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You and Me, Together

Book By: Poohfacee
Fan fiction

(Justin Bieber , Ariana Grande)

Justin and Kristina fall in love at first sight.. Kristina is broken in many ways, and Justin has a dangerous job. Just as they realize they belong together... Justin's past catches up with them...

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Kristina's pov I woke up gasping for air as I did each morning. I had the same exact nightmare I had every night since the accident. I just wished that it would soon stop. "That little fucker refuses to do anything I say!" I heard my mother mumble loudly. "Doesn't she know this is my damn house, she will do as I damn well please?" I rose out of my bed, stretching and suppressing a yawn. What a nice voice to wake up to. Sometimes I want to just run. I walked out to my drawers and rummaged through searching for something decent to wear. "Fuck. Where are my clothes?" I asked myself in a confused tone. Eventually, I gave up on my search for clothes and settled for the pair of shorts sprawled across the floor , my wrap around sandals, and a pink Cami that hung on my door handle. I walked down the stairs holding my iPhone, wallet, and keys. I tiptoed to the door watching behind me in case my witch faced mother decided to question me . I walked to the door turning around, walking right into her. "Fuck. You scared me!" I exclaimed looking her square in the eyes. "Where are you going?" She asked. I straightened up and pulled my hair into a messy bun. "Nowhere." I said, and quickly walked around her and out the door to my car. "Get the fuck back inside this house." she screamed out to me. " i told you to clean these dishes and take the garbage out." What a terrible person to call mom. I started the car, ignorning her drunken ass and pulled out of the driveway. I hated living with her. It was a pain in the ass. Especially since my brother was gone and it was only me and her. I stopped at the red light debating on whether I wanted coffee or a smoothie. Feeling the pain in my head, and the drowsiness of my eyes, I decided on coffee. Turning left as the light turned green, I entered the lot and turned the key, shutting my car off. I got out making sure to lock my doors as I walked inside. "Yoo. Welcome to Kelly's, what would you like?" I heard a familiar voice ask . "Ummm can I have an iced mocha latte?" I asked with uncertainty. "Yes , is that all Kristina?" She asked "ummm can I have a muffin?" I asked. Nodding her head as she said "8.26 , is your total you may grab your muffin," Handing her a $10 I heard her say "here's your change." I grabbed a sheet of wax paper and a bag , grabbing a citrus muffin from the container. "GOODMORNING sunshine." I heard a voice say. It was a nice deep but soft voice. I turned to see a boy I recognized as Justin Bieber... "Umm morning, Justin?" it came out as more of a question than a statement. i took a piece of my muffin into my mouth waiting to see what would happen next. "Umm yeah, I go to your school... My locker is a little down the hall from you, and I'm in your History, Math, And English classes." He said matter of factly. "Oh , hi. " I mumbled shyly. "Kristina , here's your iced mocha latte!" I heard Hailey, the familiar girl at the counter call. "See ya." I said while winking at Justin. "Cute ass." I heard him say under his breath. Giggling I walked to the counter to grab my drink then to the car. Immediately, by the time I opened my car door my phone started to ring. April. It read. "Yooooo." I answered. "Kris. Come over. Now." I heard her sob. "April! What's wrong?" I asked as I hopped in the car. "Just hurry up!" She said blasting into a full crying fit. "Okay, baby, here I come." I cooed while pulling out of the lot rushing to my bestfriend's house. I pulled up to the lot behind April's house. I rang the bell signaling to buzz me me up.. She never did. I rang the bell again. Nothing. "what in the name of HE'LL." I mumbled while pulling out my phone. I unlocked it and dialed the number most recent in my contacts. "hello.." a hushed voice answered, I assumed it to be April. "I'm downstairs." I said in a soothing tone. The phone hung up and I heard a buzz emitting from the bell signaling me to enter. The sign on the elevator read "out of service." why me. I gulped. I began running up the stairs to the fifth floor. At the third floor, I nearly gave out from all the running I was doing. "god, I need to lay off the food." I gasped out of breath. I continued to run up the two flights and knocked on the door. From what I could see the door was cracked, I peered inside April nowhere insight. "Aaaaaaprilllllll." I called out. I heard a whimper from the other room. Dropping my keys, phone, wallet, and muffin, I ran into the room to see April sprawled across her bed. Tears escaping her eyes and a bottle of pills that were nearly half empty beside her. Her eyes were low, and she looked as if she was about to pass out. "APRIL! what the hell are you doing!?" I yelled, but I don't think she heard me. Her eyes were now closed and her cheeks were turning pale. Running out of the room I returned to where I had dropped my phone. Quickly unlocking it I dialed 911. A man who sounded like he ate too many doughnuts the night before answered. "911, what's the emergency." "HELLO.? my name is Kristina my best friend just overdosed on cyanide pills! I'm at 8763 E. Stratford Avenue , were on the fifth floor second apartment over! Hurry please.! I hurried to her side, and placed my head on top of her heart trying to hear a beat. Her heartbeat was faint, but at least It was beating. "baby can you hear me," I called out "I'm here for you I love you. Why are you doing this to yourself?" I pressed trying to keep from sobbing. About 5 minutes later I heard am ambulance , and loud noises as men ran up the stairs carrying a stretcher. "she's in there!" I pointed as they ran inside following my directions. They were talking to each other quickly as