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Forever starstruck part3

Book By: Jansokinator4 eva
Fan fiction

Will beau be able to keep his jelousey under control read onto find out and stay tuned for part4

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"Hey Luke do you guys wanna come over for a swim? "Sure I will ask the boys" "They said okay" "We will be over in ten" "K bye lukey" "Bye Vanessa Ten minutes later Ding dong Vanessa answered the door "Hey guys come on in" "Thanks Vanessa" In the pool "Marco!" "Polo!" "Gotcha beau!" "Dam again!" "Maybe you should stop standing right behind me!" "True Vanessa you are so smart" "Marco!" Skip gets out of the pool "Fish out of water!" "Who was it though!" "Skip!" "Grr you got me!" "Okay Marco!" "Polo!" "Marco!" "Polo!" "Yay i finally got someone!" "Good job skip" "Sorry bout that jai" "Okay marco!" "Polo!"beau screamed in jais ear Jai grabbed beaus leg and pulled him back "Gotcha!" Jai screamed in beaus ear "Okay Marco!" "Polo!" Beau grabbed me and dragged me under he held me tightly against the wall under the part where the cover was still in the pool. I tried to escape but it was no use beau is just to strong. Beau moved forward and grabbed me he held me close to his body and then he kissed me I tryed to escape but he held me tighter.i could feel his heart beating he realized that I was desperate for air he took me up under the cover and I gasped for air the next thing I new I was back under water and beau was holding me tightly I could barely move I could tell he didn't care then all of a sudden everything went black. "Vanessa? Vanessa can you hear me?" I woke up I saw Luke and i had the sun shining in my face "Luke what happened?" "Beau found you unconscious and pulled you out of the water" "Okay let's keep playing " "Marco!" "Polo!" Beau grabbed me again I could tell he wasn't going to be done anytime soon so I took a deep breath. I felt beau close to me then I also felt jai and Luke trying to get me out of beaus grip but he held me tightly he took me up to the surface and back down I went i was starting to lose sight. everything was going blurry and then Luke and jai pulled me away from beau but he still had my hand and refused to let go of it the next thing I knew Luke and jai were doing CPR trying to keep me awake. "Vanessa are you ok?" "Wha-what?" "You blacked out completely" "Yeah I'm okay!" Eventually the boys had to leave for dinner and they said they'd text me later. "Hey Vanessa I've got some news for you me and jai are going to America for this twin thing and unfortunately we are not allowed to have any outside contact" "Oh I hope you enjoy the trip Lukey I will miss you when do you leave?" "Tonight" "Well enjoy The trip" "If you need someone just get beau round he won't mind popping by for a bit" "Okay lukey enjoy your trip and tell beau he can come over whenever" "Okay thanks Vanessa love ya heaps will miss you" Ding dong "Its open" "Hey babe" "Hi beau" "So want to watch a movie?" "Okay whatever" Beau scoops Vanessa up "Put me down beau" "Babe just relax I was only taking you over to your sofa" "Well how bout we just watch the movie!" "Okay I bought over some drinks and popcorn" "What drinks?" "Vodka, beer and wine " "Yeah I'm good I don't drink alcohol" "Okay then more for me" Beau gets drunk "Beau when I said you can come over whenever you wanted I thought you'd be over once a day ok?" "Okaay baabe now come here" "No beau!" Beau scoops Vanessa up and starts kissing her Vanessa Tries her hardest to get away but even though beau is drunk he is still to strong for Vanessa "Beau stop it!" "Why babe?" "Because beau I'm dating Luke not you" "Well he's not here to rescue you and neither is jai!" "So looks like Luke's princess is mine for two weeks" Beau had a grin on his face "Beau put me down now!" "No babe I'm not going to give in that easily!" Beau starts to kiss Vanessa Vanessa keeps trying to escape but its no use he's tightening his grip every time