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Forever starstruck

Book By: Jansokinator4 eva
Fan fiction

16 year old Vanessa Scott thinks her life is over when she moves from L.A to Melbourne Australia starting at a new school with only 2 years left till she graduates. By the way this is part 1 because my work kept getting deleted so yeah hope you enjoy part 1

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As Vanessa Scott is walking to the bus stop she walked into something hard she looked up and saw it wasnt something it was someone "I-I'm so sorry!" " no prob" said a calming voice " your new aren't you?" " yeah I just moved here from L.A" " wow awesome" answered another voice " we'll my names beau and these are my brothers Luke and Jai and our friends James and Daniel." "Hi I'm Daniel but you can call me skip" " hi skip" "so what's your name?" "Oh right it's Vanessa Vanessa Scott." " well miss scot would you like to sit with me on the bus?" Asked Luke " umm sure why not" then I noticed that beau gave Luke a back off glare but I pretended that I never saw it. Once the bus arrived Luke and I sat down at the back then James, Jai, skip and beau came down to the back James and skip were on the sides then Jai and Beau sat next to them then me and Luke were in the middle. Beau kept giving Luke these strange glares and while he wasn't doing that he would snuggle up to me and tried to hold my hand but I kept moving it we finally got off the bus. First period was math with Jai he's actually really good at maths, second I had art with beau he kept trying to get closer to me, third we had French with Luke he's so good at speaking a different language, at lunch beau invited me to have lunch with him and his mates of course I was the only one who had been to L.A so they were asking me all these questions like did any celebrities go to my school Miley Cyrus did so did lady gaga and all these other questions, fifth period I had computer tech with skip lol he drew these funny pictures on paint then sixth period I had food tech with beau and James and beau nearly set the whole oven we were using on fire!! When we finally got off at our bus stop I invited the boys over to come in the pool my mum left a note on the front door ** the note** Hey sweetie I'm sorry but I have a last minute business trip for a year I will be gone hope your first day at school went well Lots of love mum "Mums gone for a year you guys can come over when ever now. We all got into the pool and we were playing Marco Polo but I think beau was cheating because he ALWAYS got me and piled me under water by my waist. When the boys had to go home for dinner after we exchanged numbers I went on Facebook and changed my status to: BEST FIRST DAY EVER MADE FIVE AWESOME NEW FRIENDS. Then I looked and had five friend requests all from the boys of course i accepted them then they all changed their status to: been playing Marco Polo all afternoon with our new bestie Vanessa then everyone except beaus ended there and beaus carried on: she is so nice, pretty and I like her heaps love ya nessa. For some reason I feel like I've meet beau before but he's never been to L.A. OMG when I came to Melbourne for premier week I meet him and he asked me out the first minute he saw me and I went out with him but then I had to dump him because I had to go over seas. That's why he's acting so weird oh well. Oh new message from Luke : hey Vanessa meet me in the local park under the willow tree at 5 I have a surprise for you :) okay Luke c u there :) HOLY SHIT it's 4:55 I gtg and meet Luke! ( at the park) hey beau do you know where Luke is? No sorry babe! K then I'm just gonna go. WAIT! Shouted beau. What? Come here! FINE! What do you want beau? I just wanted to sa- (beau picks Vanessa up and carries her to his car) Beau where are we going?! YOU'LL FIND OUT BABE! ** at beaus house** There where here! ( beau picks up Vanessa and takes her down stairs) BEAU PUT ME DOWN!! K babe! (Puts Vanessa in a chair) BEAU LET ME GO! NO!! THIS TIME IM NOT LETTING YOU GET AWAY! Do you know how much it crushed me when you left two years ago?! I haven't stopped thinking about you but now I can see you whenever I like! Wait what's the time oh it 7:30 you must be getting hungry here's the deal you kiss me and I will feed you. NO! Ok then no food but I will still kiss you (beau goes to kiss Vanessa) night babe! Beau walks up the stairs and locks the door. The next day (beau storms in) uhh beau what's wrong? Your Facebook Luke's asked you out!! Ohh he's so sweet! No he new I already have! No you haven't! Yes see this (beau gores on keek and clicks on a video) ** the video** He guys beau here today I have a special message for someone Vanessa Scott will you go out with me? Love beau ;) ** video ends** See I did ask you out! Oh i never knew that website existed. Well now you do so what's your answer? Umm i don't no. Do what ever makes you happy babe you can say yes to me or Luke I don't care! Ok then can I have my phone please! ( beau hands Vanessa her phone) hey Luke yeah I'd love to our with you at beaus house in the basement can u plz come get me thnx -Vanessa Luke's pov Hey Luke yeah I'd love to go out with you at beaus house in the basement can u plz come and get me thnx-Vanessa. OH FUCK BEAUS HOUSE, BASEMENT THAT MEANS BEAUS TRYING TO HOOK UP WITH HER (Luke arrives at beaus house) BEAU LET ME IN !! OH HEY LUKE SURE THING( opens door) WHERE IS SHE? WHO? DON'T BE STUPID BEAU (Luke goes to basement door) UNLOCK IT BEAU! NO! FINE I WILL OPEN MY WAY ( Luke kicks down door) LUKE! Vanessa screamed VANESSA! Are you okay? Yeah I think. You go get in the car I will be there soon! Okay. (Vanessa leaves the room) BEAU WTF IS UR PROBLEM! NOTHING UR NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO LIKES VANESSA! YEAH BUT TO GET A GIRLFRIEND YOU DON'T LOCK THEM IN YOUR FUCKING BASEMENT YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD U COMPLEMENT THEM AND ARE NICE TO THEM ! YOU NO WHAT I DON'T EVER WANT YOU TO LAY A FUCKING FINGER ON VANESSA WITHOUT HER PERMISSION! IS THAT CLEAR? YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK TO DO LUKE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW! Fine then FUCKING BITCH ** in the car** Beau said he won't even lay a finger on you without your permission. Ok at least I no I'm safe with you Lukey. That's because you are safe with me and I won't ever let someone harm you as long as we are together. Ohh I love you Luke! I love you to Vanessa (Luke and Vanessa kiss)


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