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Forever starstruck part2

Book By: Jansokinator4 eva
Fan fiction

Tags: New

This is part two of forever starstruck please read forever starstruck part 1 first

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Luke you might want to change your Facebook password cause beau went on your Facebook and contacted me through there. Oh I never knew that he knows my Facebook password he's just a pain in the ass! Well now what shall we do Luke? I believe that we should go to hungry jacks! Ok why not. (At hungry jacks) can I please have 1 chicken burger with medium fries and a medium drink Vanessa what would you like? Umm a cheeseburger small fries and medium drink please lukey ok a cheeseburger small fries and medium drink please thank you your order is number 53. Ok. 3 minutes later. order 53 order 53! That's us Vanessa a right forgot. After our food I have a surprise waiting for you in the park oh recall please tell me what it is! Wait! Does it have anything to do with beau? No Vanessa don't worry if you want we can stay away from him. But he's your brother we can't avoid him for ever! Yes I know but until you feel comfortable around him you don't even need to be in the same room as him because I'm not going to force you to go any where near him his just a dickhead. Ohh lukey your the sweetest boy I've ever met. And your the sweetest girl I've met and I'm so sorry bout my brothers behavior. It's ok Luke it's not your fault I'm just lucky that you were around when I needed you.ok can you please come with me to the park for your suprise now? Ok. (At the park) ok can I open my eyes now? No just a few more steps and you can now open your eyes Vanessa! OMG I can't believe you did this for me! The tree looks beautiful Luke! (Vanessa gives Luke a big hug) Vanessa uou mean the world to me I would even decorate everything in the world with tree lights just for you! Ohh Luke I would do the same for you! (Vanessa hugs Luke again) (both Vanessa and Luke lean in for a kiss ) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LUKE! Oh shit beaus here (Luke turns around) FUCK OFF BEAU! NO FAGGOT! Vanessa it might be a good idea for you to get into the car just in case! But Luke! LISTEN TO HIM VANESSA OR ELSE YOU MAY AS WELL GET IN MY CAR! Shut up beau! I used to like you but now your just a desperate bitch! VANESSA RUN! Screamed Luke (beau starts to chase Vanessa) BEAU REMEMBER OUR NEVER HIT A GIRL POLICY ! WELL IM STARTING TO RETHINK THAT NOW LUKE! BEAU IF YOU LAY A FINGER ON HER I WILL PUNCH YOU SO HARD THAT YOUR ARM WILL SNAP! AS IF IM SCARED OF A LITTLE BROTHER (Vanessa calls jai,skip and James) ** phone conversation** Hey Vanessa what are you calling for? Beau and Luke are having a huge fight I think Luke needs your help guys at the moment beaus got Luke in a headlock! Okay we will be there in a minute! Oh yeah one thing stay away from beau Vanessa especially when he's pissed off we suggest you get away right now and don't worry about Luke we are round the corner ok bye Vanessa ** phone call ends** Jai comes running up to Vanessa " are you okay Vanessa?" " Yeah I guess! " okay you get in the car we will be back soon " " okay" James,Jai and skip all ran over to help Luke skip and James pulled beau off Luke and pinned him to he tree then Jai picked Luke up and held him back away from beau. Okay guys were going to talk about this ok? FINE! K! So Luke what were you and Vanessa doing I brought her out here to show her my surprise for her an- (beau buts in) HE WAS FUCKING KISSING MY EX! BEAU SHUT UP! Yelled skip yeah we were kissing then out of no where beau appeard when he promised never to hurt her or go near her without her permission and when she said to him to shit up and that she use to like him but now he's a desperate bitch which is true and I told her to run then he ran over and pinned her to the ground and said that he was going to reconsider the never hit a girl policy and I said if he ever lays a finger on her I will punch him so hard that his arm will snap. WTF BEAU YOU ACCTUALLY CONSIDERED HITTING A GIRL NOT COOL DUDE NOT COOL ITS ONLY CAUSE ME AND VANESSA DATED TWO YEARS AGO AND I STILL LIKE HER SO SEEING