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My heart belongs to you *Seth Clearwater Love Story*

Book By: IllestEboni
Fan fiction

Evelyn Marie Crosland is just normal girl with a big secret. What happens when she moves to La Push and the 'animal' in her comes out after she finds love?

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"Evelyn! Get up, we're going to be late for Harry Clearwater's funeral!" I head my overactive mother scream from downstairs. Then I heard a loud crash. I jumped out of my bed and rushed down the stairs with my abnormal track team speed. I ran to the room I had heard the crash echo from, the living room, to see the couch knocked over, and my mom on the floor on the other side of it. "Mom!" I screamed as I ran to her side. I grabbed her arm and helped her up, tucking a piece of stray black hair behind my dark ear.
I pulled her up completely and towered over her, at a height of 5' 9" while she is 4' 7". I got my height from my deceased father, as you can tell.
My father has been dead for 4 months now. He was attacked by a bear. Well not attacked, as soon as he saw it he went into shock and stopped breathing. I brought my hand up to my face to rid my eye of the devastated tears that glazed over my hazel eyes and threatened to spill out.
"Mom what the heck happened?!" I yelled at her. Most of the time, I'm the one who does all the interrogating around here. Since my dad left us living with my mother has been bloody hell. She drinks and smokes. And every time I tell her that she could get cancer and die, she looks at me and says the same thing "At least I'll be closer to your father." And then pulls another round from her cancer stick. I have no time to worry about her though, what with my jobs, yes jobs that keep half of this roof above our heads while she handles the other half, not well mind you. And of course there's school. School, fun.
I have a lot of friends at least. I'm the shy girl that knows when to stick up for others. And of course, I'm tall so people feel intimidated, which they shouldn't.
Unfortunately, today we're taking a plane out to Washington, this place called La Push. I used to live there, but we moved when I was 10, five years ago, to this place called Long Island, New York. A little town called Bay Shore. We're going to Harry Clearwater's funeral tomorrow, but taking the plane there today. My mom is hung over today, so she doesn't seem to understand that the funeral isn't even today. Fucking idiot. "Nothing! I just had a bit of a spill, we have to go! Harry Clearwater's funeral is starting soon!" She exclaimed, slurring her words like usual. "Mom. MOM! Harry Clearwater's funeral isn't until tomorrow! We're just going there today to stay with the Clearwater's! Remember, Sue sent you this card?" I explained going over to the counter and picking up the neatly decorated invitation to Mr. Clearwater's funeral. I gave it to her mom and she stared at it for a couple seconds before placing it on the coffee table next to us. "Oh. Okay. Well what time is the plane?" She asked me. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the plane tickets off the coffee table, holding them up to her dazed face. "10:30am mom." I told her. I turned around to look at our lime green analog clock on the wall. "HOLY SHIT! IT'S 9:50AM!" I cursed accidentally. I didn't have time to see my mothers expression from my cursing, but if I know my mother well, which I do, she has her lips pursed and her eyes squinted with her hands on her hips. If she's not too drunk that is. I ran up the stairs and into my room, grabbing my 3 suitcases which had all the necessities, clothing, of course, shoes, makeup that I was being forced to wear for the funeral, and toiletries. And my laptop, that I got for my birthday from my father, before he…you know, and my iPod nano. I don't like big high tech things like iTouch's.
I ran down the stairs and out the door, throwing my bag in the backseat of the car, a bright yellow Nissan Xterra. I ran back inside, thankful that I had decided to pack the night before. Luckily, my mother already had her bags downstairs near the door. "Is this it?" I screamed to her, making sure we had everything we needed for our month stay with the Clearwater's. Sue Clearwater insisted we stayed that long. Just so we could comfort her and the rest of the family.
And of course she had to guilt us in to staying -___-.
The reason we know the Clearwater's is because I was best friends with Leah Clearwater up until I had to move, then we kept in contact, and we STILL do, after five years. I'm so excited to see Leah again. And even little, chubby Seth. Me and Seth are the same age, 15, while Leah is now 17.
"Yeah that's all!" She yelled back as she turns all of our electronics off and runs out behind me, locking the door with her keys and rushing to the car with me. I threw her bags in the back as well, and then climbed to the front seat. Mom sat in the passenger seat as I started the car. No, this isn't illegal because I have my learners permit and an adult next to me, and she's hung over!
I sped off towards La Guardia Airport. We rushed out of the car and to the front desk with out bags. There were many people here, probably going away for Summer vacation, that started just a week ago. One less thing I have to worry about. I waited in line, which was moving surprisingly fast, and when I got to the front, I quickly pulled out the two tickets to Port Angeles, where Sue and Leah would pick us up. She grabbed the tickets and I looked around, not paying attention to what she was doing. I looked around at the many people, rushing around like me and mother just were, and children screaming their heads off, probably not knowing what was going on around them. (A.N.-I'm not sure what happens when you go to an airport besides you getting on the pain and going, so I'm just going to skip to when you're on the plane.)