I move "Do you like that babe?" "What the hell no!" "Tough luck babe your mine for two weeks!" "No I'm not!"Vanessa protested "Well what are you gonna do bout it babe? Because wriggling only makes me tighten my grip and there is nothing you will be able to do bout it!" "Beau put me down now! "Well to me it looks like someone wants to go to bed!" " beau just put me down!" "Here I will take you up to bed babe" "No beau!" "Come on babe!" Beau takes Vanessa up to her room "Here ya go babe" Beau puts Vanessa on her bed and then pulls duct tape out of his pocket "Uh beau what's that for?" "Oh umm nothing" Vanessa eventually falls asleep In the morning "Hey babe!" Beau rips of her duvet "Go away beau I want to sleep!" "You can but with me!" "No beau go away!" Beau leaps into bed with Vanessa "So babe what do you want to do today?" "I was hoping that I'd be able to sleep in beau!" "Well now you can sleep in with me" Vanessa tries to push beau out of her bed "Nice try babe but you might want to do better then that" beau said sarcastically Beau grabbed Vanessa "Look Vanessa I love you and this time I'm not letting you leave me" "But I'm not dating you beau I'm dating Luke" "I know that's why i am doing this" Beau kisses Vanessa "Beau-see Vanessa I love you just as much as Luke does" "But beau I can't date you!" "Why can't you then Vanessa?" "Beau I'm dating Luke!" Beau picks up Vanessa "Beau stop!" "Beau!" Beau kisses Vanessa again Vanessa starts to try and push beau away but beau tightens his grip. "Beau get off me!" Vanessa slaps beau Beau stops kissing Vanessa "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!" Beau yelled "You wouldn't let me go!" Beau drops Vanessa "STAND UP!" "No" Vanessa said scared of what was going to happen next "STAND UP!" Beau yelled aggressively Vanessa slowly stood up She saw the anger in beaus eyes Vanessa gulped Beau smacked her Vanessa fell to the ground as soon as beaus hand made contact with her face and began crying "Vanessa I'm sorry!" "Get out! Get out of my house right now i never want to see you again!" "Vanessa I'm sorry" "Get out beau!" Beau knelt down to hug Vanessa "Leave me alone" Vanessa said while tears were running down her face Beau hugged Vanessa and then started walking over to the door when Vanessa's neighbour josh stormed in "Vanessa are you ok?" Josh asked "H-he hit me!" Josh ran up to beau as he was and grabbed his shirt Josh was twenty one and was friends with Vanessa and beau was only eighteen . "Why did you hit her?!" Josh yelled angrily Beau didn't reply "WHY DID YOU HIT HER!" "She hit me first!" "Wow you are such a sad person beau hitting a girl!" "Shut the fuck up josh!" Beau punched josh in the gut "This is none of your business josh!" Beau yelled "If you hit Vanessa it is then my business!" Vanessa's pov I finally pulled my self together and couldn't believe what I was about to do. Beaus pov I saw Vanessa stand up I couldn't believe what she was doing. (Real life) Vanessa ran up and stood in front of beau "Josh don't hurt him!" "Move Vanessa this boy needs to know why you don't hit a girl!" "Josh don't!" Josh punched beau Beau then fell to the ground unconscious "Beau!" Vanessa fell to the ground and tried to wake beau up "wake up beau!" There was no reply "Beau? Beau? Can you hear me?" Still no reply "Vanessa just leave him he will be alright" "No he won't josh just go!" "Vanessa he hit you!" "Yes but I forgive him!" "Look Vanessa you don't deserve him you deserve someone else" " I'm not dating him! I'm dating his brother Luke!" "What then why was he here because I don't see Luke!" "Luke and jai are in America for a twin thingy and beau was taking care of me" "Well then why did he hit you!" "It's none of your business!" "Vanessa I'm just trying to help you!" "So you hit my boyfriends brother? What am I meant to tell Luke when he gets back? Oh beau was making out with me and I told him to stop and he ignored me so I slapped him then my neighbour knocked him out because