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Forever starstruck part 4

Book By: Jansokinator4 eva
Fan fiction

Part 4 forever starstruck

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Part 4 In this part luke and jai and Vanessa have their drivers license "I really owe you guys" "It's ok beau" Luke, jai and Vanessa answered At school the next day "Hey beau why weren't you at school yesterday?" "Ohh umm something important came up" "Well you missed out on something really awesome" "What is it jake?" "Well there's a new girl" "And?" "She's like really hot and I told her bout you and she's gonna text you" "Oh that's why I got a text from a random so what form room she in?" "Same as you Vanessa and Luke" "Sweet" "Uh huh" "I gotta go jake bye dude" "Bye beaujob" Beau walks to form room "Hey Vanessa" Vanessa's surrounded by a group of people signing her cast "Hi beau" Luke wheels in "Hey lukey" "Hey Vanessa" Vanessa stands up and walks over to Luke with a pen "Can I sign your cast lukey?" "If I can sign yours!" "Okay" Vanessa and Luke sign each others casts Ring ring ring ring "I gotta take this lukey" "Kay I understand" Vanessa answers her phone "Hello?" "Hi Vanessa this is doctor clare I'm calling about your arm" "Ok" "We have some bad news for you" "Oh ok" "Your going to need your cast on for twelve weeks instead of Six" "Oh ok I understand" " we are sorry about any inconvenience" " oh it's ok I don't have anything planned thank you" "No problem Vanessa" "I have to go schools starting" "Ok good bye Vanessa" "Thank you again" Phone call ends "Well lukey looks like I have a cast for the next twelve weeks" "Oh so they've extended it" "Uh huh" "Well the hospital called me yesterday and I have an appointment after school and was wondering if you want to come with me" "Sure thing lukey" Luke smiled Mrs Baxter (form room teacher) walked in "Well I see that the we have two broken students and one naughty student" mrs Baxter laughed "Shit she knows" beau whispered in Vanessa's ear "Well i see that Luke's in a wheel chair and both of you won't be writing since you broke your writing hands" "Yeah I bought my MacBook Pro in"Luke said "Same here" Vanessa replied "Okay well you two can work on them today" "Ok" Vanessa and Luke said in unison "So why were you three off school yesterday?" Beau gulped Vanessa and Luke looked at each other and nodded as in we will let beau say this. "Well umm i kinda went to **cough** court**cough** and they were **cough** witnesses**cough**" "Oh i see and Luke how did you end up in a wheel chair?" "Well i was in the boxing fight and i heard Vanessa scream so i leapt out of the ring and i went to help Vanessa and then after we hugged then the guy i was fighting josh came and knocked me out then started kicking me" "And how did you break your arm Vanessa?" "Oh i just fell at touch rugby practice and landed on it" Beau looked at Vanessa and beau mouthed thank you Vanessa mouthed no problem back After class Beau walked up to the new girl "Hi I'm beau BROOKS" emphasizing brooks trying to give the clue that he's famous "I'm Megan FRANCE" Megan emphasizes France giving a clue that her dad is the owner of MTV "Wow your dad owns MTV right?" "Yeah and aren't you part of the janoskians?" "Yup" Vanessa wheels Luke over "Hi I'm Luke brooks and this is my girlfriend Vanessa" "Oh hi I've heard bout you Vanessa" "Good things I hope" "Yeah that you were new bout a month ago and that you guys are all really close friends" "Haha yup that's good at least there not bad things" Vanessa laughs At lunch in the cafeteria "Megan! Come sit with us!" Beau yelled Megan walks over and sits down at the table between beau and skip "Hey guys" Vanessa and Luke come over and sit down "Hey" they reply Beau puts his arm round Megan "Um what are you doing?" "Oh nothing you just um had a fly on your shoulder" Beau pretends to flick a fly off her shoulder Ring ring ring ring Luke pulls out his phone "Hello?" "Hi Luke is it possible for you to come to your appointment in an hour instead of in three hours?" "Yeah sure I will just tell the office" "Okay see you soon " Phone call ends "Well Vanessa they've moved my appointment forward so we need to go now" "Ok bye guys" Vanessa and Luke leave At the hospital "Ok Luke you ribs are fine now and next week we will X-ray your leg" "What