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Beautiful, Stupid Lie.Part Four.

Book By: stargirl2
Fan fiction


Submitted:Aug 26, 2012    Reads: 4    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter Four.

In the next few hours, they tested their powers. There was a wide open gym just for that purpose.

"I can fly, obvi. So can the cats. And Rose. But what do the rest of you do?" asked Maddy, her and the ones she mentioned hovering over them

"Whoa! Jets! In my... feet? I must be a robot." Said Wheatley, rising to join the ones who were flying.

"Maybe...If I throw you in the air, do you think you'll fly?" Obsidian asked Bernard.

Without waiting for a reply, she, and this makes Bernard look patheticly skinny, hurled him into the air. But tiny Bernard had a trick up his sleeve so tricky he hadn't even known it was there. He grew white angel wings in seconds and had control enogh to keep from crashing to Earth.

"Whoa. THat was not supposed to happen." said Obsidian.

"I'm gonna get you , ya leetle shit!" Bernard taunted.

In seconds, Bernard had picked up Obsidian and hurled her too. But, luckily, she inexplicably grew pink fairy wings from her back.

"Good, we can all fly." said Maddy..

"Yo! Maddy! Can you make us supper?" asked Bernard.

"Fine, but I'm not your Mom." said Maddy.

"Whatever, Mom." said Bernard, finding a string to pull at on Maddy for a joke.

Maddy went to punch him, but something funny happened to his body. As he tensed up for the hit, his body turned silver. It was too late to stop her fist, so she hit him and heard a sickening crunch.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, sonofabitch that hurts. What the hell was that?" said maddy, cradling her broken fingers.

"I think every time someone tries to hurt him, or he's about to hurt himself, he adapts so that he doesn't get hurt." said Daymond.

"Sure, now ya tell me. Sonofagun, they're not broken anymore! We must heal fast." said Maddy.

"You know what I really want right now? Supper." said Wheatley.

"Fine! I'll make your damn supper. But act like you don't like it!" insisted Maddy.

"Thanks, Mom."Said Bernard.

"I'm never gonna hear the end of that, am I?" asked Maddy.

"Never. Hop to it, Ma."


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