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The Kids in Miss Curran's class

Book By: JennMcormickinWonderland1996
Fan fiction

This is a parody of The kids in Ms.Colman's class, and its gonna show a class (and a wacky teacher who loves to sing and dance). Hope you enjoy it!!!!!

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The Kids in Miss Curran's Class (Chapter 1)

Miss Kara Curran (25) (the teacher at a boarding school)

Richard "Ricky" (12) (student/ the "king")

Asia (12 1/2) (student/the prissy one)

Evan (12) (student/the one who has a boy name)

Be'Lanna (12) (student/ the sassy one)

Rhiannion (12) ( Student/bookworm)

Jordan (13) (the random one)

Destiny (13) (the class ginger)

Fernando (13) (falls in love with Evan/ the peaceful one)

Skyler (13) (the one who loves Chamar)

Chamar (13) (the polite/talkative one)


(at the boarding school)

Miss Curran: (waits by the door for her 7th grade students)

Asia: I gotta use the bathroom!!!!

Miss Curran: then hurry up.

Evan: I have to go too, Miss Curran!!!

Miss Curran: come back in 2 minutes.

Ricky: Hey Miss Curran, wanna see me do the dougie?

Miss Curran: Later, Ricky. I'm waiting for everyone so we can start class.

Rhiannion: Well, can I read?

Miss Curran: until we start class. We're gonna watch videos, and I want you paying attention, because you will do it with paper, you know, do notes.

Destiny: (sits and does her warmup)

Miss Curran: (sigh) they never listen... well, its on them (starts to close the door)

Asia: WAIT!!!!!!! (runs to the door and runs into Ricky)

Fernando: (laughs) 10 points!!!!!!

Evan: (opens the door) Miss Curran, why did you close the door?

Skyler: 'Cause she had to, stupid.

Evan: Shut up!!!!

Ricky: (pushes Asia into Be'lanna)

Be'Lanna: ow, seriously dude? (pushes Asia into the door)

Miss Curran: there is no pushing in here. Ricky, Be'Lanna, go refocus.

Ricky: No, Miss Curran! I'll do better! I won't even insult anyone!

Miss Curran: no. go refocus in Miss Tree's room. Be'Lanna, go to the refocus desk.

Ricky: How come she gets to stay but I don't?

Asia: (laying on the ground and screaming bloody murder)

Skyler: Just shut up and do it, Rick-Dork!!!!

Ricky: shut up. who died and made you king?

Skyler: whatever. its just that Asia's my best friend and stuff..

Chamar: no, duh. We all share a dorm and you two gossip!!!

Ricky: i'm outta here. I'll be back! (leaves)

Miss Curran: Asia, are you ok? (gets the strecher chair)

Evan: I thought nobody was allowed on it, Miss Curran!

Miss Curran: Evan, Asia needs it, just do your warmup. we'll review it in a moment. (helps Asia ot the strecher)

Asia: Miss Curran, I think I broke my leg...

Miss Curran: (checks) it's fine, Asia. (hands her a kleenxex for her bloody nose) now just stay here. (goes to the front of the room) Okay, who knows what 6+8-1 means?

Evan: Ooooooh, pick me!!!!

Miss Curran: (calls on Fernando) Fernando, do you know?


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