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Austin & Ally-Life Until That Moment

Book By: micahcheese20
Fan fiction

Austin & Ally were once friends, but that changed over the course of the summer. Find out what happens when Austin finally asks her out, and find out what happens when Cassidy comes back so she can have that date she planned with Austin almost 1 year ago...

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Austin & Ally-Life Until That Moment

Part 1 Chapter 1: Shyness & Secrets

As usual on a fine summer evening, Ally Dawson was inside her family's business, Sonic Boom. She was at the counter writing inside of her very special journal, it was a pretty slow night. This is what Ally wrote:

March 1st.

I am so glad I finally finished the song for Austin! He's going to love, "Heard It On the Radio." It may have taken almost a month, but I finished it! There's just one thing that's always been on my mind… Austin. The song may have been my top priority, but while I was writing it I was thinking about Austin the whole entire time. His bright blonde hair. His gleaming chocolate brown eyes. He was strong. Funny. Cute. The problem is, I don't think he likes me back. If I tell him and he doesn't like me back, it'll ruin everything. If we do go out and break up, everything will change. Whatever, I have to finish reading the second book of the Harry Potter series for the summer, I'll write more later. XoXo! ~Ally Dawson

All the sudden, Ally felt like she was getting electrocuted right above her hips. "Agggggh!!!" She screamed. She jumped on the counter and her journal was flung over her head. She pounced onto her book as quickly as possible so no one could grab it.

"Wow! You totally freaked out!" Austin chuckled as Ally stood up. "Totally NOT funny, Austin! Now I'm not going to give you your new song," Ally said angrily. "Pleeeeeeaaaaaase show me the new song! I want to sing it!!!" Austin begged. She looked at his adorable puppy dog eyes, and then she went upstairs into their songwriting room.

She sat down on the piano and handed Austin the lyrics she had written inside of the book. The page flipped by accident when Ally was practicing the keys for the song, and Austin saw all the things she wrote about him. He felt guilty, but he enjoyed the feeling of having someone like him.

He speedily flipped the page back to, "Heard It On the Radio," and said, "Start the music!" to Ally playfully. He sang through the whole song, and Ally loved the sound of a piano along with Austin's amazing voice. Then the song was over and Ally continued, "I'm going home, it's almost midnight and I'm super tired. Lock up for me?"

"Sure, no problem," Austin said carelessly and Ally was off.

Austin's POV

Ally likes me? I thought she liked Dallas! Wow, she must of just written that stuff about me but realized it was like Dallas and covered it up quickly. Why wouldn't she tell me? After all, I think I like her too. That cutesy way she bites her hair when she's scared. Her beautiful soft hair. Wait, what's that?

Austin locked up the door with the key she hid under the counter, and then he cautiously approached the object. It was Ally's book.

I know she told me not to touch it, but she's not here… She won't mind? I just want to see what she wrote about me, that's all. I already know she likes me, so it won't hurt looking at something I already know, right?

He opened up the book and looked inside. There were songs, pictures, and of course things about Austin. "Huh, she must really like me," he wondered and kept on flipping through pages. While he was reading, a tired Ally came through the unlocked back door and saw Austin reading her journal.

"Austin? What the hell are you doing?! That's my book that I have told you plenty of times NEVER to touch! How could you?" Ally screamed. She ran over to the counter and took her diary. She stormed out with a tomato red face and Austin ran after her.

"Look Ally, I'm really sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough. Did you see…?


Ally started to tear up. "I never wanted you to see it! Plus I have some other things that I don't want ANYONE to see, Austin."

"Don't worry, I only saw the things you wrote about me. And amazing songs," Austin sweetly added. "Look, I just want to let you know that…"

"That WHAT? You think I'm weird? Ugly? Messed up in the brain?" Ally yelled and sat down on the stairs that they were nearby to. "Ally…"

"Save your breath," Ally viciously said. "Alright, guess you don't want any talking. So I'll give you this." He leaned in as fast as he could, pushed her up against the wall and-I'm happy to say-he kissed her.

Author's Note:

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter to my new fan fiction story! I've been wanting to write one for a long time and now I made it. Here you go! :) If people like it, I'll make a second chapter so please comment down below if you want more! Also, add suggestions and a little bit of constructive criticism isn't always a bad thing. :D Thank you!

XoXo Micah


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