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Those Red Eyes - RedxGold Pokemon Fanfic

Book By: RattleHound
Fan fiction

Those... those red... eyes...

Red. A name that Gold had heard numerous times while on his journey through Johto and Kanto. Gold barely knew anything about this mysterious boy called 'Red', except for the fact that he was a Pokemon Master and had disbanded Team Rocket.
Out of the blue, Gold got sent out on a mission to retrieve Red who had been missing for about 3 years. But little did he know about the hidden darkness that dwelled on Mount Silver.

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Welcome to my first-ever-full-on Pokémon story! :D
Alright, so this is a Pokémon boyxboy (;D) fanfic, so if you don't like this kinda stuff... you're missing out. But if you're not comfortable with this stuff, don't read it. Simple as that.
This particular 'ship' is called Polishipping. Only my fellow Pokenerds would realize that this means RedxGold ;)
This story will probably always be in Gold's POV so... yeah.
Anyways, on with the story!


Gold's POV

"I've finally made it." I whispered quietly to myself as I stared at the town of Pallet in awe.

It was a quaint little town with just a handful of houses for the very few people who lived there. Due to the small population, the town was very tidy and well managed. Beautiful, green, flourishing trees of all shapes and sizes were scattered through-out the town. Small streams leading out to the ocean at the base of the town were crystal clear and free of pollution. The buildings that housed the residents of Pallet Town were small, cottage-styled houses, each with its own letter box out front. Because the town was one of the smallest in the Kanto region, there was no need for a Pokémon center. Also, Viridian City which had one was close by. Only one building stood out from the rest, as it was the biggest, and that was the famous Oak Laboratory. This is where I was heading.

"Come on, Typhlosion, let's go!" I grinned widely at my first Pokémon ever, and trusty partner. I got a bark of happiness as a reply and then we headed towards Professor Oak's lab.

There weren't very many people out and about as it was quite late in the afternoon, but those who were gave me a friendly smile as I passed them. I would always return the gesture. It was a short walk as the lab was relatively close to the entrance of the town. As I made it to the front door of the laboratory, I looked up at the sky just as a flock of Pidgey were flying by.

"Hey, those Pidgey were flying in the shape of an arrow..." I said and smiled and then patted Typhlosion on the head. "That's a sign of good luck you know. Alright, let's do this!"

I knock three times before letting myself in. "Hellooo? Is anybody home?" I called out, my voice echoing around the room. "It's me! Gold!"
"Gold?!" a voice from upstairs yelled.

I looked at the stairs as a man in about his late 60's or early 70's walked down them to greet me. He was wearing a white lab coat over a red shirt that was tucked into his beige trousers. On his feet he wore a pair of brown slacks.

"Gold! It's great to see you again!"
"Professor Oak! It's been ages since we last met." I smiled and made my way over to the older man.
"It has indeed. Please, take a seat." Professor Oak signals for me to sit down on one of the couches in the middle of the room.

The laboratory was very big and full of high tech computers and machines. There was a room full of trainer's pokeballs and outside there was a big field for the Pokémon to roam. Inside this room, there was a desk covered in complicated papers and documents. The only thing that wasn't knocked over or placed carelessly was a photo frame. The picture showed Professor Oak and two other boys at what appeared to be the Indigo Plateau. The Professor was standing there with his arms slung over the shoulders of the two boys, a proud smile on his face. The two boys looked a little less happy. I recognised one of them to be the gym leader of Viridian City, Blue. He looked a couple of years younger and had a look of sorrow mixed with anger on his face. The other boy's face was a lot harder to read as it showed no sign of emotion. But I noticed something. The boy's eyes gave away something that I could decipher as sympathy, almost guilt. I felt like I recognised the boy, but couldn't think of the name...

"So what brings you to Pallet Town, Gold?" Professor Oak interrupted my thoughts.
"Oh, I just wanted to tell you that I got all of the badges from the Johto and Kanto regions..."
A look of surprise was evident on his face. "So I guess that means you beat my grandson, Blue, then?"
I rubbed the back of my head and with my hand and smiled sheepishly. "Uh, yeah... I guess..."

All of a sudden, Blue had come crashing through the door. He was wearing a black jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. He had on beige pants and black sneakers. His hair ginger/brown hair was spiked up.

"Hey gramps! Do you know where Gold is-" Blue stopped himself when he saw me sitting on the couch. "Oh, hey."
"Hey." I smiled awkwardly and then patted Typhlosion once again. "What do you need?"
"I just," Blue tried to catch his breath. "I just need to tell you something."
"What is it? I'm all ears." I said, focussing my attention on Blue.

Blue closed the door then came and sat next to Professor Oak on the couch across from Typhlosion and I.

"You ever heard of a place called Mt Silver?" Blue started.
"Wait, you mean that mountain that's between the Kanto and Johto regions, and is filled with scarily strong wild Pokémon?" I asked.
"Yup. That's the one."
"Yeah, I know it." I said.
"Where are you going with this, Blue?" Professor Oak asked his grandson cautiously.
"Well, now that Gold has conquered Johto and Kanto, don't you think he should be allowed up there? I mean, he is strong enough, right gramps?"
"Hmm..." Professor Oak thought for a while. "I guess you're right. But this doesn't seem like you, Blue. You're not usually so... flattering, towards other people. There's got to be another reason as to why you want Gold to go up Mt Silver so badly."

Blue looked shocked for a moment, but then seemed to accept the fact that he had been found out.

