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Love Vs Friendship (1D fanfic)

Book By: Hope4Change
Fan fiction

Olivia , Emma and Vanessa are three best friends who have three different directions in life.That is ,until they meet ... One Direction!! But what exactly happens when friendship turns into love and love gets complicated? There is humor , drama , tears and ... Miranda ( a new friend ) . Will the three friends be able to find the right direction??? Let's see how all these teenagers sort out their lives in style which are tangled in impossible love triangles.

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Chapter 1: Enchanted - I was Enchanted to meet you

It was enchanting to meet you

All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling,don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck , blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you

~~Emma's POV~~

So here I am at Nandos in London flipping through the pages of this menu. With a very confused mind about " What NOT to order " .

After so many years , I'm back to the city that I really love !! I like everything about London - the warm people, the cold winters, the busy streets, the packed restaurants and..................................FOOD !!

But that's not the only reason why I'm so excited bout being here. My best friend Olivia lives here and the best part is that we are sharing an apartment.And there's another girl sharing this apartment who is a friend of Olivia. Her name's Vanessa.She's a sweet girl and I guess we will get along very well.

Olivia has light blue eyes like me and brunette straight hair that gives her a very bold and confident look. She is an event manager and usually manages fashion shows . And is the only one of the three of us who can DRIVE!!! She's quite straight forward and is the kind of girl who does NOT poke her nose in other people's business. And of course is very friendly, once you get to know her. And she's my best friend.

I just shifted to London a week ago. My parents live in Australia. Well , actually I was born in London but because of my parents transfers I'm new again. They thought it would be good for me to be in London rather than shifting to Australia. So here I am !!!

Because I just shifted a week ago I dont know Vanessa much. She seems sweet though. And well very mature. She usually is busy doing her own work. She is a writer and is very friendly. Not exactly popular, but you know many people know her.

And well , me? I am the one of a kind. I am a CRAZY MATCH MAKER!!! Seriously , I know I must not interfere in people's love life but I cant help it. I love to make couples and then I try to set them up. .I think that God has given me a responsibility to get two lovers together so thats what I do. Except my crazy match making skills, I am a dancer. I LOVE to dance. And I love FOOD!!!!.

Then suddenly someone behind me interrupted my thoughts.I guess he was just muttering to himself and I was not even supposed to hear that but I did. I always do.

" Look at these skinny girls . How can they live without food?"

" Seriously !!! I mean I live to eat and they dont even eat to live!!!" I said as I turned around to see who it was.

" Excuse me?" he said.

O-Oh !! Did I say it that loud? I cant really help that , can I?

But one more thing I noticed the speaker was no one other than NIALL HORAN ( The singing sensation from One Direction ) !!!

" Uh... I am sorry ... I ---" I stuttered unsure of what to say.

But before I could say anything else I was interrupted by him.

" No , know what ? You are right.I love food. " said Niall in a very friendly voice.

" Yeah , me too ."

" And isnt Nandos like the best place for this purpose?"

" Uh... Well you see I'm new here at London, so this is the first time I'm here. I dont even know what to order or rather what NOT to order ."

" Well , if thats so then , why dont you let me order your dish?"

And he ordered my dish without me even replying to him and invited himself to my table .

" By the way , I'm Niall." said he gesturing a handshake.

" Emma... And I know you . I'm a big fan of yours." I said.

" I thought you dont know us since you are new here ."

" C'mon , everyone knows you. You are One Direction!!! And I aint exactly new in London. I lived here a few years ago but everything seems new now."

" Since you are almost new to London how bout I show you around? I mean if you dont mind."

" Yeah , sure." I said casually. And in my heart .... I WAS DANCING!!!! After all I'm going out with Niall Horan. and he also loves FOOD !!!


~~Vanessa's POV~~

I'm sitting in my room writing lyrics for the school band . I dont really sing for the band but I just write the lyrics. I love doing that. And I just desperately want to be a renowned writer. And I love music and because I love writing too I simply love to write lyrics too. Even though I dont really know whether I am a very good writer, lyricist and all. I mean how can you expect me to judge my works? But I am really ready to work hard in this field.

The doorbell rang.

I answered the door. It was Emma with a guy. I was so much busy in my own world that I didnt really care who the hell did she bring. I went to my room thinking what will rhyme , match and all. My head was full of the lyrics I was writing.

" Wait , wait , wait , Vanessa ." said Emma.

" Uh.. What ? " I asked still concenterating on my lyrics.

" I just wanted to introduce you to Niall."

" Oh , hi. " I said to Niall giving him a brief smile . " You are from One Direction?"

" Yeah." he replied.

" Alright then , you two ." I said to them in order to end the conversation politely .

As I headed to my room I heard Emma asking Niall ," So wanna have coffee?"

" Sure." He replied.

After five minutes Emma and Niall came in my room.

" I was thinking of making coffee." said Emma.

" No , thanks I dont want it." I replied.

" But I was going to say where are the coffee beans kept? I found the other things. "

Niall bursted out into fits of laughter along with Emma and me.

" Follow me ." I asked her.

We headed to the kitchen . I gave her all the ingredients and asked her sarcastically ," You know how to make coffee , right? Or do you want help with that too?"

" Thankfully , I know that." She pointed out and we both laughed.

" Niall , do you like strong coffee or mild ?" asked Emma and we turned around and found that Niall was not there.

" Niall?" We called out.

" Where did he go ? " Emma asked

" Well , I'll check in my room . You check in the living room. Okay? And I dont think so that we need to check Olivia's room." I said and went to my room.

" Yeah , right," Emma agreed.

I went to my room. I found Niall reading the lyrics which I was about to dump.

" Oh , dont read em. The are total nonsense." I said .

" Oh , you are here."said Emma to Niall as she came to my room.

Niall and I looked at her at the same time and then he said to her ," Your friend , she writes lyrics?"

I was wondering why did he ask Emma when I was standing right next to him. But maybe because he didnt want to sound rude.

Emma nodded.

" Know what?" Niall said to me.

" What?" I asked.

" These lyrics , they arent nonsense. They are really good." He said .

" Uh...thanks."

There was a silence for a second or two.

" So" , Emma asked breaking the silence ," Would you like Mild coffee or strong?"

" Strong " Replied Niall." Vanessa , do you mind joining us for the coffee?"

"Well. I would certainly mind joining you for that coffee but I wont mind joining you if I dont have to drink the coffee." I answered .

" Sure." The two replied.

We headed to the kitchen for the coffee.

" Oh , can I have your number?" asked Niall to Emma.

" Sure."

They exchanged their numbers.

After they had finished their coffee Niall looked at his watch and said , " It's getting late. I gotta go . Bye."

" Bye. " I replied.

'good night." said Emma.

~~Niall's POV~~

While driving back home , I thought about today. I really had fun. I showed her around which was fun. I liked Emma . She was cute. I mean I love people who love food. I even liked her friend , Vanessa. At first I thought she knowingly ignored me but I guess she's like that. Not that I mind her not being my fan or something. I mean it was just something unusual. She seems different . It will be fun knowing the two girls. Hope we meet soon the next time.


Who according to you fits with Niall : Vanessa or Emma ?

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