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Yumeiro Patisserie

Book By: The right
Fan fiction

Lily found hereself into a little mess, will her love win or her contious

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I slipped and fell, aye that hurt very badly. Why can't I never find the sugar when I need it. It was almost noon and I still had to finish that report, I was going to starve to death without my own sweets. I laughed a bit, as I was alone at home these days. I really missed St.Marie Academy in France, but I couldn't take the pressure not after that moment. Everytime I thought about it, my heart broke over and over. I sighed a bit, but was quick taken away by my apple crumble cake. The sweet appels of the season could be tasted and crust was not hard nor to soft, and my crumbles tasted delicious. I smiled and jumped on the couch to see the news of today. It was announced the opening of Marie's Garden. It looked all so beautiful, just like in the Sweet Kingdom. I do envy the students f the academy, having a sweet spirit was fun once, but she left one day and never told me why. I really do miss Mari she was always so sweet. I lived alone in an appartement as my job could only afford this. I had become a journalist instead of a pattiserie, I did reports on food and their tastes. I loved eating cake, but I could never make mine in public again. The memories behind it were to painful for me. After the announcement of the garden I sudden got a phone call. 'Lily, I finally got you on the line. I couldn't find your number first, but I have a big job for you. As chairman of Tokio news, I want you to go to Marie's Garden and go taste the different sweet shops and grade their tastes. Give me a full report by next week understood?' I was a bit shocked by the sudden request, but I actually didn't want to go. 'Sir, is there someone who can do it, I don't think I'm cut out for this.' I almost even begged my boss to give it to someone else, but he stood on it that I would do it. I sighed and grabbed my bag, if would take my an hour to get there, but at least I would be there on time. My objective was to go undercover for a week and give them my full report on the sweets they made there. I was so happy to go taste those sweets, I loved eating them and I wondered how good these cooks were.

