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Beautiful, Stupid Lie.Part One

Book By: stargirl2
Fan fiction

For the Maximum Ride fans out there!

Submitted:Aug 26, 2012    Reads: 17    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter one.

The girl's eyelids fluttered open. She looked around. She was laying on a table. Where was she? She tried to get up, but something pushed her back down. She was numb, so numb.Vague sights, sounds and smells fluttered around her. She smelled antiseptic, latex, and the tangy scent of blood.She saw blue and green blobs moving around her, with flashes of silver and red every once and a while.She heard garbled words of which she understood two, "she" and "wings".Then she felt something cold trickle into her veins, and she settled into blackness. Before she was completeley gone, she caught the image of two smiling faces, a man and a woman.

She awoke again in a bed. Not strapped down, just covered with a blanket.She smiled. This wasn't so bad. She snuggled down into bed again. Just five more minutes, then she'd... she'd what? She sat up and took in the room around her. There were nin other beds, each with another head on the pillow.

Good, she thought. I'm not alone here.

Then, her bed quite suddenly lowered itself into the ground. The girl gasped. She'd been lowered into what looked like a regular house. On the couch, a nice eggplant sectional, sat a tall, dark man.

"Hello, One." said the man."Welcome home."

She climbed timidly out of bed. It rose back up into the ceiling.

"You must be a little disoriented." said the man."You've been asleep for five years."

"Five years? Straight?" asked the girl.

"Yes, straight.I wanted you to be comfortable and feel at home here so i altered five...No, it's nine now. Anywho, nine more friends for you."

"Who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here?"

"I am Professor Q, and you are at my research facility.As for why you're here, you'd best take alook in the mirror, Angel."

One entire wall was dance studio mirrors. She took a close look at her reflection. She saw wavy blonde hair, pale lavender eyes, abody with all the right curves.She saw bare feet, an ugly hospital gown, and shockingly, like faint-and-die shockingly, a pair of dainty black angel wings.


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