"Okay, fine." Blue sighed. "I want him... I want him to go find Red."


Gold's POV

Red! I remembered now! That's who the other boy in the photo was! I remembered Blue telling me about how Red defeated him even though he had only been champion for a matter of minutes. Blue had told him that Red let Lance continue being the champion at the Indigo Plateau, but Red was still the real one. Blue became the gym leader of Viridian City after the previous one had turned out to be Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket. That's it! Red was famous for not only being the champion of Kanto, but for taking down and disbanding Team Rocket for good. Well, up until now at least. I had heard so many things about him on my journeys through Johto and Kanto. Blue had said to me that after Red gave up the title of champion, he disappeared. And he was still missing to this day.

"Wait, WHAT?!" I shouted at Blue. "You want me to go find him?! You're kidding right?!"
"Uh, no I wasn't actually..." Blue said quietly.
"Good Arceus! You're crazy!"
"Gold, just calm down," Professor Oak said. "Blue does have a point. Next to Red, you are the strongest trainer, Gold. And we have a feeling that he's on Mt Silver, so maybe you could go up there and talk some sense into him. Make him come back down and see us, especially his mother. It's been three years."

Oh. Three years up on a mountain. Alone. With no one to talk to. How would his mother feel? I couldn't imagine leaving my mother for three years with no contact what-so-ever.

"But... he's the strongest trainer ever." I whispered.
"And you're just as strong!" Blue encouraged me. "You have 16 badges for crying out loud! I'm sure you can do it!"
"You're the only one who can." Professor Oak said.
I thought about this for a long time and finally made my decision. "Fine, I'll do it. But on one condition. I want to talk to his mother first."
"Deal." Professor Oak and Blue said at the same time.


Gold's POV

Number 6, number 6, number 6... where is it?! I was trying to find Red's house, and it wasn't going so well. You'd think that it would be easy to find one house in a town this small, but the sun had already set (and not to mention the fact that these houses all look the same!) and was proving to be a more difficult task than I had previously thought.

"Number 3, 4, 5..." I mumbled to myself. "Number 6! Finally!"

I approached the cottage-styled house and took in its features. It was a small two story house, complete with a little garden and fence out the front. I opened the gate and it made a horrendous creaking sound and I winced. Why does it feel like I'm in a horror movie? I admitted it. I was nervous. But who can blame me? It's not every day that you go and visit the legendary trainer Red's house, is it?

I reached the door and lifted my hand to knock on the door, but stopped myself. Maybe I could still back out? Turn around and pretend none of this had happened...? No. I had to do this. For Professor Oak, Blue, Red's mother and possibly... Red himself.

I knocked on the door three times and waited for an answer.
"Coming!" A feminine voice called out. A woman with dark purple-ish air answered the door. She wore a red dress with a white apron over the top. She looked at me in confusion. "Hello...? Can I help you?"
"H-hello, my name is G-Gold." I introduced myself nervously. "P-Professor Oak and B-Blue sent me here."
"Oh! I've heard a lot about you, Gold! You're one of Blue's friends, right?"
"Y-yes, I am. I'm here to, um... talk to you about, uh... your son, R-Red."

Her face fell and she gave me a sad smile. "Alright, please, do come in."


Gold's POV

Red's mother and I sat on the couches in the living room across from eachother.

"I hope you don't mind my Typhlosion being here," I smiled sheepishly, my nervousness gone. "He prefers to stay out of his pokeball."
"No, no, that's alright," the woman in front of me smiled. "Red used to keep his Pokémon out of theirs to, so I'm used to it."

The room fell into an awkward silence at the mention of Red's name.

"Red wasn't always distant you know." Red's mother started suddenly. "He was such a happy child. Always laughing and playing. The kids at his school flocked to him because he was so fun to be around."
I gulped uneasily. "What happened?"
"It was after his father, my husband, passed away. He stopped eating, stopped smiling and shut himself away from everyone. But the thing that scared me the most, was the he never cried once. He blocked out the rest of the world. His father was his hero. With the distance came the silence. The kids at school turned on him. They started picking on him and calling him a mute. But still. He never cried. The only things that ever seemed to make him happy were Pokémon. He loved every little thing about them. At one point, he was so excited that I thought he was going to speak. But it was just false hope. He just showed me pictures and pointed at things. I haven't heard his voice since the day his father died. Then came the day Red got his first Pokémon. Professor Oak thought it would be a good idea to send him on a journey. Get him outside of his comfort zone. I haven't seen him since he left."

I sat there for a moment. Taking the story in.

"Thank-you for sharing that with me. I feel like I understand Red a bit better now." I said calmly. "Now it's time for me to explain why I'm here. Professor Oak and Blue want me to... to go up to Mt Silver and get him to come back down."

Red's mother's eyes went wide and she gasped. "You would do that?"
"I'm the only one who can." I said, using Professor Oak's words from before.
"Oh my Arceus! Thank-you! Thank-you so much!" She yells and then brings me into a bone crushing hug. "I'll get to see my baby again!"

That's if I can actually get him to come down.



Waaaaahhhh! I made myself sad with Red's life story! :'(
Btw I totally made that whole story up, so don't worry people! But Red seriously doesn't talk though :/
I thought that was pretty could if I do say so myself! (don't worry, I'm not a self conceited bitch :D)
It was kinda hard to type up though as I actually wrote it on paper in a 3rd first and then decided to change it to 1st person and I had to convert it while typing and it just got me all muddled up :P
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it and looked forward to more!



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