's wings started flapping and he took off with Billy right behind him.
-Unknown Location-
A dark figure walked back in forth, holding a cattle prod in one hand and in the other the mask that belonged to The Dark Knight. "Bruce Wayne... who would have guessed." the same menacing voice said as he zapped him over and over again.


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