When we got on the plane mom fell asleep instantly, but me. I can't. If I go to sleep I'll have the same dreaded dream of my dad telling me how much of a waste of space I am. He was always like that. Telling me that I was never going to amount to anything and that I am just a simple piece of shit. That's why I didn't cry at his funeral. Not one tear, not one emotion. Nothing. It only hit me about a week ago, the fact that my only father figure, the one that pretty much held this house together, was officially gone. A part of me was relieved that the verbal abuse was over, but the rest of me shouted at that small, stupid part for being so selfish.
That's why I can't sleep on this plane. Because I'll be talking back to him in my sleep, and then I'll end up crying out when he hits me for talking. And people will think I'm a psychotic loon.
He drank and smoke, and then when he left us my mom picked up his shitty habits.
"Hello. Would you like something to eat ma'am?" I heard a soft voice come from behind me after we lifted off. Wow, Evelyn. Lifted off? This isn't a spaceship dumb ass. I heard my dads voice tell me off in my head. I shook him out, and then turned to the Airline Hostess.
"Uhm, yes please. Do you have egg sandwiches?" I squeaked quietly, making sure to not wake my mother, who was leaning on my shoulder. The AH (air hostess) nodded and went off to get me one. (A.N.-Egg sandwiches are breakfast bagels, or croissants that have fried eggs, cheese, your choice of meat, and whatever else you want on it. I live for egg sandwiches dude.)
She brought out a sausage, egg and cheese with onions and ketchup on it to me (mm my favorite, damn I'm hungry), and I gobbled it down in five minutes. So. Damn. Good.
"Hello passengers, we will be landing in Seattle Washington in 5 minutes, I repeat, 5 minutes." I heard the pilot say into the mic. I buckled up and nudged mom to wake her up. "Mom. Mommy. Wake up, we're about to land." I whispered to her in the softest voice I could manage. She stirred and slowly opened her big, tired brown eyes. "Morning sleeping beauty." I told her, grinning softly.
No matter what my mom does, smoking and drinking, I still love her with all my heart. She never hits me like Dad used to.
She smiled widely at me and I got a whiff of her smelly morning breath. I tried not to breathe as I smiled back, closed mouthed of course, wouldn't want to get her mouth stench inside of me. I didn't have the heart to tell her to stop breathing in my face, because she was slowly making my eyebrows shrivel up.
"Morning Hon… I mean afternoon, what time is it?" She asked, finally turning away. I finally breathed and looked at the clock on my laptop (wifi in the sky). "Err.. 2:38pm mum." I told her, struggling to see the small numbers in the corner of the screen. I left my glasses in my suitcase instead of my carry-on bag -__-.
"Okay honey." She said sweetly before putting her seatbelt on as well. Finally, she wasn't hung over and stupid acting like usual.
I still haven't slept by the way. I'm not sleeping until I'm in a nice comfortable bed, alone in a room where I could shout out and cry, drowning in my sorrows, alone. I had asked ahead of time if the room I was staying in was sound proof. And thank GAWD it is. Sue had asked why, I just told her sometimes I talk in my sleep and I didn't want to disturb anyone, and she laughed and said okay.
Sue was the sweetest. Before I moved she was like a second mother to me. Simply amazing how motherly and friendly she was. I could always feel at home in Sue Clearwater's humble abode.
When we landed I sighed in happiness, and tiredness of course.
We grabbed our carry-on's and walked off the plane. I got a lot of weird stares of course, because I was in my brown domo pajamas. Mom just laughed and towed me toward the conveyor belt, that happily spat out our luggage with a loud THUMP! I shook my head, grinning at the carelessness of this machine.
I grabbed me and moms maroon luggage and handed her bags to her. We walked out of the totally-not-crowded airport and waited for our ride, in broad daylight. Domo pajamas. Domo freaking pajamas. I couldn't pause for 10 seconds to throw on a pair of sweats and a tank top? God I'm forgetful. Ey, at least I'm wearing a bra!
30 seconds later, a broken down ford pickup truck pulled up in front of us. If we weren't standing at the patch of land right before the sidewalk, we would've gotten hit. But I seemed to remember Sue's reckless driving, luckily.