bout my arm?" "Well your arms the worse out of all of them so your arm won't be better for bout eleven weeks" "Ok" "Ok come with me and I will get you a moon boot so you won't need a wheel chair all the time" Luke and Vanessa follow the nurse After Luke gets his moon boot "We will see you next week to see how your leg is and how long you will need a moon boot for" "Ok thanks" Luke and Vanessa leave the hospital "Here Luke I will drive back to school" "Ok thanks Vanessa" "No problem lukey" Vanessa starts driving "Hey Vanessa I've been thinking" "Bout?" "The fact that I don't have a nickname for you like you call me lukey beau calls you nessa hmm what should your nickname be" Luke puts on his thinking face "Haha" Vanessa starts laughing "What?" "You thinking face is cute" "And so is your laugh!" They both start laughing Vanessa pulls in at school "Well here we are back at school" Vanessa said "Yup"Luke replied "You need help out?" "Thanks babe that would be great" "Haha you found a name" "Yup" Vanessa smiles and gets out of the car Vanessa opens Luke's door and helps him out "Thanks babe" Luke kisses Vanessa "Vanessa what the fuck are you doing!" Vanessa turns round "Fuck off jack!" "Babe who's he?" Luke asked worried "Oh don't worry that's just my fucking older brother jack" Jack and his friends walk over "Who the fuck is this Vanessa?" "Jack calm down its Luke" "Who the fucks he!" "Just fuck off jack!" "And why did you two just get out of the car?" "I think they were ditching!" One of jacks friends say "What the fuck no! Luke had an appointment at the hospital and I took him because he needed someone to drive him there and back" "O really prove it!" "Isn't it fuckin obvious!" "Here babe I will sort this" "Babe?! Why did he just call you babe!" Jacks friends grab Luke "What the fuck are you doing jack!" "I'm protecting you Vanessa he's one of those fuck head janoskians who knows what they might do" "Jack leave him alone!" "No Vanessa I'm just protecting you" Vanessa tries to push jacks friends Liam, Brice and Caleb off Luke "Jack just let him go he's seriously hurt he's only just gotten out of a wheel chair" "Oh really then um that changes the situation FUCK NO!" "Luke!" Vanessa screamed starting to cry "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY BROTHER!" Yelled a voice behind jack Jack turns around "Wait oh shit you've got to be fucking kidding beau brooks is Luke's brother!" "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" Beau yelled angrily "Oh umm sorry beau didn't know he was your brother" "WELL NOW YOU FUCKING DO AND IF YOU HURT HIM I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" "Boys let him go" Liam, Brice and Caleb drop Luke Luke falls to the ground "Luke!" Vanessa screamed and ran over to him "THAT'S IT YOU'VE FUCKING PUSHED IT!" Beau lunges at jack Vanessa slowly helps Luke stand up Jack punches beau above the eye Beau punches jack in the stomach "Haha who knew our older brothers would fight each other" Luke said while laughing "I know right!" I replied laughing as well "Do you think we should stop them before they murder each other?" "Yup!" Luke grabbed jack and I grabbed beau "What the fuck are you doing!" Jack screamed "Im stopping you from being murdered" "Haha real funny dick head as if beau would murder me!" "You sure bout that he has got the strength to accidentally murder someone" "Ae Vanessa you see how Vanessa's gotta green cast beau snapped it" "That motherfucker! I'm gonna get you beau brooks!" Jack screamed and tried to grab beau again Vanessa had let go of beau and he just stood bout two meters away from jack and poked his tongue out "What do you think you lot are doing?" Mrs Baxter asked "Him and his stupid friends tried to beat up Luke!" Beau yelled and pointed at jack "so I went and told them to let him go and then I told them to let him go and they just dropped him so I punched jack and then he punched me" "Well he was fucking kissing my sister!" "Jack language!" Mrs Baxter snapped "Right sorry mrs Baxter" "Well Brice, jack, Caleb, Liam and beau you all have detention" "Ok" beau said casually it was basically his daily routine he had detention nearly every day Mrs Baxter walk away "Vanessa we will talk bout this at home!" Jack yelled angrily "Just fuck off jack I'm my own person I don't need you to boss