I had taken a hotel near the Marie's garden and I was super excited to see it after I saw the pictures on the internet. I entered the mainstreet and was surprised by all the goodies they had here. The sweets they made here were wonderful, but most were to sweet or to bitter I noticed, most didn't prefer my taste and I was kind of bumbed after tasting a lot of different sweets, I had really high expentations after seeing how each shop was decorated. Finally I came to a small shop, it hadn't opened yet, but I smelled delicious inside. I knocked on the door and before I knew it I felt something bump into me from behind. I fell and hit the ground hard, when I opened my eyes I saw a teenager in front of me. A girl round the age of sixteen with brown hair and eyes. 'Aye, that hurt.' I saw around me all kinds of sweets scatered on the ground. 'O no, Kashino is going to be so made.' The girl seemed very depressed now and I was at fault here actually. I stood up and helped the girl up. 'I'm very sorry, I shouldn't have blocked the entrance for your shop, I'm so sorry.' I bowed deeply to here and the girl seemed to not understand why I did it. 'I looked up at her and the girl was picking up the cakes, but she seemed to run out of time. 'O what will I do, I worked three hours on those.' I bent down next to her and looked at the cakes, they were no longer ateible. 'I can help you make new ones, it's no so hard for me.' I smiled at her and the girl seemed convinced enough as she was a bit desperate too. She grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the kitchen of the shop. 'Can you make some strawberry tarts for me? We need at least a hundred, and I was in charge of those today.' I looked and she had the basic ingredients already set out. 'I'll handle fifty and you'll make fifty. I am a good cook I think, so please I'll try my best.' I bowed down to her and the girl nodded. 'Okay my name is Ichigo Amano, thanks for helping me out.' I smiled and her joy filled me a bit on the inside. 'I'm...Lily.' I smiled at her again, but I never revealed my last name. I knew that once people know who I am all they can see is someone I'm not anymore. I was done with it all in half an hour, and put mine in the oven, I was busy with making the fudge, when I saw the girl still busy making the fudge. I was fascninated how well she was preparing it. After another our, we were finally done with them. I finished my design and tasted it, it tasted really good. On the other hand I looked at the Ichigo, who was staring at me. 'Is something wrong?' I rubbed my hand behind head and wonderinf why she wasn't moving. 'They way you work and move, it is like your a true proffesional. It like your dancing with the food, as a wondering princess of the lands.' I laughed a bit of her expression and rubbed my hand behind my head. 'It is an old habit, when I was your age I loved to cook sweets and for me it is a way to relieve yourself.' I came ovet to her side and saw the fudge, I tasted it and something was still missing. I went through the drawer and found the ingredient I was looking for. 'Put this in the fudge I you'll taste it back later which give it an exentrict flavor.' I put it down next to her and helped with her tarts. Ichigo listened to my advice and after an hour we were finally done. 'I tasted tasted her strawberry tart, it tatsed like a representation of spring and the secret ingredient left a sensual taste behind in my mouth. 'O Ichigo this tastes great, you are truly a skilled pattiserie. I love it, do you want to try mine?' I asked her and I gave her one of mine. She took a bite and before I knew it she was in a oblivion of sweets. 'This taste is so new, it is like a strawberry is melting on my tong and that I am floating in heaven.' A great smile appeared on her face and it made me happy, as I han't had a compliment in so long. I helped her place the cakes in the shop and after that her other friends came in too. Ichigo explained the whole story to them and the same happened to them after eating my tart. 'You truly are a skilled patissere, no ordinary person could pull this off.' Lemon and Johnny said. I smiled to get so much complimants from them, but when I saw the time I really had to go. That report had to be given in by tomorrow. 'Sorry but I really have to run, I'll visit some time again.' I quick shacked all their hands and left my card behind in case they wanted to call for something. I ran to the exit, but I felt some kind of familiar scent pace me by. I turned around, but with this crowd I couldn't have seen who it was. It was probably just my imagination. It was much fun being there and I gave a positive report to my chairman. He smiled to see I had liked it so much and he told me to go back, but this time I had to stay there a whole day and observe a Gran Prix winner, but when he mentioned her name I was very surprised to hear it was Ichigo Amano. As a reporter I had to observe her and tell a story for the front page. I was so happy, I called her and she seemed to have no problems with it.

