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The Pack. ( chapter 3)

Book By: imightloveu
Fan fiction

Tags: Chapter, 3

Chapter 3

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I woke up feeling better. As I did yesterday I did today. I got ready and went right back to the woods but on the way I turned into a fox. I growled seeing him. He was in his wolf form already. Calm down...He said to me. I blinked. How the hell? He didn't open his mouth... I stared confused. We are able to talk this way since I have bitten you. He thought. I growed anger thinking of what happen. I couldn't be with him. The one that I love even if I am losing my mind because this cant be real. I still want him. He tackled me down but not to hard to kill me. I felt warmth and tried to cuddle into it.

Calm down... He said to me. I got very calm against his fur. Warmth is all I could think. Warmth and love. I closed my eyes. I rubbed my body against him as he just layed there. He seemed amused. I finally got a comfy spot. My body by his neck and my head under his. I curled up and he did and I fell asleep feeling once more at peace with the world.


She looked so peaceful against my chest. I started to lick her fur when I smelt my mates sent. Shit... I sat up biting the foxes neck and finding a little opening in a tree and put her in there. I turned to see her a few feet away from me. I trotted up to her as her eyes lit up. We nuzzled into each others fur. Why are you always out here? She asked. I breathed into her soft gray fur. It makes me calm...I answered. Now since this is my place to think to my self please leave and don't ever come back to this place? I asked and she nodded running towards where the pack was. Just a two miles away. When I couldn't scene my mates presents anymore I got the fox back out. I wonder what her name is...I wondered to my self. I put her on my back finding a pretty good cave and curled up with her to the wall. Little one so sorry we cant be together...I thought to my self and nuzzled into her fur. I fell asleep thinking of how she smelt so good.


I woke up in my human form in a cave. Next to a sleeping human. I placed my hand on the top of his head. He woke up. " Whats your name?" I asked out of the blue. He blinked. He stood looking around. " Fang." He answered. " Now wheres your coat?" He asked looking at me. I shrugged. He glared at me. I whimpered. I blinked. " I want to go home." I said simply. " Why? You will just come back." I looked down. He sighed. " so you love me?" He asked. " Ya." I answered looking at him. " I guess I'll have to stay with you until you find someone else." I smiled. " ya you'll be with me forever." I smirked. He glared again and I tried not to give a whine or a whimper put I did.

" Ya I guess I will be." He said looking at me with a smug smile. I wanted to slap that smile of his face. I guess he could to because he dropped the look. " Well lets go." He picked me up walking out of the cave. It only took us five minutes to get to my house. He put me down at my front door. " Whats your name?" He asked. " Kara."


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