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My supernatrual life

Book By: storiesaremylife
Fan fiction

Isabell's mum died when she was young because of a deadly disease, Isabell is now stuck with her step dad Craig who abuses her and is constently angry. Isabell runs away from home and happens to run into Dr Carlisle Cullen (who was trying to cure her mum). However she later finds out that Carlisle is a vampire along with his adopted family and wife Esme (wife),Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet, Edward and Edwards new wife Bella and her daughter Renesmee.

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My supernatrual life chapter 1.

"ISABELL YOU COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" I heard my step dad yelling from the lounge room, I gasped for breath and I knew what was coming next. "ISABELL YOU COME HERE NOW OR I'M COMING TO HURT YOU!" OH NO! I have to get out of here NOW! I rushed to the window and went to open it, DAM it's locked what I am going to do. I heard my step dad well Craig stomping up the stairs towards my room. I took action immediately I jumped onto my bed and made myself look comfortable then put my earphones in my ears, played the music and started reading a book.

"ISABELL" I heard him scream, even though my music was up full blast. "Yes Craig?" I said shaking all over, "WHY DIDN'T YOU COME DOWN WHEN I CALLED YOU!" he yelled "I didn't hear you I was listening to music" I said feeling very scared of what would happen next. "DON'T LIE TO ME!" he yelled as he chucked my IPod and book across the room and picked me up by the collar, I saw my IPod screen shatter as it hit the hard plaster on my wall.

Craig was slapping me across the face now I started to cry but used everything in my body to fight back the tears. He stopped slapping me and forced me to look at him once he saw that I had been crying he punched me across the face leaving me lying on the floor.

I awoke sore all around my eye and my nose was still bleeding; I had to get out of here and out of this life. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 3:00 am in the morning; I snuck out to the kitchen and straight to the key hanger, I grabbed the key to my window and snuck back up the stairs to my room.

I unlocked the window and got out as fast as I could, I started climbing down the tree but fell half way down and hurt my ankle, I ran off down the street just hoping that Craig wouldn't realise till the morning. I kept running not focusing on where I was running when I ran into a person. "Are you alright?" the man asked. I looked up to see the doctor my mum saw for weeks before she died, his name was Dr Cullen.


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