beau hit me so yeah he's in hospital. Am I meant to tell Luke that?" "No you shouldn't have to I will" "No josh I will tell him it's better then him getting hurt to" "Vanessa why would I hurt your boyfriend?" "Well you just hurt my boyfriends brother!" "Look Vanessa I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt him!" "Just go I need to call Luke or jai" "Bye Vanessa" Vanessa calls jai Jais Pov Ring ring, ring ring "Hello?" "Jai beaus hurt!" "What's happened Vanessa?" "Beau was over and we kind of had a fight so I slapped beau because he was ignoring me and what I was saying to him then he slapped me and my neighbour josh came over and knocked beau out and has left and beaus still unconscious!" "Umm okay Vanessa well umm I will tell Luke for you we will try to get back as soon as possible" "Okay jai thanks" Phone call ends Beau starts to open his eyes "Beau!"Vanessa screamed "What why am I laying on the deck?" "Umm my neighbour knocked you out" "What?" Beau said dazed "You know josh my neighbour! He knocked you out" "Why?" "Because you hit me" "Is that why your cheek is red?" "Uh huh" "I'm so sorry nessa!" Beau sits up and hugs Vanessa "Ahh my eye!" "Are you okay beau?" "My eye really hurts especially when I open it" "Oh beau you've got a black eye! Come inside and we can put some ice on it" Beau stands up and stumbles "You okay?" "Yeah stood up to fast!" "Okay you sit down on the sofa I will get some ice" Vanessa goes into the kitchen to get some ice "Nessa?" "Yeah beau?" "Do you still like me?" "I like you as a friend but nothing really more then that" "Okay I like you as a friend to" Ding dong Vanessa places the ice on beaus eye "Okay you hold that there while I answer the door" "Kay nessa" Vanessa goes and answers the door "VANESSA!" "LUKEY" Vanessa and Luke hug "What are you guys doing here?" "Well I told Luke what you said when you called me and we told the manager that there was a family problem and he let us leave early" "Beaus on the sofa you can come in and see him if you want" "Thanks Vanessa" "No problem guys" "Hey slut!" "Shut up faggot I'm not in the mood!" "Well sorry for trying to cheer you up" "Hey Vanessa why's your cheek red?" Asked Luke Jai looked at me "Oh um I can't remember" "Oh okay just wondering" Jai nodded and I could tell he left that part out for a reason "So beau can I see your eye?" Asked jai "Whatever" Beau lifted the ice off his eye "Wow thats definitely a black eye!" "What? No no no I can't have a black eye!" "Don't worry beau it will eventually go away" "I know it will go away but it's not going to right now is it!" "Well just keep ice on it and try to cover it up with something" "I have an idea Vanessa" Luke whispers into Vanessa's ear "Yeah that might work we can try I will be back in a minute" Vanessa leaves room "I will be back just gonna go take my stuff home" said Luke Luke leaves "Beau I know what happened" "Your kidding!" "No Vanessa told me that you hit her!" "I didn't mean to it all just happened" "Yeah i know beau but what lead up to that I can tell that Vanessa's hiding something" "Okay I was **cough** kissing **cough** her and she told me to stop but I didn't and she slapped me and then I dropped her and yelled at her to stand up and then slapped her then she fell to the ground and began crying so I hugged her and she told me to leave so I started to walk out then when I was on the deck josh came and asked her if she was okay because he herd the yelling and she told him that I hit her and then he came over and grabbed me by my shirt and Vanessa got up and stood between us and then the next thing i knew I was on the deck and Vanessa was there" "I knew Vanessa wasn't telling me something" "Wait what did she tell you?" "She called me and said you guys were arguing and she slapped you and you slapped her then josh came and knocked you out and that you were unconscious" "Please don't tell Luke that i hit her" "Ok I won't tell him" Vanessa comes back down "Uh nessa what's