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Warrior cats: Tales untold #1: The Promise

By: LSTheNinjaKitten

Page 1, Seasons pass and the five clans, Rainclan, Rockclan, Sunclan, Shineclan, and Darkclan, are having problems when dogs seem to move into their territory. The clans find out that they are wolves, but only then are they having another problem. Twolegs are trying to cut down their territory, and the clans are afraid that they might end up like Skyclan, scattered or dead. The clans start to loose their trust in Starclan as the Twolegs cut down more territory, and the wolves attack more cats. Now, the clans only hope is five cats, one from each clan, who will have to journey far and find help. But will they each come back with help? Or will the clans have to end up like Skyclan and start a home somewhere else? Read the book to find out… Prologue summary: The cats of Starclan try to figure out a way to prevent the bad things that are coming upon the clans, but only one sticks to her word, watching over the clans every night. Read the prologue to find out what happens, and comment on mistakes, ideas, or your reaction. (THIS HAS NO BAD LANGUAGE, AND NO INAPPROPRIATE CONTENTS, BUT THIS DOES HAVE BLOOD IN IT.)(And the minor killing of prey.)



A pale blue she cat sat under the shade of starry trees. Her pelt was full of stars, and her eyes shimmered in the moonlight. She lifted her head as a cat, an orange tabby tom, stepped out of the marshes. “Greetings, Rainstar.” He mewed respectfully, dipping his head. “You don’t need to respect me, you are a leader too, Shinestar.” Rainstar mewed back, though her eyes where full of amusement. “What’s all the fight here about?” another voice questioned. A pure white she cat was looking at them from a tree branch above them. She leapt down with grace and padded up to them. “We are fighting about-“ “We aren’t fighting about anything important.” Rainstar interrupted Shinestar. “That’s nice.” The white cat meowed, stretching. “That’s always been you! You always take it easy! You wouldn’t even take your real name, Sunstar, because you said that another cat back in the other forest had it before you!” Shinestar hissed. “The name Sunnystar isn’t much different, is it?” Sunnystar calmly sat there while the other two glared at her. “What’s all the bickering about here?” a dark gray she stepped out of the forest and sat with the other three cats. “Eh? Nothing “important”” Sunnystar replied, licking her paws in turn. “Oh, hi Rockstar!” Rainstar mewed cheerfully, bounding over to her like a kit. They nuzzled eachother like they were old friends. “I still don’t get why you didn’t stay with me in Rockclan, we could have been deputy and leader.” Rockstar whispered. “I wanted to be leader as much as you did, and I didn’t want to take that away from you, and I would feel guilty of waiting for you to loose your last life so that I could become leader.” Rainstar murmured back sadly. “Hello? We are right here!” Sunnystar hissed impatiently. “Anyone would think you two are sisters!” Shinestar agreed. “Well, that’s exactly what we are!” Rainstar gritted her teeth and glared at the other leaders. “We aren’t all here! Where is Darkstar?” the cats started looking around. “Right here,” a voice rasped and a strong pure black tom made his way to the other cats. “What took you so long?” Sunnystar complained. “Oh, quit complaining! You’re acting like a kit! I was trying to figure out a way that this doesn’t happen.” He growled. Sunnystar sat down and started looking more like a strong leader, than an impatient apprentice waiting to go to training. “Leaders, I have asked you to come here because something is happening. A pack of dogs is coming towards the clan’s territory, and if we don’t stop it, we will never be able to help.” Rainstar hissed. “I have heard a little bit of these dogs, and spoke to them a few times.” Darkstar offered. “The leader says that they need a place to live. I have tried to reason with them, but they won’t listen, they just keep saying, “Life or death…” his voice trailed off. “What else did they say?” Sunnystar demanded. Darkstar shook his head. “I don’t know. They were walking past me when they said it, I didn’t catch the rest.” He sadly looked at his paws. “It’s not your fault,” Rainstar soothed him. “No one will ever understand the dumb brain of a dog. I’m not sure even Twolegs understand them!” she pricked her ears. “Speaking of Twolegs,” Rockstar hissed as if she knew what Rainstar was thinking. “Twolegs from all over have been coming closer and closer to the clan’s territory, we need to stop them!” She clawed at the ground. “No one can defeat Twolegs! Let alone one of them!” Sunnystar growled. “She has a point,” Darkstar agreed. The rest of the cats murmured agreement except for Rainstar. “How can you give up on them so easily?” Rainstar sounded disgusted, even at Rockstar. “The clans have been there for as long as we left the forest! I even gave up Skyclan to make Rainclan! I even gave up Rockclan, too!” she hissed, but the other cats were already climbing away. “So you all just turn your backs on the clans?” she screeched. “Cowards!” she insulted them. Rockstar turned towards her. “We are not cowards; we just can’t do anything to stop this from happening. This is a battle that we cannot fight, nor win.” She turned away and left her sister in the clearing. “Oh, clan, my beloved clan, I will try all my heart to not turn my back on you too. I will watch over you, always.” Rainstar murmured and vanished into the black night sky.

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