I got my old chef costume out the wardrobe and took it with me. It still fitted me, which amazed me the most. I headed out and joined her shop for the day. I knocked on the door, where I found her already busy, no one was there yet, except Ichigo which surprised me a bit. 'You do practice a lot, don't you!' I smiled at her and was welcomed with a warm hug. 'It is fine to meet you again, I was still wondering about your cakes because those were so delicious.' I laughed, because hearing that from here was something I had expected but never imagined she would truly say it. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. 'Today we are going to make a cheescake, but a tart de l'orange. It fits with today's weather, and I love to taste how yours will be.' I was filled because I had gotten the oppertunity to let others taste my sweets too and stay to watch it. After three hours I was finally done with my twenty cakes, it took a lot time preparing it and I was beaten. We tasted each others and both were great, but again I had the same reaction as always, it was like being pulled into an oblivion of sweet scents. The aroma could be tasting and flavors did not mismatch with each other. 'They keep tasting good yours and the customers seem to be enjoying our sweets too.' We both laughed as ours were sold the most compared to the others and it hurt Kashino's pride a bit. I saw the time and I wanted to start heading out. 'It was fun working with you all, and this will really help my report. Lemon tapped me on my shoulder and I was astonished by her question when she asked me were I leraned to cook this well. I knew I had to tell someone and what harm could it do if I told them, it is something from the past and I have to move on. After the shop was closed I sat down and everygathered around me to hear the words I had to say. 'When I was your age I studied in Paris to become a pattisere like you all, at St.Marie Academy. I loved cooking and gathered a lot of trophies, like you all I had a Sweet spirit too. But for personal reasons I stopped with becoming a top-class patissere and chose to become a journalist here in London. Before I knew it I became a tasting reporter for all over the world. I tasted many wonderful things and lived a simple, but happy life here in Japan. I always keep cooking sweets for myself and this is the fist time in three years I have let anyone taste my creations again.' There sweet spirirs appeared to and I smiled to see them. Everyone looked at me with open mouth after I told my story. But Kashino kept cool and stood up and walked away. 'Your talents are great, it is a shame you left such a good oppertunity behind. I looked with my eyes to the ground and sighed. 'I know I am a coward, but you should know once your heart is broken it can never be repaired again. 'I laughed at the thought, but what I said was true even sweets can't let the feeling disappear. I was patted on my back by Amano and tried to smile at her. 'How old are you actually and were did your sweet spirit go?' I looked at the question Johnny asked. 'I'm now twenty years old, my sweet spirit left after I gave up, I couldn't be a good partner for her and she went back to the sweet kingdom.' I stood up and thanked them for letting me help and observe their shop today. I never wanted to think of my past and just go home and forget about my foolish dream. I wanted to walk out the door, but I bumped into someone. 'I'm sorry.' I looked up and recognized his face, before he could say something I ran out of the shop into the street disappearing into the crowd. Could that have been him, or was it just my imagination. I felt a bit depressed thinking of that horrible night, my heart got ripped apart. I looked at the picture in my purse I took together with them all and it reminded me of who I once was. It was night already and I had to get to the hotel soon. I walked through the center and before I reached my hotel I saw a kitty in an ally on the ground not moving. Ever since I was little I have had a soft spot for little animals. I ran over to it and checked, the kitty jumped up and ran away. I felt a bit sad to see it was frightened of me, but then I saw a big shadow over me and I was pushed up against a wall and my mouth was covered by a man's hand and a knife was held against my throat. 'You are going to do exactly as I say and no one will get hurt understand.' I nodded and the man grabbed my purse and as he was checking the purse I kicked him in the back and wanted to grab my purse but the man held on to it. This was a burgalary. Before I knew it I was pushed against the ground and the man started beating me up. I screamed of the pain, but the streets were now abandoned and I was all alone. "Please someone save me!" I closed my eyes as I was even now coughing up blood from the punches I had gotten. When I opened them, the man was pulled off of me and I heard the man scream himself. All I saw was golden hair passing in the night and shining bright. I closed my eyes feeling that my conscious was slipping away. Once the heart is taken, it can never be returned.

I opened my eyes, where was I. I found myself in a fancy room and in a large bed. I was wearing a white silk made pyjama and I got up and looked in the mirror. On my face were no injuries anymore, and my hair had another style. It had been cut, and my reddish brown hair was looking weird, in my opinion. I looked to the side next to the mirror and it looked like a month had gone by. I found my phone next to my bed and it seemed my boss had been contacted and that I could take off for a few weeks until I had recovered. Sudden the door opened and a maid came in, I looked at her and she jumped up out of happiness. 'You have finally awakened, the master will be so happy.' Before she rushed I grabbed her wrist and asked where I was.

