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Beautiful, Stupid Lie.Part Two

By: stargirl2

Page 1, For Maximum Ride fans.

                                                                                                           Chapter Two.

"Wha...what? Whe...when did these get here? Why do I have them?'

"Five years ago, we acquired you and we gifted you with these wings.You can fly now, Angel, be grateful.'


"Yes,yes it is, Angel.You're here, you're safe, and you can have anything that dear little heart of yours desires."

She looked downat her ugly robe and looked back up at the professor.

He laughed."Oh,silly me.Upstars, on the left."

She climbed the stairs, went down the hall and turned left.She went in the roomLooking around, she saw that every wall was white and the only thing in it was a closet. Inside, there was a talking computer.

"Hello, test subject one. What is your style?"asked the computer.


"What do you want your room to look like?"

"Oh! Surprise me!"

Instantly, whole room, walls, floor and cieling, turned pink. A queen size bed with a pink polka dot bed set on it.

"Will this do?"

"No! I'm a teenager! How about a brown bedset with pink rose bunches?" It appeared on the bed."And... green marble floors?" Instantly, the floors were green. "And a glass cieling, so I can see the stars at night." It changed to glass.

It took two hours, but finally her room was completely furnished, She'd also gotten dressed.Sky blue jeans with pink roses on them. A layered black tank top. Silver sparkle booties, no heel. Finally ready, she headed backinto the living room. This time, the professor was not alone.

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