She rushed out of the car and to our sides. She was a couple inches shorter than mom, but still under 5 feet, she had straight, black hair to the middle of her back, half tied up, half left down. She was a bony somebody, probably since her husband died she had neglected eating. She was wearing a pair of Capri's to right below her knee's, a brown tank top, and brown tennis sneakers. I smiled at her warmly, showing both sets of my oddly straight, white teeth. She smiled back, her frown lines disappearing and her medium brown eyes crinkling up with happiness. She pulled both me and my mom into hugs, and for a little lady, she was quite the strong one.
Then, someone stepped out of the car. I looked closely at the person and my mouth dropped open. "Oh my god! Leah you got so pretty!" I screamed running to her and pulling her in a tight hug. She laughed and squeezed me. "Oh my… god… can't.. breathe!" I yelped trying to loosen her steel grip around my body. "God Leah, when did you get so strong?!" I asked when she finally let go and set me back on my feet. She was even taller than me! At 6 feet at the least! "Eh, it came.. Naturally I guess." She said. Her voice was deeper of course, but musical in a way. She smirked and her mom slapped her in the back of her head. She didn't flinch, or blink or anything. Her head didn't even move the slightest bit under her moms touch. She just turned to her mom and gave her a look, then turned back to me. She looked me up and down and laughed. "Yeah yeah, yuck it up. Domo is dope though!" I exclaimed crossing my arms over my chest. She started laughing harder and everyone turned toward her. Of course, Leah had to draw attention when I'm in Domo pj's.
When she finally finished laughing she grabbed me and moms bags in her hands and put them in the trunk. Sue motioned us toward the car and me and Leah sat in the back seat, chatting up a storm about our lives away from each other. She told me about how much bigger Seth got, said he was 6' 6", but I didn't believe her. No possible way chubby little Sethy-poo was 6' 6".
When we finally got to the house, after 30 minutes, we heard laughing and carrying on inside the house. I perked up at the thought of meeting new people, but realized I couldn't get to close to them, for we're leaving in a month. "SETH! GET OUT HERE AND HELP EVELYN AND JACKIE WITH THEIR BAGS!" Sue screamed. "Oh no, no, no, we got it." I told her. "Ahh, Evelyn, still the same 'anything you can do I can do better' attitude kind of girl." I heard a raspy voice speak from behind me. I turned around quickly to see an amazingly tall boy, with pitch black short, messy hair. He was perfect. Somewhat bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes, medium brown eyes, a skinny nose and full lips. High cheekbones, and beauty marks sprinkled across nose, cheeks, and chin. He was…amazing.
He was so beautiful he was almost fictitious. "H-hi Evelyn. Good to see you again." He stuttered staring into my eyes. I heard a gasp from behind me, but was too engulfed in this beautiful persons eyes digging into my soul. Time froze, the only thing I could see was this strange boy. "You.. You know me?" I said slowly. He laughed and came closer to me. My heart sped up at the sound of his amazing, booming laugh, and then it skidded to a violent stop and sped up even more as he came closer to me. "You don't remember me, Ev? Seth Clearwater?" He said looking down at me. My eyes widened as I looked him up and down, my mouth forming a perfect O.
"Dude.. You're HUGE! You're so tall.. And skinny.. And MUSCLEY now!" I exclaimed staring at his upper body as it pushed against the thin material of his shirt. TAKE IT OFF SETH. TAKE IT OFF. I screamed in my head. He laughed and I felt abnormally warm, strong arms wrap around my upper body, pulling me closer to his body. I felt the outlines of his body through his shirt and my heart sped up even more, if that was even possible. I unconsciously breathed in his earthy scent. It was like.. The forest and something else.. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on.
I suddenly felt his soft lips on my cheek and I immediately blushed a deep red. I'm dark skinned, because I'm African American and Blackfoot Indian, so for me to actually blush? Damn.
I let my head hang low and my shoulder length black hair fall over my warm face. Leah laughed a throaty I-told-you-so kind of laugh. I pulled a hand through my hair and glared at Leah. She immediately stopped and coughed awkwardly.
"Okay than… should we get inside?" Sue asked even more awkwardly. I smiled embarrassingly and nodded. Seth walked past me and I breathed in his scent again. I crossed one arm over my stomach and held my right arm, biting my lip. What has gotten into you? I heard my dad ask. I don't know dad. I don't fucking know. I told him. And then, as always, he inflicted a mental pain in me for talking back to him in such a rude manner. I dropped down to my knee's and held my head, and in a flash my mom was next to me, holding my hand as my father made the pain worse in my head. She knows about it, and everyday she prays to god to make the pain caused by my dad stop.
I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, avoiding screaming and drawing attention to myself. Oh, you don't want to scream?! Okay! He screamed in my mind and then I felt like something was squeezing at my heart and ribs. "AAAHHHHHH!!" I screamed at the immense pain. He's never caused this much pain before.