'You are in London, this is master's Henri home. You were transferred here after you got attacked in London. I'm sure he'll be happy to see that you are conscious. 'I'm sorry, but I can't stay I have to go now. Thank him for everything and that if there are any costs I will pay him back, but I can't be in the same room as him. So please forgive me, but I want to leave before he arrives.' The maid did not complain for a minute and gave me my suit back and other things I owned. I accepted friendly my stuff and grabbed my bag, my creditcards and cash were still all in it, which made me happy somehow. I walked down the stairs and was led down the stairs. I remebered it clearly, but the pain of being here made it even worse. I looked up at the sky and started walking, to the nearest pin machine, I needed money to get to London again, otherwise I'm screwed. I walked past a shop, it was a gelatin shop. I always loved that, so I went inside and bought a cup of it. As I tasted it I could feel the sweet stuff flow through my mouth, it was delicious. I walked back outside and in front of the shop was a black car. A man stepped out, his eyes were as blue as the sky and his hair was so blond. I was amazed first by his appearance, but then it hit me who it was. I sprinted away and hid in an ally. Before I could even blink I was carried up by him and dragged into the car. I struggeld, but he was to strong for me. In the car I was put down and I sat farest away from him. 'So can you explain. Why did you leave immidiately? Do you know how worried I was.' I turned around and saw his expression, he truly had been worried. My eyes looked down at the ground, the pain was even more. I held my chest tight, feeling all the emotions flow out of me. 'You don't know how it has been for me, but you were right. It is beter to keep our relationship only professional as classmates. I only got hurt because of it.' I felt the tears wealling up in me, and I felt my cheek getting wet. 'Lily...' I looked up at Henri and the anger welled up in me. 'It is the same with everyone, who confessed to you. You kept me even in the dark when I told you my feelings. That night I left to get away from you and everything else. I just want to live a life, without you in it!' The car stopped that instant and we were in front of Marie Garden in London, I stepped out of the car and smashed the door. I wanted to walk away, but the window of car lowered and he let a card fall with an envelope. The car drove away and I picked it up. I opened the letter and was a bit surprised by the handwriting. "Lily, if you decide please do it tonight. There will be a opening party for the new Marie Garden in London. Come and think about it, if you leave then I won't come in to your life ever again. Greetings, Henri Lucas." I wondered why he wanted me to come, I thought I just made it clear. But he really did insist I came, o these emotions were tangled with each other. 'Why are you here Lily?' I turned around and saw Ichigo standing there, I was a bit shocked to find her here in London. 'It is a long story, but I thought you would go back to Tokyo after this.' I said and she was a bit confused too. She saw the invitation I held in my hand, and jumped up and down. 'Are you going to the masked ball too?' I wanted to reply, but she didn't give me the chance. I was pulled away and we entered different shops and Vanilla was with us too. We tried different dresses, but it seemed only Ichigo had found the right one. We tried different shops, but everytime I found one I liked the others disapproved. Finally we got to a fancy little shop in a side street. There I found a white dress, it was strapless and diaphanous jewels were placed on it. It was like a queens dress. I grabbed it and fitted it, I showed and Ichigo looked at it with open mouth. 'Wow, you look gorgeous in that dress!' I gasped too, when I saw myself in the mirror. I bought a beautiful white mask and white shoes with it. I was dragged by Ichigo into a hair salon and my hair was cut too. I looked totally different from this morning, as if a new person was born. I didn't know if I could do it, but even if Ichigo didn't know what was going on she lightened my heart. Ichigo let me stay at her place, to change and we were brought by a taxi. I felt a bit like Cinderella now, everyone else had already left before us as we arrived a bit to late because we took to many stops at different sweet shops. I got quick dressed and we suited our make up, it was going to be hard for people to recognize us.

