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Hey! Ho! Let's go!

Book By: Pranav5
Fan fiction

This story contains the characters of Ramones(or Ratones), the biggest fan group of Punk Rock. Here's one for which you can like....GABBA GABBA HEY!

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Some scavengers were paid for cleaning the territory where the fan club of the Ramones will take place. One of the scavengers is Raphael. Still working, he got inside the house where the cooker was cooking strawberry tarts for the artists. Very delicious! Of course, those who will smell will dribble.

'Stop drooling and occupy yourself for your work, Raph', said a cooker.

Raph thought 'Grrr! They want someone like me to die or I don't know.'

Suddenly, someone banged at Raphael.

Jopi: Oh! Excuse me!

Raphael: Hey! A Ratones!

Jopi: Hello! My name is Jopi! The singer of the troop. I want to grant my guitar in a quiet place.......hey! What's that smelling odour? It's delicious!

Raphael: I will fetch you a piece. Sit here!

As Raphael has gone. The guitarist began his test:

'Okay, sweetie. One...two...

But a sudden crowd came in a rush.






Jopi, with fear: 'Argh! No! Not that! Not the fans!

The guitarist then ran away. Even Raphael didn't know what had happened.

'Here's a piece of........euh Jopi, where are you? Then I will swallow it myself'

Raphael returned back to his work:

'Pencils, papers? What do that means? Perhaps they wanted some autographs. Pfeew!'

Finally, Raphael threw the wastes into the dirt truck. But he didn't realised that he threw also the guitar of Jopi.

When Jopi returned:


'Someone will surely find it. Taste this tart, Jopi!', said a cooker.

'Sorry guys! The concert's finish. You can cancel it', said a Ratones, one of Jopi's friend.

'No! I'll bring it', said Raphael.

Raphael then went to dirt terrace, where all the wastes are disposed.

'That guitar can't be found. What to do? I'll buy another one then.'

Arriving at an instruments shop,

'May I help you?'

'Yes. I want to buy a guitar. Hmm. An ancient one.'

Arriving at Jopi's place, Raphael knocked at the door:

'Get out, Jopi! Here's a guitar. What do you say?'

-'You have found it? But, it's a bad joke! No matter to play with this!'

And BLAM. The door was closed.

Raphael returned back to the shop:

'I want the model the most expensive one. Poof! I think I'll be eaten raw up to the end of year.'

Again back to the artist's room, one of the Ratones announced:

'Nep! Jopi won't be satisfied with that guitar. Hey! It's nice this pie! Mmm!

Raphael got out, sadly. But his cousin came to him:

'Ah! You are there. Look! A nice guitar. It has just fell from a lorry and I picked it up. What do you say?'

- 'HEY! IT'S THE GUITAR OF JOPI. Give it to me!'

- 'Oh really! Prove to me it's his.'

At the moment they were discussing, a cooker, seeing them, have an idea. He said to himself:

'Oh,oh! I must interfere. I know they won't resist to that pie.'

The cooker then threw the strawberry tart and:

'Give it to me!'

'No! I am hungry.'

Finally, Jopi got back his guitar: 'My mimi!' And of course, the Ramones has passed their concert as they wished and the fans were delighted.


What about Raphael and his cousin?

They were eating the rest of the tart, thinking to have their reward after their adventures.


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