that stuff?" "You will see beau now close your eyes" Vanessa starts to cover beaus black eye "Ok nearly done beau" "Kay but what are you doing?" "You will see in a few more seconds and you can open your eyes" "Woah where is my black eye?" "Well it will still be sensitive but no one will be able to see it" "Thank you so much Vanessa!" "No problem but you might not want to swim with people who don't know bout your eye because the make up will wash off" "You are such a good friend Vanessa" "It's okay beau anytime" "Well I'm gonna go see what's taking Luke so long I will be back in ten minutes" "Bye jai" Jai leaves "Soo" "Soo" Beau scoops Vanessa up "Beau!" Beau kisses Vanessa Vanessa try's to get out of his arms but he's to strong "Nessa stop moving i only tighten my grip" beau said with a smile "Beau stop" "Come on babe you know you like it" "I'm dating Luke not you beau" "Well do you want to date me?" "I don't know" Vanessa said confused Ding dong "That will be Luke and jai Vanessa opens the door "Vanessa!" "Josh!" Vanessa said surprised "Look Vanessa has that slut gone?" "That slut I am friends with!" Beau got up and walked over to Vanessa and puts his arm round her neck and rests it on her shoulder "What does he want nessa?" "Looks like you two have made up and where's your black eye slut?" "Oh you don't wanna push me josh!" "Oi slut what are you doing?"yelled a voice behind josh "Oh hey dirty skiplet!" "Josh I believe you haven't met my friend he's a professional boxer!" "Hey Skip this is the one who punched me and gave me the black eye!" "Oi what the hell were you thinking punching my friend!" "Well he hit Vanessa!" "What the hell beau!" "Skip it's ok!" Vanessa yelled "You sure your okay!" "Yeah I'm fine!" " and for you josh tomorrow at three in the boxing ring be there!" "Ok then mr I'm going to take on a twenty one year old so someone who is four years older then me!" Skip goes up to josh " you beta watch your back" Skip goes up to Vanessa and beau "Bye josh!" Beau and skip yelled Josh walks off "Skip what the hells wrong with you! He's twenty one!" "Don't worry beau I've fought thirty year olds!" "Fine what ever!" Beau goes and sits on the sofa and continues to watch tv "Beau just trust me ok you know what I can do so just trust me!" "Ok then I trust you" "Well I better go and practice!" "Bye skip!" "Bye Vanessa and slut" Skip leaves "I wonder what's taking Luke and jai so long?" "Well how bout you come with me to check babe" "Ok beau I will come with you" Beau and Vanessa walk to the brooks house Beau opens the door "After you nessa" "Thank you beau" "No problem babe" "Oi faggot!" "What slut?" "Vanessa's here!" "Okay coming" Luke runs down stairs "Vanessa!" "Lukey!" Luke and Vanessa hug "So what was taking so long faggot?" "Just unpacking both of our stuff" "Wait why are you unpacking jais stuff?" "Oh he wanted to go out and meet his friend Aaron" "Oh do you know where they went?" "Why do you need to know that slut?" "Cause I just wanna know" "Fine he's at the park playing soccer with Aaron and some other mates" "Okay thanks faggot bye nessa" Beau kisses Vanessa on the cheek and walks out "What was that Vanessa?" "What do you mean?" "Beau just kissed you on the cheek" "I swear there is nothing between us" "I believe you Vanessa" "That was proberly just a thank you for covering his black eye" "True oh well" "So do you need any help with anything?" " yeah sure can you help me unpack jais stuff?" "Okay" After unpacking jais stuff "How bout Vanessa we go to the park" "Okay lukey" Luke and Vanessa walk to the park "Hey Luke and Vanessa wanna play?" "Sure jai do you wanna play Vanessa?" "Ok" Vanessa and Luke to join in Jai and beau are in one team then Luke and Vanessa are in the other Luke got the ball and started running down the field I started to chase him down the next thing I knew someone had my hand and pulled me off the field I turned round and beau pinned me to the tree. "Beau let me go" "Babe I love you!" Beau leans