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Between the end of the medieval ages and the start of the renaissance ages, takes place a unique story of courage, betrayal, love and the where one man must decide which is good, and which is evil!, the industrial revolution has just taken place bringing into the world a new invention; the gun, however because of this swords, bows and arrows and other blunt weapons are still favoured, horses and other animals are commonly used to travel long distances.

This story is set during the Tudor period which was before the land was united; at this point GB was separated into few kingdoms such as England, Scotland and Wales. It follows Dark; from his point of view on his journey throughout, Dark is a mysterious character as he keeps his history as well as his real name a secret, not trusting even his best friends, Dan and Adam, who accompany him throughout his travels.

Adam and Dan are lifelong friends and prior bounty hunters, this changes on day when they accidently meet Dark (A.K.A. D) who was in the middle of a fight with one of the bounty targets they were after, they saw how Dark took care of the bounty and asked him if he wanted to join them and split the bounties in future , but he refused and carried on with his journey; later on, he meets Dan and Adam once again, this time they were the ones in the middle of fighting with group of criminals, at first he didn't want to get involved however against his better judgement he entered the fight just in-time to save their lives, at this point they join forces and now with Dark on their side they easily beat the criminals, after the fight they formed a team with Dark as the leader who stipulated 2 conditions:

1. Whenever they met a wanted criminal, the bounty goes to the group evenly so Dark share would be the same as their even though he is the group leader

2. They do not ask questions about his past or future

The story starts off with the team heading to the city of London via the shipping port of Hull which in in the boarder that would separate Scotland and England, both located in current GB. The Captain of the ship they used to travel on and Dark are old friends and thanks to this dark was able to travel on his ship free of charge, which was lucky really as none of the group has a penny to rub together.

(To make it easier for readers to imagine my Characters, I chosen some Actors for my Characters and I called it Cast group [Hoping one day some one makes a movie out of this])

I let you Imagine Dark
D's Friend (Dan) = I am still looking for the right actor
Adam Baldwin as D’s Friend (Adam)
David Kross as D’s Friend (Dave)
Molly C. Quinn as Princess Margaret
Bill Nighy as King James III of Scots
Clive Owen as the British assassin
Mel Gibson as the Uncle (appear at the end)
Liev Schreiber as body guard # 1
Ewan McGregor as princess Knight
Andrew James Allen as James IV of Scots

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Soon after the discussion with the father ended I headed towards Margaret, grabbed her arm and pulled her away; I had to talk to her now, I only could talk to her if we are alone, and alone only so I wanted to make sure Bob isn't around then I found a empty room, pulled her in and made her sat on a chair, here it goes

"Look I need t talk to you" I said

"Me tee" She said

"wait, what? Oh ok, then you go first"

"No, you go first"

"I insist"


"I want to go with you" she said at the same time as when I said "I want you to come with me"

"Wait what?" we both said

"Why do you want me to come with you?"

"The exact reason why you want to come with me"

We just stared at each other for a bit

"Why do you want to come with me?"

"The exact reason as why you want me to go with you"

"One of us has to say the reason"

"I am a princess so it's you who has to say it"

"Ok, erm… I am doing this to protect you"

"I am doing this to protect my kingdom"

"I am doing this to make friends with your father"

"I am doing this to learn more fighting skills from you"

"I am doing this because I need someone to call me pig"

"I am doing this because I need someone to call me Baka"

"I am doing this so that I know you better"

"I am doing this so that I know YOU better"

"I am doing this because I like you"

"I am doing this because I like you too"

We just stared at each other again

"Nope you don't have the balls to say, as far as you don't say it I am leaving" She said and got up walked to the door just before she opens it

"Wait" I said and she just stopped moving her back was towards me she was facing the door and her hand was on the door to open it but just because I said wait, she stopped, so I walked up to her, grabbed her hand and made her to turn and look at me, grabbed both her shoulders and moved forward until there was no more space behind her, then she was leaning on the door with her back to it and looked at me in shock, Then I slowly placed my hand on her right cheek moved my hand behind her head between her hair and pulled her forward and kissed her, "I am doing this because I love you" I said

"Are you serious or you are pulling another prank-" she said but I didn't let her finish it and interrupted it with another kiss, "I told you, I love you" I said and kissed her again

"Wait a minute, you are not resisting" I said

"Well, you know… I … er… I" She said

"You don't need to say it, I know" I said

Then I began to kiss her again, this time she was helping too, and we were just about to get into a mood then someone opened the door rushed in and punched me in the stomach

"Oh come on Bob, Not again" I said

"You know it" Bob said

"So I guess you either King told you, huh?"