me round" Jack walks over to Luke and grabs his shoulder "If you harm my sister I will break every bone in your body!" "Ok dude whatever" Jack and his mates walk off "You ok faggot?" "Yeah whatever what bout you slut?" "Eh my eye kinda hurts" "Well beaujob looks like for once you had good timing" "Yeah I was going to go get something from the car and I saw those dicks with You two" "Well slut see ya later" Luke and Vanessa walk off to their next class They walk in the classroom "Hi me Middleton sorry we are late" "It's ok I was told you two were at hospital" Luke and Vanessa go take a seat Mrs Baxter walks in "Sorry mr Middleton can I please see Luke and Vanessa in the hall?" "It's ok mrs Baxter Luke Vanessa in the hall please" Luke and Vanessa get up and walk into the hall way In the hallway they hold hands Luke's non broken and Vanessa's broken hand are linked "Oh no it's them" Luke whispered in Vanessa's ear Jack glares at Luke and Vanessa "I think you lot all might want to explain what happened earlier but first we need to go to room 13MZ" "Oh no that's beaus class" Luke whispered Mrs Baxter opens the door to room 13MZ "Sorry to bother you mrs timmings but can I please have beau brooks for a moment" "Beau your needed" Beau looks up from his lap "Ok" "And beau no phones in class!" "Sorry mrs timmings" Beau walks out of his class "Hey faggot!" "Hey slut!" Mrs Baxter turns round "No name calling" She turned back around We finally came to an empty class "All of you take a seat" We walk in and sit in a circle "I've called you here to discuss what happened earlier" "Ok" we all answered "Ok Vanessa and Luke I understand you just got back from the hospital then what happened?" "Well Vanessa came to hospital with me for two reasons one i needed someone to drive me there and back and two cause she's my girlfriend " "And I got out and went and helped him out and then as a thank you he kissed me" Vanessa answered Luke blushes "And then jack walked pass and asked what the fuck we were doing" "Luke language!" Mrs Baxter snapped "Sorry mrs Baxter" "Then luke asked who he was and I replies with my older brother jack and then jack asked the same thing and I said its Luke then he asked who Luke is and then Luke said here babe I will sort this and then jack asked why Luke just called me babe and then Caleb, Liam and Brice grabbed Luke"said Vanessa "Vanessa asked what they were doing and jack said protecting her cause I'm a janoskian and who knows what I will do and those were his exact words and then beau came"Luke said "I told them that if they hurt Luke I will hurt them so they dropped Luke and he fell to the ground so I grabbed jack and yeah we got into a fight" beau stated "Well Caleb, Liam, jack and Brice I believe that most of this is your fault" "What! It was not!" They protested "Anyway all of you except Vanessa and Luke have detention and if anything like this happens at school again beau, Caleb, Liam, Brice and jack you all will be expelled is that clear?" "Uh huh" everyone except beau Vanessa and Luke said "Yup" beau answers "Now you may return to your classes" Everyone stands up and leaves After school "Here Lukey I can give you a ride home" "Thanks babe" Luke kisses Vanessa "Oi jai do you want a ride?" Vanessa yelled before jai got on the bus "Yeah sure thanks!" Jai replied In the car "How was the hospital Luke?" Asked jai "Eh good I guess next week I need to go back and they will find out when my leg will be better but my arm is for eleven weeks" As Vanessa drives past a street attached to the main road they were driving on a car pull out and hits the side of the car Vanessa's on "Vanessa? Vanessa are you ok can you hear me?" Luke screamed No response "Jai call an ambulance" Jai calls an ambulance "They are on their way" Luke feels Vanessa wrist for a pulse "She's still got a pulse!" The ambulance arrived At the hospital Beau runs in "Is she ok!" Beau yelled "Aren't you meant to be in detention?" "I told them that there was a serious accident and I really needed to go so they called the hospital and asked if it was true and let me go!" Beau said still puffing "Well the doctor said she's proberly broken nearly every bone in her body" Luke starts crying again "Don't worry Luke she will be fine" jai said trying to comfort Luke The doctor walks in "Her X-rays say she has