into kiss Vanessa "Beau stop" Vanessa pushes beau away "What's wrong babe?" "Just stop! Stop kissing me, calling me babe" Vanessa pushes beau away from her and starts crying beau goes to give her a hug "Get off me beau" Vanessa shoves him and runs to Luke "Vanessa what's wrong? And why have you got red marks on you wrists?" Beau ran onto the field and Vanessa pointed at beau "H-he keeps trying to kiss me and when my cheek was red it was because h-he hit me" "What! Vanessa I'm so sorry" Luke said trying to calm her "Let me sort this Vanessa you stay here" "Okay lukey" Luke gets up and runs over to beau Jai goes over to Vanessa "Vanessa are you ok?" "B-beau h-he won't leave me alone" Vanessa starts crying again and jai hugged her "It's ok Vanessa Luke will sort this out" Luke's Pov "Beau what the hell did you do to Vanessa?" "I didn't do anything she kissed me" "Stop lying beau I can tell it was you because of the red marks on her wrist!" "Well what can you expect someone as hot as Vanessa have heaps of people who like her!" "Beau she also told me you hit her!" "That was an accident it all just happened" "Yeah right beau" (Real life) Luke punches beau "Ahh you bitch what was that for?!" "That was for kissing my girlfriend and this is for hurting her" Luke kicks beau Beau puts Luke in a head lock "LUKE!" Vanessa screamed horrified of what her ex was doing to her boyfriend "Just relax Vanessa I will help Luke out at the right time" jai said while hugging Vanessa Vanessa started crying again "I will go help Luke Vanessa" "Okay" Vanessa said still crying Jai ran up behind beau and leapt on him jai then pressure pointed beau forcing beau to let go of Luke. Beau flipped jai off his back and pushed Luke to the ground both Luke and jai were trying to get up but stumbled back down. Beau started running towards Vanessa she wasn't looking and then beau grabbed her. "Beau put me down!" "Don't worry babe!" Vanessa starts hitting beaus back Beau goes over to his car and opens the boot. "GET IN!" Beau yelled To scared of what could happen next I climbed in beau slammed the boot shut Beau started driving All of a sudden he slowed down and then the car came to a full stop.beau then opened the boot. "Get out" Vanessa climbed out and beau picked her up and took her inside. He walked down the stairs and there was a chair beau put Vanessa in he chair and tightened the handcuffs and tied rope round her waist and stomach so Vanessa couldn't get her hands or feet out. "There babe" "Beau let me go!" Vanessa yelled tugging on the hand cuffs "Look babe I can't do that!" "Why can't you?" "Because I don't want you to get hurt!" "Who by the only person who has hurt me is you beau!" "Ouch that hurt!" Beau said sarcastically "Just let me go beau!" Vanessa your going to stay here for a while ok?" "Let me go beau!" "Vanessa this is for your own good!" "You don't know what my own good is!" "Just trust me Vanessa" "Fine but does Luke know I'm here!" "He will know in five minutes!" "Beau just let me go" Vanessa starts crying "Look babe it's ok I will let you go but at the moment i want you to stay here" "Why beau what are you hiding from me!" "Look you really don't want to know" "Beau tell me!" "Josh found Luke and he's going to fight him as well as skip" "What! Beau let me go I need to go find Luke!" "That's why your here because if Luke gets beaten up I know that you will be put in an awkward position" "Beau just let me go please!" "Sorry babe" "I really don't want to do this beau but if you don't let me go I will commit suicide" Vanessa pulls out a pocket knife "Vanessa don't!" "Let me go and I won't" Vanessa places the knife on her wrist "Fine I will let you go! But promise me you won't go to the fight" "Fine I won't" Vanessa crosses fingers when beaus not looking "Okay then I will let you go" beau walks over to Vanessa and undoes her arm handcuffs "Umm beau you haven't undone anything else" "Oh right sorry" beau undoes the rest Vanessa stands up "Here babe can