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Naruto Fan Fiction

Book By: Kirra 1
Fan fiction

Tags: Fan, Fiction

This is Kirra 1's wifes fanfiction. I do not own Naruto but my OCS are mine oh mine. Aui Uchiha is our main heroin. Cute and spirited. But a powerful ninja. With a demon dragon to corrupt her inocent soul. Can she overcome the days of love, loss, evil,and victory. Take a journey into a life that follows the story line of the show just with my own tweaks and characters. Hope you enjoy.

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01 Enter! Aui Uchiha

Aui Uchiha felt as if she were drowning. Taking a deep breath she suddenly clasped her hands together and began forming the correct seals to call upon her demon. In the palm of her right hand something warm and sinister pulsated. In fact, it almost hurt.

Her docile blue chakra was searing into a sizzling onyx. A familiar sensation pricked at her nerves, sending jets of energy down her spine. It was as if the power entered her bloodstream boiling her emotions to the tipping point. With her eyes closed Aui's mind began to shut down, focusing on the slow breaths and the thumping in her chest. It was now or never. The black flaming aura shot from her curled fist and around her arm. Gradually she willed her fingers to open.

A dragon sparked from the center of her hand into a bolt of violet lightning. Roaring it zig zaged threw the still air. Aui reached out, beckoning it to come to her. She whispered its name almost longingly in her mind. "Yamantano."

The dragon circled back to its mistress snarling while beginning to swirl around her. Aui gasped, her hair coming free of its ponytail to twist around her body like glossy, golden moonlight with one streak of red that once covered most of the left side of her face. Floating up it turned a snowy white. Arching her back her limbs shook, as if she were having a seizure. "Perfect." Her eyes shot open. Bringing her arms over her head, she threw them down to summon strength. The earth and air around her broke and parted at her command. Raising a hand the elements obeyed. Drawing the force back she released it and the earth sprang forth, while sharp icy wind slashed at 13 of the 23 wooden practice targets 20ft away. Cutting and smashing them to small splinters. As the broken timber was flung high Aui grinned. "Now for the final blow!" She shouted as Sharingan replaced her dark cobalt pupils. Her now crimson gaze glinted with pride. Making her last hand signs she brought out her attack. "FIRE STYLE FLAME VIPER!!" Bright sapphire fire jetted from her mouth and mixed with the wood fragments, soil, and air causing it to turn into sand crystals, which glistened with deadly beauty. As the sparks landed on the remaining objectives they exploded on contact. The scene was a work of graceful destruction. "All 23 terminated…." Aui swelled with self confidence as her hair reversed to its original soft blond, and her eyes tinted back to their hypnotic blue. She smiled boldly looking upon her work but panting heavily.

She had been training for five hours straight now and the lack of rest was finally getting the best of her. Brushing off her ruffled cloths she noticed that her red skin tight shorts and black tank top were covered in a thin layer of dirt. Her fishnet arms and red fingerless gloves were torn slightly, she sighed. "Glad I always carry a few changes of cloths with me…" She collapsed on the cool grass in a heap grinning with satisfaction. "Now time to…"

"AUI!!" A familiar voice shouted in the distance.

Slapping a hand to her forehead, she let out a long moan, "Oh no…" With a small frown she gazed up at the raven haired boy, whose shadow was now overlapping her, "Hi Sasuke-chan!" She faked a giggle with a grin. "What do yah need?"

He snorted. "Were going to be late for school again…" He gave her a defiant stare.

"Blah blah blah. Look who's a cute little nerd." She muttered standing up. She took note of his higher stature than hers which inwardly made her mad, because she always felt talked down to sometimes by the 18 year old even though she was older than him…Well by six months but still. "Did you eat something for breakfast?" She pushed some strands of the chunk of scarlet hair behind her ear.

He looked away embarrassed. "N-no."

She glanced at the sun. "Nearly 8:00... We have an hour. Enough time for me to go clean up and grab a quick bowl of ramen at Meka's bar on the way." Aui's stomach as if on cue growled urgently for food. "Let's go, my stomach thinks my throats been cut." Walking forward she looked back waiting for Sasuke to follow.

"I hate ramen." He grumbled as he walked past her.

"Well Mr. "I hate ramen"." She mocked. "You can order something else for all I care."

"Whatever." He snorted again, which landed him with a face full of her right hook.

"You little smart A**!!!" She hissed dragging him along by the earlobe. Then unexpectedly she smiled. "Maybe Naruto will be there… What do you think Cuz?" She let go of his ear.

Standing and smoothing out his navy collar Sasuke glared at Aui. "Number one I HATE Naruto, he's so annoying. And two we may be from the same clan but you are not my cousin, so stop calling me CUZ!!"

Aui shrugged off the Cuz comment, and punched him playfully in the arm. "Naruto maybe, 'extra' hyper, but." Folding her hands to her chest she spoke warmheartedly. "His dreams are pure, he believes in himself with all his heart." She became starry eyed.

Sasuke smirked. "Dakuda would be really jealous, if he hears you talking that way…"He buried his hands in his pockets and continued. "Extremely jealous…"

"No!" She yelped disgusted. "Dakuda and I aren't even friends really… He's more of my stalker."

"Eh!?!"Sasuke chuckled. "I despise him almost as much as Naruto."

She ignored the fact he hated Dakuda, for inside she knew Sasuke would ring his neck if he ever tried to touch her but- "Almost as much?" She asked puzzled.

He shrugged." He and I actually have something in common."

"Huh? What?" She leaned in closer curious now.

Smirking he gave her a side glance. "We both can't stand that yellow headed loser you call Naruto."

Her face turned bright red with rage, which gave him the satisfaction he was searching for. He knew exactly how to push her buttons. He also knew better not to take it too far, or else. Sasuke looked at her curiously.

"What!?" She barked. Crossing her arms she pouted.

Sasuke poked her side repeatedly and had an honest air about him. She couldn't help but giggle in spite of her previous anger. Good thing he always knew how to cheer her up again. Aui hugged him forcefully, which instantly made Sasuke go stiff.

"Get off me." He growled.

She only laughed harder and tightened her grip. "Oh Sasuke your so sensitive." She remembered he wasn't always that way. After Sasuke's brother Itachi murdered there clan, He wouldn't speak to anyone for weeks, much less let them hug him. But somehow Aui found a way past his walls, but she knew an evil still lurked in his heart. He always said he'd avenge their family's death, maybe that's what has keep him going this long, but his goal for power scared her. Revenge was the path he was on…but she didn't want him to go it alone. Aui too wanted to redeem her parents. Sadly her demon allowed her the strength to overcome the unsettling sting of hate in her soul. Unlike Sasuke who was slowly slipping away. That's why she tries so hard to take care of him…so she didn't have to lose him. Aui smile somewhat faded. "How much longer will I be able to protect him…even from myself?" She heard her demon chuckle. It was a secret that even Aui could not outrun for much longer. Destiny would tear them apart. That was perceived from the beginning, and yet she chose to remain blind to that. Her memories were interrupted when Sasuke coughed. "Sorry was I holding on to tight?" She loosened her bear hug around him slightly.

"Just a little…" He muttered under his breath. Yet he didn't struggle in here death grip. Honestly it was because secretly he felt safe in her arms… cared for. His train of thought was broken with a rumble of his own stomach.

Grabbing her backpack that was hanging on a post, they both shared a small laugh as they continued on their way. All the trouble and shadows fading…for now


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