"EVELYN!" I heard Seth scream as he rushed to my side. He grabbed me in his arms and held me. The pain immediately subsided. Did Seth do that? Did he end my pain with his soft yet strong touch?
I felt an arm under my leg and I felt myself being lifted up. I looked up and saw Seth looking down at me, intensely. My breath caught in my throat at his intense gaze. He started walking and all I could see was him. I felt him sit down, me still in his warm arms. "Are you okay?" He asked me frantically. "Y-yeah… just a little h-headache." I lied. He looked extremely worried. Though it was cute how his eyebrows scrunched together and his bottom lip softly pushed out. Unconsciously, I reached up and touched my hand against his soft face. Seth's large hand reached up and held mine. Then I heard a gasp. I unwillingly ripped my eyes away from his and looked around the room. Eight large boys sat staring at us with extremely wide eyes and knowing smiles on their faces.
The huge guys had startled me with their immense sizes. "SHIT!" I screamed as I rolled off of Seth and onto the floor, face first. Everyone bursted out laughing except for Sue, my mom, and Seth. Sue and my mom where shaking their heads at my language.
I even heard my dads deep laugh in my head. Seth bent down quickly and picked me up again, setting me next to him and holding my hands in his. "You okay?" He asked caringly. I nodded and smirked. "Awwww look who impr-" Before the huge guy could finish, Seth reached over and punched him in the face. I heard a loud crack and I gasped, staring at the guy. "WHAT THE HELL SETH?! Dude are you okay?!" I asked the guy. Seth looked hurt, but I didn't care, he just broke this guys nose!
Everyone laughed like they knew something I didn't, and Seth grabbed my hand pulling me back down next to him. I actually hadn't realized I was standing. "Dude no, seriously what the fuck was that? You just broke his nose and you guys are laughing?!" I screamed pulling my hand away from him.
"Little lady, it's fine. He heals.. Quickly." One of the guys said, resting a hot hand on my shoulder. I gaped at his large hand that fit around my entire shoulder, and then some. I made a weird noise that sounded like "huuuuuu" and pulled back from his grip. "Why are you so warm?!" I whispered furiously. Everyone in the room heard me though, except my mom and Sue. "Eh, it runs in our blood I guess." He said. I looked up at the ceiling, sighing and biting my lip. "Shit. I need a shower." I cursed before getting up and running out of the room. I just needed an excuse to get out of the room in all honesty.
"WAIT WAIT WAIT! How do you run so fast?!" Someone screamed after me. I ran back into the living room with a confused look on my face.
"Eh, it runs in my blood I guess." I mimicked him. I winked and then turned around, hearing booming laughter. I even heard a growl.
I ran upstairs and just as I was about to enter my door, someone grabbed my arm. I slowly turned around and looked down to see Emily Young. "Oh my god Emily!" I screamed. I opened my arms and wrapped her in a huge hug. I haven't seen Emily Young since I was 10! "Dude! I haven't seen you in forever what are you doing here?!" I exclaimed as I let her go. "Oh, I live down the road Lyn! And I'm engaged to Sam! And GOSH I missed you!" She answered smiling hugely. Emily had a huge set of scars on the whole right side of her body. I sure don't remember that!
I decided not to be rude, so I looked straight into her eyes and smiled. "Wow Em! I gotta meet this Sam dude!" I said grinning hugely at the fact that my favorite god sister has found love.
She let out a laugh and looked down at her feet smiling. "Alright Evelyn… but you kind of just did. The guy downstairs that put his arm on your shoulder? Yeah…that was sorta him." She said looking up at me and blushing. My eyes immediately widened and I blushed, embarrassed at my rudeness. "Oh…oops." I said smiling sheepishly. She laughed and bent over, slapping her knee. I laughed with her and when we finally finished she hugged me again. "Alright, get ready we're going to a campfire in honor of Harry Clearwater." She whispered to me. I immediately frowned at the thought of Harry's death. So sad how he could just have a heart attack in the middle of nowhere.
I've had my skepticisms about his death, because he's always been extremely healthy on-the-go Mr. Clearwater.
I let go of my thoughts as I hopped into the shower. The hot water steamed up the bathroom quickly, along with my head, clearing all thought and worries. The shower is my get a way. I never get headaches from my dad in the shower, no matter how hard he tries. And trust me he tries.
I got out of shower and washed my face and brushed my teeth. "Wooh. Fresh!" I said to myself. I walked out of my bathroom and into my main room. Someone had brought up all of my suitcases and set them in a neat pile on my bed. I opened my bedroom door. "THANK YOU TO WHOEVER BROUGHT UP MY SUITCASES." I screamed downstairs. "You're so very welcome Ev." I heard a deep voice say from right next to me.


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