"Yes he did talked to me but you need to know few things, as far as I am around this love story can never happen nor continue" He said

"Yeh sure" I replied with a smile and walked out the room

"Oh and pack your things we are leaving in a bit" I said just before I left

"Wait, are we leaving today?" Bob asked

"No" I replied

"Then why pack so fast?" Margaret asked

"Because we are leaving now" I replied

"What? Are you nuts? This is insane" Margaret said

"Well actually he is insane, type ideas he come up with are the best but insane too" Bob said

"Clever Bob, you are beginning to get to know how I think" I said

"Of course, I do, I am the best knight there is, you see I …" Bob said with eyes closed and high nose

"Bob, he left as soon as you opened your mouth"

"That bastard"

"He likes disappearing that's why he does it"

"How do you know?"

"He told me"


"When he was training me"

"Wait hold on, if he trained you how to fight and how to 'protect yourself' why did you got captured so easily?"

"Hey, hey, hey, I was fighting, alright? It was 4 against 1 so I just gave up fighting"

"Have you seen him fight against the impossible?"

"Many times"

"Then why did you give up?"

"Well… er… em… anyways, did my father talked to you?"

"Yes and he was exaggerating things again"

"Why? What was he saying?"

"He was thinking about names, boy names"


"Yeh for your child and D's" Bob said but that made Princess blushes and mad

"YOU JERK" She said and left the room, as soon as she turned she hit me

"What are you doing here?" She asked me

"I was just listening what you tell each other" I replies

"Damn you, you are good"

"Why is your father thinking about child names? I only said I accidentally kissed you and he is thinking about child names?"

"WHAT? How did he reacted"

"At first he got mad, then he killed me 7 times and I revived myself, then I said I want your daughter then he calmed down and shot me in the head"

"Stop joking around, how did he reacted"

"At first, total silence, but then he kind of made me promise to keep you safe"

"What did you say?"

"I promise, cross my heart"

"Oh shit, I am dead!"

"What? Why? I said I cross my heart"

"That's why, you are heartless Jerk"

"NO you Baka! I am heartless PIG!" I said and we both laughed

"I need to talk to your 'fake you'"

"Oh you mean Susan?"

"Is that her name? Then yeh, do you know where I can find her?"

"Yeh, she is in my chamber"

"Are you trying to invite me over to your room?"

"You could say that"

"Then lead the way" I said and we went to her room

"Oh she isn't here yet" She said

"Oh I wonder if you didn't know your room is empty"

"I have no idea what you are talking about" She said, obviously lying but she came close to me and we begin making out AGAIN!

Then out of nowhere someone came in AGAIN!

"Oh, erm… I am sorry my majesty, I didn't know you have returned and accompanied with my Lord" Susan said

"Who is your Lord?" Margaret asked

"D, your highness"

"D? Lord? Ha, ha, ha. That was super funny"

"Erm no offence your highness but King just pronounced him as Lord of the Darkness"

"That sounds evil" I said

"No in a good way, he said D the lord of Darkness, the only person who can travel in darkness and shine like a sun"

"When did he say that?" Margaret asked

"That's where I was, emergency meeting"

"I see, anyways I have good news for you, The Scottish prince and you will end up getting married, act like Margaret and take her place"

"What? What do you mean by take her place my lord?"

"I mean as of today you are Princess Margaret and Margaret is M the new member of 'The Legendary Ghosts'"

"Oh my god, Thank you so much my lord, I have no idea how to repay you my lord"

"That's easy just keep calm and be Margaret" I said

"Now it's time for us to leave, so get what you want the most and lets run together" I added and told Margaret

She agreed and I went down to entrance of the Castle and waited for her to get ready, by the time she came down every member of Ghosts were there, the old members Adam and Dan and the new members Bob Margaret. By that time everyone was well aware of each other and what was happening, Adam and Dan were happy about the situation too. Finally we are done, we are ready and I have moved on, it was time to move out of this city but the next country we were visiting, I had no idea where we should begin but then that happen…


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