I offer you a ride home?" "Sure why not" Beau and Vanessa walk upstairs and are just opened the door as someone rang the door bell beaus arm yet again was round Vanessa's neck and resting on her shoulder beau pulls open the door "Bea-Vanessa!" "Lukey!" Vanessa and Luke hug "Why are you here Vanessa?" "Beau grabbed me when we were at the fields playing soccer and bought me back here" Luke glanced at beau who was avoiding eye contact "So where we're you two going?" Asked Luke "Well faggot I was just about to drop Vanessa home" "Well I will do that for you slut" "Okay then faggot" "Bye nessa" "Bye beau" In Luke's car "Vanessa I'm so sorry bout beau" "It's ok lukey it's not your fault" Vanessa and Luke hug "Ok let's take you home now" "Kay lukey" Luke starts driving "Luke why are you going to fight josh?" "To prove to him I love you" "Oh lukey just ignore josh at times he can be a dick" "No Vanessa I'm not backing out of this I told him I'd do it and I'm going to" "Ok Luke do what you want I will support your decision" "Ok thanks Vanessa are you going to come?" "Yeah I will I guess" "Okay then we will pick you up" "Okay then lukey" Vanessa gets out of the car "Bye Luke" "Bye Vanessa we will pick you up at ten" "Kay Luke" Vanessa goes inside The next day "Holy shit it's nine thirty Luke will be here in half and hour" Vanessa goes and gets ready Ding dong Vanessa opens the door "Hey Vanessa" "Hey Luke" "You ready to go Vanessa?" "Yup" "Okay then lets go" Vanessa and Luke get in Luke's car "The others will be meeting us there" "Ok" Luke starts driving At the arena Luke goes to get changed and beau, jai, James and skip arrive "Vanessa!" Skip yelled Skip, jai and James run over to Vanessa and hug her "Hey guys" "Well I better go change" skip said Skip walks off Beau walks over looking pissed "You promised you wouldn't come" beau said to Vanessa "Well Luke wanted me to" "Okay beau just leave Vanessa alone" "Common Vanessa I will take you to our supporters seats" Vanessa and jai walk away Josh walks into the arena "Where's Vanessa slut?" "She's with jai in the Luke and skip supporters area" "Oh I see her bye slut!" Josh walks over to Vanessa "Hey Vanessa" "Is this josh Vanessa?" "Yup" Jai stands up "You motherfucker! Your the bitch who punched and knocked out my brother" "Oh looks like nice boys angry!" "Jai just ignore him" Vanessa tries to pull jai away from josh "Fuck you josh!" Jai shouts while he walks away "Thanks Vanessa who knows what would of happened" "No problem jai the amount of times you've helped me is crazy" Luke and skip walk out of changing room "Vanessa skip was just giving me some tips for fighting josh" "Oh cool I'm sure you both will do well" "Thanks Vanessa" Luke and skip said "Luke brooks and josh Taylor please make your way to the ring" the man on the speaker said "Well that's me" "Good luck lukey" Vanessa and Luke hug Luke enters the ring "Okay you boys know the rules and fight!" Luke punches josh in the stomach and kicks josh behind the knee Josh falls to the ground Beau walks over to Vanessa "I warned you Vanessa" beau said angrily "I know " "Yay go Luke!" Beau grabs Vanessa's hand and pulls her towards the exit "Jai help!" Vanessa screamed Jai leapt to his feet and grabbed Vanessa's hand "I've got you Vanessa!" Luke turns around and sees beau grabbing Vanessa Luke's pov I turned round after hearing Vanessa scream and there was beau with Vanessa's hand and jai with the other both pulling in different directions (Real life) "Beau let Vanessa go!" Luke jumps out of the ring and runs over to Vanessa "Luke what are you doing?!" "Helping my girlfriend" "But Luke they will say you forfeited and you will automatically lose" "I don't care my girlfriend means more to me then some stupid fight" Luke punches beau in the stomach and knees him behind his knee Beau let go of Vanessa's hand Vanessa ran over to Luke and hugged him "Luke I can't believe you did this for me!" "My girlfriend means the world to me and I'm not