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The Shattered Mind

By: JoeCoolNerd

Page 1, Sherlock BBC. One child grows up, his past buried deep. But what if it surfaced. What if they knew? What would happen? Warning: Child abuse, drugs, and all that kind of stuff...


Chapter 1: Colors



This is my first try at Fanfiction so please be patient if it isn’t good. I have some good ideas for Fanfiction stories but I can’t in a way “verbalise them” so I try my best. Thank you for reading. Sorry for the Americanisms if any appear throughout the story.


I don’t own Sherlock and am not making any profit by publishing this. If I did, it would definitely be more angsty and there would be more episodes.


I lie on the ground, snowflakes are falling. Gliding down. Voices shout. Snowflakes so pure, so white unlike me. I watch you fall, I watch you dance as you come towards the ground where dreams are shattered. So carefree you are gliding down. Voices come closer. Voices that sound worried. But I don’t care. I just watch as you glide and land on my hand. You pause a moment. I marvel and your beauty, the contrast of your whiteness to my red. You are so white and I am so red. My red of sin and pain that never really goes away. You’re the white of happiness and joy. The white of bliss and being young. The way I used to be. Your turn slightly pink as you lose you innocence. Like I lost mine so long ago.

You melt away and become a memory, leaving nothing but a blissful reminder of the faded pureness. Pureness that is gone. The world starts to fade into black. The voices are fading away as the black the offers peaces and tranquility. The one that can take all the pain away. The black that people fear but I welcome, just this once. I slip away into it. 


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