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chapter 1

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trudi pov
i look at my bruised face in my bathroom mirror a tear creeped out the corner of my eye ,how am i gonna explain this to my mom how did i let this go so far. i touched my throbbing eye and busted lip and started to cry harder. i reached in my bathroom dresser and pulled out my make up set i covered up my brusies and walked down stairs .
"good morning hija" (hija is daughter in Spanish) my mom said to me as she poured me a glass of orange jucie "good morning mami" i said as i took a sip of my jucie "how did you sleep" she asked "great" i lied i could hardly sleep every time i closed my eyes i see my boyfriend Brian striking my face over and over again even thinking about it it makes me wanna cry
"thats good trudi"she said smiling at me i smiled back "well im going to work have fun at the concert to night"
concert what is she talking about about she walked out and i looked on the kitchen table and saw a concert ticket next to a vip pass to a mindless behavior show tonight i smiled at myself and then i felt a little bad my mom has to work a 48 hour shift every week saving lives and putting hers in danger as a firefighter. i drink the rest of my juice and went up stairs my phone started vibrating it was Brian i didn't answer it.he kept calling and calling but i didn't want to talk to him im sick of his mental and physical abuse .
someone knocked on the door so i walked down stairs and looked threw the peep hole it was Brian my heart was beating hard and fast i didn't open it "BITCH I SEE YOU OPEN THE FUCKINN DOOR" he yelled. I wasn't gonna open the door for anything he started banging on the door hard "OPEN THE DOOR BEFORE I BREAK THIS SHIT DOWN"he demanded .
i took a deep breath and unlocked the door. i slowly opened the door and he walked in and put his hands around my neck ans squeezed. "when i call you you answer your damn phone ok" he said "k"was all i could slip out mouth he let go of me and kissed my lip softly. "Im sorry baby you just make me so mad"he looked deep in my light green eyes. How could he be blaming me for this but i guess i should stop making him mad "im taking you out love"he said caressing my cheek "when" i asked hoping it was not during the time of the concert "8"he answered
noooooo the concert starts at 8 "i can't" i said without thinking "why not" he said getting in my face um im baby sitting my little cousin" i lied he looked in my eyes "your lying"he spat "why t'f your lying to me your going to see another niggga" i looked away from him and he slapped me so hard i fell "if i find out your cheating on me ill kill you and him "he said walking away "ill be here at 8 be ready" he said as he walked out the door leaving me on the hard floor
i get my self up and just think why am i with Brian does he even love me what is love? real love
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT I NEED AT LEAST 5 COMMENT IF YOU DON'T COMMENT I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD KEEP GOING OR NOT THANK YOUUU<3 <3 vote and like to ill do some shout out to stay mindless spread the peace not your legs lol OK im out
ps the first couple chaps may be short but they get longer <3


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