HER KISS LUKE FELT LIKE BEING STABBED IN THE HEART! WELL HOW BOUT U BOTH STOP BEING DICKS AND BEAU YOU GO APPOLOGISE TO VANESSA FOR THREATENING TO HIT HER. FINE! Vanessa I'm sorry for threatening to hit you and ruining your date with Luke.I-It's ok I guess. Common Vanessa lets to back to the brooks house. Ok. Jai u coming? YEAH YOUR MY ONLY RIDE! K then get in! K ** at the brooks house** Ok Vanessa you can sleep in here. Thanks luke! ( Vanessa gives Luke a hug) ** 11pm** "Night Luke ! Night Vanessa!"Vanessa gets into bed 5 minutes later someone comes in and rips off her duvet. Vanessa !! Vanessa!! What ?! Someone leaps into bed with her what?! It's me beau! I just wanted to say I'm sorry for today. It's ok. I can tell your having trouble sleeping I can sense it. Whatever I know what will help. Beau picks up Vanessa's head and places it on his chest. I can't do this to Luke though! He will never find out! How do you know? Because I'm the only one who ever does this the other two respect people's privacy he won't even look in to cheek on you fine but if we get caught you have to own up to it and take responsibility for it. Sure no problem (crosses fingers) next morning WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Vanessa asked me to get into bed with her last night and said that you don't ever need to know but I said I couldn't do this to you Luke. What that's not true he got into bed with me because he wanted to and I said that I can't do this to Luke and he said you would never find out but I still said I can't do this to you luke. Surely you don't believe some girl you met at the bus stop over your big brother? Luke I swear I- GET OUT OF MY HOUSE VANESSA I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! But Luke- OUT NOW! (Vanessa runs out crying) ** in Luke's mind** The security camera it starts when ever someone's in bed I'm going to check out the footage ** the camera footage** There Vanessa in bed and here comes beau he pulls off the duvet then got into bed with her and then Vanessa tried to push him out but he's to strong and then he grabs her head and holds it to his chest to make her fall asleep. OMG WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE? ** Luke on facebook** Vanessa I'm sorry I should have believed you not beau! Vanessa? Vanessa I know your online please reply! What do you want?! I'm sorry! I never should have believed beau! Why would you believe him you know that he's been trying to sabotage us! Please give me one more chance? Fine but we always believe each other from now on? Deal! Ok meet me at the creek I have a surprise for you! Ok? ** at the creek** Luke! Luke! Where are you? Cover your eyes now ok and follow me and there's a step there okay you can open your eyes! OMG Luke you didn't have to! I told you if I could i would decorate the whole world but unfortunately that's not possible so I decorated this part of our world! Oh Luke! Vanessa hugs Luke. Oh SHIT SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW I have another surprise that you will see tomorrow at school. The next day at school first period maths Hey Jai do you know what Luke's surprise is for me yeah look behind you (Vanessa turns around) LUKE!! (Vanessa runs up to hug Luke) wait why are you here? This is my new maths class! What! Yay! Now I get to see you even more of the day! Actually all day to be exact! WHAT! I can't believe you did this for me! Soo I got to see Luke in art as well as beau period three in French it was just me and luke and at lunch me and Luke joined beau and his mates in a game of touch rugby me and Luke's team won and beaus team was so pissed that a team with a girl in it bet them. Then me, Luke and skip were in computer tech and last it was me, Luke and beau in food tech this time beau set the oven and microwave on fire lol!! Me and Luke got in trouble for just laughing at beau who really needs to work on his cooking skills so that's what our school schedules like now AUTHORS NOTE SHOULD I ADD NEW CHARACTERS AND SHOULD LUKE AND VANESSA GET MARRIED WONT DO A PART 3 TIL I HAVE 5 VOTES PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT PLEASE KEEP READING


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