letting her go" "Oi brooks! Get back in the fucking ring!" "Shut the fuck up josh" Luke yells while hugging Vanessa Josh leaps out of ring and goes up behind Luke "L-Luke watch out!" Vanessa yelled Josh punched Luke knocking him out "Luke" Vanessa yelled scared Josh starts kicking Luke Vanessa starts crying Beau jumps onto josh and skip starts punching an kicking him Jai and James run over to Vanessa "It's okay Vanessa" jai says while hugging her "Are you ok Vanessa?" James asked "I'm fine but Luke's not!" Beau gets off josh "Why don't you two take it into the ring!" Beau yells "Ok" replys an eager skip "Why not" replys and exhausted josh Jai calls 111 "Hello we are at the vector arena and we need an ambulance" "What's happened?" "My brother was fighting in the ring and my older brother was trying to pull his girlfriend away so Luke the one who was fighting pulled my brother beau off his girlfriend and then the guy josh who Luke was fighting knocked out Luke and started to kick him and he's still not moving" "Okay an ambulance is on the way" Ambulance arrives "Okay where is Luke?" A lady asked "He's over here" jai shouted back Two ladies walk over with a stretcher "Ok it looks like he may have some broken bones but to determine that we have to take him to hospital" "Ok" they all responded "And one person can come with us" "Jai you go your his twin" "Ok Vanessa see you later" The ambulance ladies walk off with Luke on the stretcher and jai walking "So how you gonna get to the hospital?" Vanessa turned around Beau started smiling "So how are you going to get to the hospital?" "Umm I don't know" "Well in that case I will take you" Beau grabs Vanessa's hand and takes her to his car Vanessa and beau get in Beau starts driving "Vanessa that's why I told you not to come because I knew something would happen to Luke" "well Luke asked me to come" "Yeah I know that" They arrived at the hospital Vanessa ran up to The front desk "Can I help you miss?" "Yes Um what room is Luke brooks in?" "Level 3 room6" "Thank you" Vanessa ran up the stairs "Level 3!" Vanessa pushed open the door and walked through it She walked to the ward desk "Hi miss how can I help you?" "I'm here to see Luke brooks" "Okay he's in room 6" "Thank you" Vanessa walked to room six "Hey Vanessa" "Hi jai how is he?" "Well he's broken his arm and leg then two ribs and has a black eye and needs some stitches in his lip" Vanessa sat down next to jai "Where's beau?" Jai asked "I don't know actually cause I ran up here and last I saw him was in the car park" "Oh so he will be here soon then" Beau walks in "Hey slut!" "Hey jai how's he doin?" "He's broken his arm, leg, two ribs, needs stitches in his lip and has a black eye" "Shit that's a lot!" "That's only half then what they expected since josh is like four years older then him and way bigger" Luke starts to wake up "Where am I?" "Faggot your at the hospital" "Why?" "You were fighting josh my neighbour and he knocked you out and started kicking you" Vanessa answered "Oh him" The nurse walks in "Okay mr brooks I see you are awake" "Uh huh" "Well you've broken your arm, leg, two ribs you need some stitches in your lip and you have a black eye" "What!" "Luke just relax this will be over soon" Vanessa said "Who are you?" Asked the nurse "She's my girlfriend Vanessa" answered Luke "Ok" "And who are you?" She asked beau "Oh I'm his big brother beau" "Ok" "Okay come on Luke and jai we will go put your casts on Luke" The nurse jai and Luke leave the room "So" "So" Beau try's to hold Vanessa's hand but Vanessa pulls it away Beau picks up Vanessa "Beau put me down" "No babe" "Beau put me down" "Babe just relax" "Beau just put me down" Vanessa slaps beau Beau drops Vanessa "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR" "You wouldn't put me down" Beau grabs Vanessa's arm "No beau please don't!" Vanessa try's to pull her arm out of beaus hands but he's to strong and has good grip Beau snaps her arm "Ahh!" Vanessa screamed in pain