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Electric Feel - Chapter 1

Book By: Saftbox
Fan fiction

Based off of old RP’s with one of my first and favorite RP partners. Decided to continue the story. In this fiction, Mako is apart of the equalist movement. The entire thing is based around Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Submitted:Oct 2, 2012    Reads: 16    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Opening her eyes gradually, Azula woke up in her familiar bed chamber. It'd be a slow day today; she knew it already.

As the light from the windows flooded the gigantic space, the princess did her best to avoid it - sure, she was a Firebender and all, but waking up to the sun shining directly in your eyes sure wasn't pleasant, or at least she thought so. The small girl scratched the back of her head lightly. What time was it?

A small knocking from the humongous wooden door interrupted Azula's thoughts at once. Sitting up startled, she shouted across the room.

"Come in! It had better be important!"

And with that, the wooden giant inched itself open. A small servant girl peeked out from behind it.

"M-m-ma'am.." She said, her voice shaky. "You have a visitor.." Upsetting royalty was the last thing on the servants' list today. And quite obviously, the princess was already annoyed. Bad things could happen to the servants if they..managed to upset the royalty in any way, shape, or form, you see. Quite frankly, the small girl preffered to keep her head on her body, thank you very much. "I'll go ahead and l-let your visitor in, y-your highness.."

Azula didn't answer. The groggy-ness from waking up was begging to set in.

Mako walked into the room after the servants had opened the door for him. The door slammed shut ominously behind him, as if he'd never make it back out alive. Oh, the familiar feeling that brought.

He paused.

The gap between him and the princess seemed to go on forever. She stood at the end of her bed, her arms crossed. The look on her face didn't seem particularly happy. With one quick look through his goggles, he could tell that she was trouble. He didn't need to hear one of the many rumors about Azula to figure that part out. It'd be best to get on her good side.

He kneeled to the floor, getting down on one knee.

"My name is Mako, your highness…"He paused, waiting for an answer. When no reply was made, he continued. "And I'd like to offer you an ultimatum, ma'am."

The small girl didn't budge. Her arms were still crossed, her face was still like stone.

He was facing the monster all alone. Was this Mako's smartest idea?

No. Definitely not.


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