they snatched up her lifeless, unconscious body. They hurried out, and as I can see there were more men who looked like paramedics waiting outside. I grabbed up my belongings and ran out and down the stairs hot on their tails as the fought to save my best friend's life. I hopped-in my car starting up the engine, Trying to catch up to ambulance. When I reached the hospital I jumped out the car, and ran into the entrance that read "emergency room." I stopped at the desk . "April Marette?" I screamed. "they just took her so they can pump her stomach. You have to wait here, while they do that. Meanwhile, we need you to fill out this report." angrily I grabbed the clipboard that held the paper I had to fill out. "what's this report for." I asked "it's just so that the doctors know what happened so they can treat April to the best of their abilities." alright. I went and sat down. I felt my cheeks getting hot, and my eyes getting heavy. Why do bad things always happen to ME? can't I catch a break? I asked myself in disbelief. Rubbing my face, I began to fill out the report. When I was finished I took it back to the counter. The lady at the counter called in a nurse and told her to take the report up to an April Marette. I sat back down. My phone buzzed. Ugh not now. I reached for my phone. TEXT MESSAGE FROM:Unknown Hey sunshine. I looked up, surprise on my face as I wondered who this could be.I thought about earlier. JUSTIN. He had called me sunshine. I replied back. TEXT MESSAGE To: weird fuck Hey. As I sent the message, I thought about how I would pretend to not know who he was. A buzz came, signaling that I had a new message. I looked up and saw a doctor approach. I stood up. "Kristina Johnson?" he asked. "yes. Kristina." I answered nervously. "umm.. Hi im doctor Arzabe. You might want to take a seat." the doctor said to me. My eyes opened in surprise as I took a seat. Defeat clear in my expressions. "Okay, who exactly are you to the patient, Ms. Johnson?" I looked up from my defeated glance at my shoes. "Umm, I'm her best friend. We've been best friends since we were two." I answered as I looked into his eyes, sensing his uncomfortable mood. "Okay. Ms. Marette seems to have overdosed on Suicide pills, and we've pumped her stomach and got most of the toxins out." I listened as the doctor talked. I stumbled upon one of his words. Most. I gulped hard as the doctor continued talking. "She has a room, but she is in a vegetative state right now due to the toxins inside the drug." I stared at his face unable to comprehend the words coming out of his mouth. "A veg-." I stammered. He looked at me, eyes full of woe. "A vegetative state; this is similar to a coma. Her boys was immune to drugs this strong, which tripped a neural reaction causing the coma." My jaw dropped. "APRIL IS IN A COMA!?" I asked with tears bursting from my eyes. "Yes, but she can come out at any time. You are now free to visit with her. Sorry for this unfortunate accident. Her room is 3A in the ICU." The doctor said before walking away. Staring into his back with my eyes which burned, I decided to sit down for a minute to catch my breath. Just a few hours ago I had woke up, and met Justin. Now, I'm experiencing my best friend's suicide episode gone wrong. When I caught my breath, I stood up and my feet took me over to the elevator. I stepped inside. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. A loud ding! Brought me back to reality. Stepping out of the elevator, I searched for room 3A. I caught glimpse of the door and walked to it, as I walked I felt my phone vibrate. "shit. I forgot to text Justin back." I thought out loud. I walked into the room, as I checked my phone. TEXT MESSAGE From: Weird Fuck Do you even know who this is? TEXT MESSAGE From: Weird Fuck ... Its Justin. Um wanna hang out soon? My heart swooned. I replied back. To: Weird Fuck We'll see. What do you have in mind? After I sent the message I remembered where I was. Shit. April. I walked deeper into the room and saw my bestfriend laying in her bed. She had lots and lots of plugs attatched to her. I stiffened as I saw her pinky move. "April?" I asked. But I got no answer. I pulled a chair up beside her bed. I grabbed her hand in mine, and whispered to her. "You're okay. All you need to do is wake up. Come back to me. Don't leave me on this bullshit planet alone I said to her. "please." My phone vibrated as a tear fell from my eyes. Justin's POV I stepped into the coffee shop, planning to trick the dumb bich Hailey into giving me free coffee today. I walked in with a wholehearted grin spread across my face. "Hey Hailey wassup with the coffee?" I asked sweetly. Then I heard a noise, and looked over to see the most perfect girl I've EVER seen. She was stepping on tippy toes trying to reach the muffins. I walked over. Clearly she didn't notice because she was much occupied with the citrus muffins. I stared in pure curiosity at her red hair, messily slapped into a messy bun, with the prettiest dimples a girl could have. God. I thought. "GOODMORNING sunshine," Escaped from my lips without a second thought. She closed the muffin bin, after retrieving her muffin and said "Morning um Justin?" which came out as a question. I felt so good looking into her beautiful brown eyes. I felt my need to continue talking to her as I blurted, "Umm yeah, I go to your school... My locker is a little down the hall from you, and I'm in your History, Math, And English classes." A look of recognition glistened in her eyes as she took a piece of her muffin gulping it down. "oh hi." She mumbled, shyness evident in her voice. I stared at her, love forming in my eyes. I was about to say more when Hailey interrupted, calling to Kristina about her coffee being ready. crushed I could just watch as everything happened so fast. And then she walked out. Thanks a lot bitch. I thought in my head. Watching as Kristina drove away, I knew I had to get her for me. She was the one.


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