A nurse walked in "What's all the commotion you two?" The nurse saw Vanessa on the ground crying and clutching onto her arm "YOU GET OUT NOW!" The nurse shouted at beau Beau left the room "Are you ok miss" Vanessa was still crying "Here miss I will take you in and get an X-ray" "Ok"Vanessa said still crying Vanessa and the nurse leave the room and beau was standing next to the door outside "Vanessa I'm so sorry" "Leave me alone beau!" "Vanessa I'm sorry" "Leave me alone!" "Excuse me sir she wants you to leave her alone and if you don't I will have no choice but to call security" "Ok miss can I just say something to her?" "Fine" "Vanessa I love you and I'm so sorry bout what I just did" "Beau we used to date but now I'm dating Luke not you so please just leave me alone" "Come on Vanessa" the nurse said "Beau i have to go" Vanessa walked off with the nurse After the X-ray "he's broken it" "Really?" "Yes come with me we will go get your cast" Vanessa and the nurse walk over to where they put on casts "Vanessa what are you doing here?" Asked Luke Vanessa held up her arm "No he didn't!" "He did" "Where is he now Vanessa?"asked jai "Outside room six" "I will go talk to him" said jai Jai walks off "Okay Vanessa can you hold your arm up for me please" The nurse starts putting on Vanessa's cast "Vanessa what happened?" "Well beau picked me up again an I told him to put me down and he ignored me so I slapped him on the face he dropped me and then snapped my arm" "Wow that's kinda what happened when he hit you" "Vanessa when did he hit you?"asked the nurse "Umm yesterday" "I will be back in a minute Vanessa" The nurse leaves The nurse comes back and so does beau and jai "You boys take a seat" Beau and jai sit down Not long later the police walk in "Beau brooks your under arrest" "What why?" "For hitting a girl and also breaking the same girls arm a day later" The police put beau in handcuffs "Vanessa!" "Wait where are you taking him?" "To the police station and he will go on trial tomorrow to decide if he goes to jail so we need all of you boys and you to Vanessa and any other people you know to come as witnesses" "Okay we will come" The police walk off with beau in handcuffs A few hours later "Mum! Mum! Beaus been arrested!" "Why jai?" "For hitting Luke's girlfriend yesterday and then snapping her arm today!" Vanessa walks in and Luke wheels in "What happened?" Gina asked surprised "Well I was in a fight and broke my arm, leg and 2 ribs then have ten stitches in my lip and a black eye" "And What happened to you Vanessa?" "Beau snapped my arm" "That boys gonna be in so much trouble if he doesn't go to jail" "We decided that we will pay for his bail because he has the occasional anger issue" "You guys are so good your brother" The next day at the trial Beau walks in with handcuffs on his wrists "We will now start the trial" "Beau did you or did you not slap a girl on the face" "I did" "Did you or did you not snap that same girls arm the next day" "I did" "Do the witnesses want to say anything?" "Um can I please" Vanessa asked "Yes I know beau snapped my arm and hit me but I just wanted to say that beau I do forgive you" "Thanks Vanessa" beau answered "Do any other witnesses want to say anything" "I'd like to say something" "Ok sir you may speak" "Yesterday at the fight as we were watching Luke fight josh I heard Vanessa scream and I turned round and there was beau pulling Vanessa by the hand but then later he told me that it was for Vanessa because he knew if Luke got hurt she'd be devastated" "Is that true beau?" "Yes it is true" "Is there anyone who is willing to pay one thousand dollars for beau to go on bail?" "We will" Vanessa and jai and Luke said at the same time Beau looked up excited and shocked at the same time "Here's one thousand dollars" jai said with The money in his hand "Hmm ok beau brooks is on bail but if he hurts anyone once more he will be in jail for five years"


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