broken her other arm, both legs and a rib so it's not worst case scenario" "Yay she will live" Luke got up and shouted "She will be let out in a few days and will need support from you boys" "Ok" they all reply The next two days "Hey babe" Luke walks in "Hey lukey" "How ya feeling?" "Eh ok I guess" The doctor walks in "Vanessa I have great news for you" "What is it?" Asked Vanessa "You are able to go home today" "Thank you doctor" A few hours later "Haha this is dee ja vo" Luke laughed "But round the other way" Vanessa laughed At Vanessa's house Luke takes Vanessa up to her room "Thanks lukey" "No problem babe" Luke smiled and helped her into bed Luke leans forward and kisses Vanessa on her forhead "Night babe" Luke says calmly "Night lukey" Vanessa replies Luke goes downstairs Beau and jai are sitting on Vanessa's couch watching tv "Ok guys we r gonna make a plan for who takes care of Vanessa and when" "Ok cool" "So I will come at five till she goes to bed" Luke says "I will come in the morning till twelve thirty" beau replies "And I will come from twelve thirty till five" jai says "Okay our plan will start tomorrow The next morning "Hey sleepy head" beau rips off Vanessa's duvet "Go away beau I want to sleep!" Vanessa groans "Well now you have the honor of sleeping with me" beau leaps onto Vanessa's bed "Beau!" Vanessa groans "What babe?" "Just let me sleep for ten more minutes!" "No! I'm only here till after lunch and there so much I want to do with you" "Please let me sleep!" Vanessa groans "Here i will go make breakfast and when I'm done I will come back and get you" "Fine!" Vanessa goes back to sleep Ten minutes later "Common babe!" Beau picks up Vanessa "Beau I do have a wheel chair!" "Yeah I know" "Well your lucky jack isn't here he's gone to a friends house and comes home at one" Beau walks down stairs and puts Vanessa on a seat and places her pancakes in front of her "You alright babe?" "Beau I thought I told you not to call me babe!" "Eh I don't care!" Vanessa eats her breakfast "Thanks beau for breakfast" "No problem babe!" Beau smirks "Beau please stop calling me babe!" "I do what I want babe!" Beau grabs Vanessa by her wrists and pulls her close "Beau get off me!" "No babe" Beau kisses Vanessa still tightly holding her wrists Jai walks in and sees beau kissing Vanessa "What the hells going on beau?"jai shouted "Oh um Vanessa kissed me!" "I did not!" "Beau it looked like you were kissing her" "Well I have to go now!" Beau kisses Vanessa on the cheek and walks out "Hey jai" "Hi america" (jais new nickname for Vanessa") "how are ya broken bones?" "Broken" They both start laughing "Anything you really want to do today?" "Um nope you can pick what we do" "Hmm how bout you come over and we can play a few rounds of monopoly or something" "Ok why not let me just text my brother" "Ok" "There done" "Let's go America" Jai picks up Vanessa and puts her in her wheel chair and they go to the brooks house "Mum were home!" Jai shouts "In the kitchen!" Gina shouts back Jai wheels Vanessa into the kitchen Gina looks up "Hi Vanessa it's good to see you again" "You to Gina" Vanessa replies "Mum we are gonna play few rounds of monopoly and stuff" "Ok it's good to see you again Vanessa" "You to Gina" Jai and Vanessa go into the lounge Jai gets out monopoly They start playing Knock knock knock " I will get it mum" "Where the fuck is she?" "Who?" "Vanessa!" Jack storms in Gina walks out of the kitchen "Hi jack" Gina says "Hi Gina" jack replies angrily "Come on Vanessa we are going home!" "Jack I want to stay here and play monopoly with jai" "You are coming home!" Beau comes down stairs "What the fuck is he doing here!" "Coming to get my sister!" "Oh hi nessa" "Hi beau" "Come on Vanessa it's time to go home!" Jack shout angrily "Oi jack let her pick what she does in her life you don't rule it!" Beau shouts "Shut the fuck up brooks!" Jack goes to get Vanessa Gina just stands there and observes "Jack get off me!" Vanessa yells "We are going home " jack says sternly Jack takes Vanessa home On the way home "What the fuck were you doing there!" "Hanging out with my friends!" "They are not your friends!" "Yes they are!" At five o clock Ding dong "It's open!" "Hey babe" "Hi lukey" "How ya feeling?" "Eh better now that your here" "Haha I love you" "Love you to"Vanessa replys They kiss "I heard jacks home now" "Uh huh now he's ruining my life" "Wow I hate big brothers beau always thinks he in charge" "Well we are lucky he's got his friends over and they are all in the attic watching tv and stuff so we can go in the basement" "Ok babe" They go downstairs and turn on tv They start watching a horror movie "Vanessa!" "What jack!" "Where are you!" "Basement!" Jack and his mates come downstairs "What the fucks he doing here!" "Taking care of me unlike you lot of dick heads" "Get him" jack says to his friends Jacks friends grab Luke "Jack let him go!" "This is what he gets for coming over!" "Jack let Luke go!" "Get Vanessa" jack whispers to one of his friends Brice grabs Vanessa "Hmm I know what we can do" jack gives an evil smile While Brice was holding Vanessa jack puts some cuffs on her wrist which are attached to chains that just hang from the roof of the basement and then they did the same to Luke "Jack what the hell are you doing!" "Testing what happens when you guys move" Luke starts to walk forward towards Vanessa but after the fourth step Vanessa goes higher and higher "Jack let us go!" Vanessa yelled "No!" Ding dong "It's open!" Jack shouts "Oi America where are you?" "Basement!" Jai and beau come down the stairs "What the fucks going on!" Beau yelled Vanessa looks over at beau and jai in pain "Let them go!" Jai shouts "No!" Jack yells "Can't you see that Vanessa is clearly in pain!" Beau shouts "Who cares!" Jack shouts back " so you don't care if you break her even more!" Jai yells "I don't cuz I know she will forgive me won't you Vanessa!" "No I won't you bitch let us go!" Beau lunges at jack He knocks jack over and then he hits Caleb, Liam and Brice they all fall onto the floor "You get Luke I will get Vanessa" beau yells Beau starts undoing the chain "We better go!" "Thanks beau" Beau smiles and then grabs Vanessa and runs up stairs with her and gets into the car Luke and jai run out not long after and take Vanessa and jacks car leaving jack and his friends a long way behind they drive off to the police station Beau carries Vanessa into the police station Luke and jai run in not long after "Hello sir what seems to be the matter?" the lady at reception asks "We made this plan thingy for who would take care of Vanessa and then her big brother came and took her home from our house and then when it was Luke's turn to take care of her they were watching a movie in the basement and jack and his mates came down" beau puffs "Then they grabbed me and also grabbed Vanessa and hand cuffed us to chains and Vanessa had no support on her bones like she can't stand up or anything and they were basically forcing her to put pressure on her broken bones and refused to unhand cuff us" Luke said still puffing "Ok I will go get the constable" The lady gets up and leaves Jack and his friends storm in They grab Vanessa "AHHH PUT ME DOWN!" Vanessa screamed as loud as possible The constable and some other police run in "Put me down!" "Boys your under arrest" The police put handcuffs on all four of them "Vanessa tell them that we did nothing" jack pleads "He tied me and lukey to a chain which was dangling from the roof" "Is this true?" The policemen asked "No it's not true Vanessa stop lying "It is true constable" Luke says while hugging Vanessa The police lead them to the cells Megan walks in "Oh hey guys" "Hey Megan" they all reply Megan walks up to the reception "Hello miss" "Hi I'd like to report this car speeding she hands a picture over" "Oh this person has just been taken to the cells" "Ok" Megan walks over to beau,Vanessa, Luke and jai "Why are you guys here?" "It's a long story" beau replies "Ok well bye guys" "Bye Megan!" Beau shouts "Bye" everyone else says Megan leaves "We'll we better get going" beau says "Yup" everyone says Beau stands up and then picks up Vanessa Back at Vanessa's house "Well it's good to know that jacks not going to abuse me any more" "Wait it was that bad?" Asked beau "Uh huh" "Why didn't you tell us?" Luke asked concerned "Because I didn't want you guys to get involved or hurt" "Well we have now sorted it and he won't be back for a while" "Yup but now all of my families gone" Vanessa said sadly "Well if you want nessa you can call me big brother" "Thanks beau" Vanessa hugs beau "Thanks all of you" Vanessa hugs everyone Ding dong "I will get it nessa" Beau gets up and answers the door "Hello is Vanessa Scott here?" "Vanessa the police want you" "Babe do you want some help?" "Thanks that would be great" Luke helps Vanessa walk over to the door Beau steps away from the door "Hi constable" "Hello Vanessa we have decided that you brother isn't going to go to court but has a fine of one thousand dollars" "Ok constable" Jack walks in to the house and see jai and beau "Thanks constable" "Goodbye Vanessa and we hope you have a quick recovery" "Thank you and goodbye" The constable leaves Vanessa shuts the door "What are you lot doin here?"Jack asked angrily "Where here to support Vanessa something she's clearly not been givin" beau says smartly "Shut the fuck up brooks!" Jack shouted angrily "Why should I?" Beau yells back "Ok guys please stop!" Vanessa yells "Kay nessa" "Don't call my sister nessa!" "Look twirp I do what I want I ignore rules and what I'm told so if I was you I'd but out of my life cuz I know what I'm doing" beau says "You ok babe?" Luke asks Vanessa "Oh right yeah just zoned out for a bit" "Haha yeah we could tell America" "Oi faggot mum just texted me and we need to get home for dinner" "Kay tell her we are on our way slut" "Babe do you want to come for dinner?" "Thanks I'd love to" Vanessa Luke and beau all look at jack "What? Oh yeah I guess you can go but be home by midnight!" "Thanks jack" "Now go before I change my mind!" As we were walking to the brooks house jai and luke were upfront and beau was pushing me in my wheel chair "You know you look hot in your casts" beau whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine Luke and jai were at least five meters ahead of us maybe more "Well you look hotter" beau whispered in my ear "Uh thanks i think" i said not sure how to respond to it At the brooks house "Mum we are home!" Jai yelled No response "Mums not home stupid!" Beau said as he wheeled me in "O theres a note" luke says and picks it up "Hey boys i have gone out of town for the week maybe longer so beaus in charge and absolutely no party's or you will be grounded for the rest of the year" "Sweet I'm in charge!!" Beau yelled "Oh no!" Luke and jai say in unison I wasn't sure wether or not to be nervous "Luke, jai go clean my room!" Beau said already enjoying power "Ok beau" luke and jai dragged themselves upstairs Beau wheeled me into the lounge "Soo watcha wanna do?" Beau asked "I don't know" "Hmm how bout 21 questions?" "Uh ok" " i will start hm why dont you like me anymore?" "Um uh because you've changed since the first time we met" "Ok" beau said confused "My turn um if you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?" "Hm i actually dont know" After half an hour "There beau done!" Jai moaned "Hm ok well go clean my car now" "What! Beau i want to relax and hang out with my girl friend" Luke complained "Im in charge!" Beau said "Beau come on don't make them clean your car" i moaned "Fine faggot, jai you can stay" "Yay!" Luke said and leapt next to Vanessa on the couch " soo whats for dinner beau?" Jai asked curiously "Um hm tacos" "Yum!" We all replied Beau got up and started making dinner "Ok what shall we do now?"jai asked "Umm how bout we make a video!" Luke shouted "Haha ok" i said "Mkay" jai said while pulling out his iphone "Hey guys jai, luke and ash here! if your wondering where beau is hes making dinner" jai said happily "You do realize jai i can put something yuck in your tacos!" Beau yelled "You wouldnt do that coz you love me" jai said smiling "Oh i would!" Beau yelled back "Well off that subject we are going to do the accent challenge!" Luke yelled "Ok first off new zealand!" Jai yelled "Nessa you go first!" Luke yelled "Uh ok umm sup bro chuck me another beer! Cheers bro!" "Your turn jai!" Luke yelled "Umm ok uh if you fucking touch me i will hit you bro!" Jai yelled "Your turn luke!" Jai yelled "Uh umm i will try uhm oi bro lets go down to the creek! Uh sure thing bro!" "Haha lol nice luke!" Jai yelled Beau came running towards us and dived for the middle "Ahh fuck beau!" Jai yelled after beau kicked him in the head "My turn!" Beau yelled "Ok uh um if you ever fucking touch me again then i will fucking drop kick you!" Beau yelled After doing several other accents we went to have dinner


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