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My Name Is Zak Bagens, I've Never Believed in Ghosts until I Came Face-to-Face with One... Here are Our Ghost Adventures

Book By: RyansGirlFOREVER1993
Fan fiction

Zak, Aaron, & Nick are called to do an investigation at a family's home in New Jersey, Tony & Susan Buer's house has been infested with ghosts since last years Christmas, they have two grown daughters, Kristy & Jessica, both of them have experenced paranormal phenomeon whenever they stop in and say hi to their parents. Tony has some of the phenominon caught on tape from his iPhone, we're going to find out if we can catch some of our own paranormal phenomeon and compare it to Tony's, ours will probably out-do Tony's, but we'll have to be locked down to find out...

Submitted:Aug 9, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1: Don't Scream Ghost!

Zak's P.O.V

I watched the trees zip by from the van's window, I was thinking on how we can capture paranormal phenomenon without -- that doesn't sound right -- on how I can capture paranormal phenomenon without getting the shit scared out of me. Aaron's laughter boomed beside me, which made me jump from being startled. Nick was laughing his ass off in the back seat of the van, "did Aaron scare you Zak...?" more laughter from both of my buddies. I gave Nick a 'don't make me kill you' stare, which just made him laugh even harder. I turned back around to face the front of the van, Aaron was munching on a bag of Goldfish and talking to the driver with his mouth full, & yellow crumbs were glued to his black Ghost Adventures jacket. I playfully rolled my eyes and was about to say something when Aaron announced, "we're here!" he sounded like a little five year old just arriving at a water park. I unbuckled as the driver screeched to a stop, Tony and Susan were waiting outside for us, they had three dogs wagging their tails standing around them. I smiled politely at Susan, who was quite interested in our equipment. Tony smiled and walked up to me, we shook hands and then he said, "do you mind waiting a while... my best friend's daughter heard that you guys were comin' and she really wants to do the lockdown with you guys, she's been watchin' your show ever since it went on the air!" I smiled, "sure! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, and how old is she?" Tony stared off towards the entry way coming towards the house, a grey pick-up truck pulled in, "speaking of her, there she is!" I looked through the slightly tinted front windshield, I made out a girl sitting in the passenger seat and a man driving the truck. The girl got out, she wore dark blue skinny jeans, a tied to the side Delicious t-shirt, and black Adidas, I would of thought she was Kristen Stewart if it wasn't for her beautiful smile. Susan came up next to me, "I see you have your eyes on her already... her name is Angelina, she's 22." I was a couple years older than her, this is going to be great. She walked over with such beauty I could of sworn she was an angel sent from Heaven, which explains why her name is Angelina. She put her RayBans on top of her head which removed the messy hair away from her face, her eyes were beautiful. Aaron spoke, "Hey, I'm Aaron... this is my good bud, Zak... who is star struck right now... but don't worry he'll be back to his normal self in two hours..." Aaron's booming laughter echoed around us, I wanted to punch him... or tie him to a chair and leave him where the ghosts will get him. Aaron slapped my back and chuckled while walking away so he could avoid getting hit by me. I rolled my eyes at him and turned back around to face Angel, "hey... I'm Zak..." "Angelina." even her voice was beautiful! Nick came around me and grinned sheepishly, "hey... Zak, you gotta... a little droll right there, here let me get that." he pulled the collar of my shirt to my chin, I smacked his hand as hard as I ever did, he yelped in pain and surprise. He held his right hand in his left up to his mouth, "ouch!" I chuckled, Nick narrowed his eyes at Angel, "and I thought I was hateful...! I thought we can be friends, but you can forget it!" her pretty pink lips formed the most cutiest pout I've EVER seen in my life, Nick laughed, "I'm just teasing you... don't worry I'm not like Zak, who always forgets who his friends are..." he was saying that mostly to me while he looked at Angelina. I frowned, "Nick can, can I talk toyou for a second?" Nick grinned, "Uh... I think Aaron called me from the van... Coming Aaron!" I was just about to wack him before he got out of reach. "Well, are we going to get a tour of this house or not?" "Yes, follow me..." Tony said coming around Angelina. "Okay, cool." We all followed Tony and Susan. "What's some of the history of this property?" "Well, this house use to be owned by one of my daughter's friends, until he comitted suicide in the basement 15 years ago. Give or take." He smiled at Susan, "Would you like to go see the basement?" "Yeah, that'd be awesome!" We made our way down into the basement and I heard something like it was being thrown on the floor. "What the f*** was that?!"


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