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The Odyssey of "A" Testosterone

Book By: JairoLopez
Fan fiction

The Odyssey of “A” Testosterone is a set in a world in which new identities relating to culture, gender and sexual orientation are emerging. Naturally, many of the characters depicted in the novel are caught in this world of shifting identities, which often places them at conflict with each other. The novel deals openly with these conflicts. At times, the characters express views prejudicial towards some groups and individuals of a particular orientation. These issues are part of the world we live in.
That said, it is not the author’s intent to promote culture or gender stereotypes or to justify prejudice towards some social groups. Rather, the story should suggest the need for humanity to avoid stigmatizing some groups at the expense of others, and to embrace diversity, tolerance and compassion towards all.
Those who adhere to “traditional” moral values as they relate to human sexuality should also be warned at the outset. The novel depicts sexual fantasies and behavior that violate taboos that exists in many cultures. Readers should interpret the content of the book from a mature point of view, in the spirit of social inquiry and moral reflection, detaching themselves from every prejudicial and stereotypical notion about the “proper” role and boundaries of human sexuality.

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Suddenly, Dick rose abruptly from the bed as if he had been stung on his buttocks by a scorpion. He remained petrified on the edge of the bed, looking at the walls. His naked body, rigid and sculpted like adamantine, began to emanate a strange cold. He got up, walked around the bedroom, looking at himself in the mirrors placed on the walls and ceiling. He felt like a prisoner of "something", and felt the need to escape from that "something" as soon as possible. Suddenly, as if terrorized by a demon, he started running around his bedroom, giving angry kicks to the walls, breaking the mirrors that decorated them. Sharp fragments and splinters of glass fell to the ground, and Dick, totally barefoot, couldn't avoid being cut and bleeding badly on his feet. In his state of dementia, he even took a large deodorant can and threw it violently against the glass ceiling, causing shards of all sizes and shapes to fall like a meteor shower. The cutting and bleeding now became profuse. Dick knew he was in serious trouble.

His bedroom looked like a minefield, a lethal surface that could never be walked on safely by any human being. But in a sudden inspiration, Dick decided to try to break his own manic cycle. He took the mattress and threw it on the floor in an area that was between the bedroom door and the bed, so he could move towards the exit without cutting himself further and try to find a broom to clean up the disaster he knew he'd caused. It didn't take long to extricate himself. Once out of his bedroom, with his naked body already streaming with blood, he started looking in the living room, in the kitchen and in the bathroom for something that could help him to remove the glass from the bedroom's floor... Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything useful, but he did have the good sense to don a pair of leather sandals. And in a flash, as if a light bulb had been turned on in his head, he remembered having a small broom and dustpan in a closet, which was in the bedroom… So, he returned there. Walking over the mattress, he got to the closet and pulled out a broom, with which he began to pick up the larger and sharper pieces glass on the floor and piled them up in a corner located near the door, along the wall, for prompt removal. It took nearly ten minutes to remove the most threatening crystalline fragments.

But Dick's return to the bedroom was like returning to the scene of the crime. Seeing his bloody reflection in the larger chards sent his neurons spinning again… He saw his chest and torso streaked with blood and his two hands barely recognizable as such, dripping red. Somehow, amid the confusion, he grabbed his cell phone and started to browse for a phone number that he had previously saved in his contact list. When he found the person, he made the call, spoke for a few minutes, and then hung up… That seemed to calm him a little… He left the bedroom and went to the living room, and stayed there sitting on a couch with his lacerated naked body. Four long minutes passed. He didn't move from the sofa.


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