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Beautiful, Stupid Lie.Part Five.

Book By: stargirl2
Fan fiction


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Chapter Five.

That night, Maddy had a dream that baffled her for days. Inher dream, she met five others. Two teens, one preteen, amiddle aged child, a little girl, and a blind teen boy.

"My story may be over, but I can still help you. You have to get out of there! He switched tactics, now he pampers you, but he'll still inprison you! You have a glass cieling, so get the other out using that. After that, run. Don't even think about stopping. He'll send something after you no doubt, but don't stop till your safe!" said the blonde.

"But, why?"asked Maddy.

"Because no matter what he says or does or gives to you, he's still evil, pure evil. And what did I say!? RUN,YOU NIMROD AND DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!" said the girl.

In the morning, the professor rounded up the Gang (they decided to call eachother that) to go through some tests.

"So, now that you so graciously found out that you can all fly, I'd like to run a few tests on stamina, strength, of body and of wiings, speed, and intelligence.. Are you ready?" asked the professor.

They wer each put on an excersise bike and told to pedal as fast as they could. They made a big race out of it. After one hour of pedaling as fast as they could with no breaks in between, almost everyone was laying passed out on the ground. All except Wheatly, who was still going, and laughing while he did.

"Whee! This is great!" said Wheatley.

After everyone but Wheatley had had a dose of Five Hour Energy, They wer put in a pool and told to swim as many laps as they could.

"Without drowning, preferably." said the professor.

The second Obsidian got in the water, her wings vanished and a glimmering green tail replaced her legs, making her a shoo-in to win, which of course she did.

Next exercise was similar only not in a pool, and not on the ground, in the air. They had to fly as many laps as they could.Maddy did the most

For the first strength test, they had to lift as much weight as they could, in the form of dumbells. Without ever looking away from his 3DS, Daymond lifted over seven hundred pounds, knocking back everyones scores, and they had been in preety good standing before that. Then, they were placed in a wind tunnel and told to fly towards the fan. It was a little funny to see Funny to see the others struggle when Maddy and Mindy could SIT on the fan using only the strength of their wings.

For speed, they had to run a lap race. Wheatly only one because he used rockets in his shoulders to win. Th others didn't think it was fair, after all they didn't have rockets, but the professor said that anything goes except phiscal contact. Then they flew a flight race. It wasn't the hardest thing they'd done that day, so they agreed on the condition that they could have pie when all the tests were over.Rose just zipped right past everyone, three times, making her the fastest flyer in the Gang, or maybe even in history.Then, they were put back into the pool a second time and told to do three mor laps, then they didn't have to do anymore physical callenges. Despite her fish tail, Kim beat Obsidian by seven centimeteres and won the race.

The first intelligence test was by far the hardest test they'd gone though that day. They were put in front of a chalkboard covered with numbers and letters and lines. They had to solve the equatin, which is what it was. After four grueling hours, Jason finally just wrote X5 on the board and said he was done. Shockingly, this was actually the answer. Next they were put in a simulation chamber and they did a do or die simulation. Bernard cowered in the corner until everybody else had died in the simulation, then he finally won. Last, and most irrelevent of all, a spelling bee. Ruby was the only one who cared enough to keep going so she won by default.

"You all performed great. Pie time!" said the professor.

"This is what keeps me going, pie." Said Wheatley, and they all headed out for pie.


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