I saw their was a lot of media around the house and limosines and other people coming in it. The taxi dropped us of a few yards further away, as it was to crowded for him to drive in. We payed and walked to the party. 'Lily, I really do hope you'll enjoy it. There will be a lot of sweets, so you can eat to your hearts content.' I smiled at her and together we walked down the red carpet and entered the huge ball room. I wondered what would happen, we didn't find anyone, but with my length I had quick spotted Kashino and Ichigo walked away, to him. I went to the buffet table and got myself a glass of champagne. I looked around and it seemed all so wonderful. The sweets and food looked delicious, but I couldn't eat any as my stomach would set out other wise and the dress would look weird then. I was surprised my my measurements, because I looked very skinny in this dress. Sudden the lights went out and on the podium appeared a kitchen. I heard a sort rythem in the cooking, I looked up and saw Henri en an other blond girl start cooking. "Ladies and gentlemen we welcome you to the new opening of Marie Garden. Tonight Henri and Tennouji will demostrate now, there cooking arts. I looked up at them and they were moving so smoothly, as if magic was leading them through the cooking. I could clearly see their sweet spirits helping too, but the rythem and smell amazed me. He really did improve a lot these years. I smiled after imagining what kind of sweets they will be. I really hoped it was going to be awesome. Before I knew it, this was all over. The sweets had been prepared and were served to us. I grabbed one and tasted it, the sweet taste of sugar could be tasted and the cake was delishes. Than the music got louder and people started dancing. I saw Ichigo pulling Kashino to dance with her, but he wouldn't do it. I walked towards her and stretched out my hand to her. 'Do you want to dance with me?' Ichigo laughed a bit to be asked by a woman, but she grabbed my hand and we started dancing. We both giggled a bit to see that Kashino regreted the oppertunity he had gotten. It was fun to dance like this and I tapped on my shoulder and Kashino grabbed her out of my hands and danced away with her. I blinked at Ichigo and she smiled at me. Seeing her smile filled the void inside me a bit. My hand was sudden taken and I was now dancing with an older man. I looked to the side and saw Miya standing there. I assumed this was her dad. 'Isn't it a lovely night miss, the music plays and love in high in the air.' I was saved by Hanabusa, he danced with me and I laughed to see how he was also flirting with the other girls. 'Don't you think I'm a bit out of your league.' Hanabusa laughed and nodded with his head. 'It seems you are very popular with the guys tonight, every gentleman wants to dance with you Lily.' I laughed and saw really a row standing there to dance with me. Hanabusa let me go after the song ended and before I knew it another man wanted to dance with me. I was swinging on the dance floor, but every man stepped on my toes when they got enchanted by my beauty. Another man wanted to grab my hand, but I was taken away, by a man in a white suit and wearing a golden mask and had blond hair, blue eyes. 'Are you enjoying yourself?' He asked me, the man was this time really leading and surprised me by that. I was enchanted by his eyes, it was really him. 'I never thought I had to see you again, but you have amazed me.' The music had ended and Henri led me to the stage. In our conversation he asked me to sing again, I was a bit shy about it, but I knew I could not refuse. Not now. A microphone and a guitar were placed, I thought first hard, but then I found it.

'I always needed time on my own,

But I could never leave,

Will you ever let me go,

Because I still lie on my floor.

Please hurting me so much,

I can't this anymore,

All you ever did,

Was hurting me. Mhmm...'

As the song continued and lived up the room with my voice. I felt very happy, learning that not only sweets could lighten a persons heart. I realized then with this song, how much I loved Henri still. When I finished I got a warm applause, but as I stepped down I didn't see Henri anywhere. The teens came to me and I got complimented multiple times by them. 'Ichigo, where is Henri?' Ichigo looked around, but she couldn't see it either. I think he might have left already, I saw him walking towards the back room. She pointed into a direction and I followed her directions. I have to tell him how I feel, and this time I had to get a clear response from him. I walked to the backroom and overheard two people talking. It was Henri's voice and that of Tennouji. I peeked through the door and saw them standing in a room lit by the full moon light only. She seemed furious, but Henri kept calm and held her head up. 'Kiss me.' The girl closed her eyes and I saw him getting closer to her. My heart was aching again, I felt it hurt me again. I held my eyes fixed on them and their lips gently touched and it was the image of fairy tale to me.I turned away and stepped away from the door with my back against the wall. My hand before my mouth to quiet down my gasp, I felt the sadness fill me and tears came streaming down. 'They don't know about us.' Was what I heard coming from the room, I could hear Tennouji's voice loud and clearly and my heart was shred to pieces that instant. I saw the door open and Henri stood there talking all friendly to Tennouji, but when he saw me he kept quiet. 'So that is how it is.' After seeing how dumbfounded he was I ran away. I heard him calling my name, but I couldn't rely on that voice any longer. Seeing that he never ever considered my feelings, it seemed al the rumours were true. For him was no love to good, how stupid could I have been thinking he cared for me. It had all to be act, to lure me for some selfish reason. I ran out the hall, away from everything.

I came to a bridge and sat down, calming down from everything. My heart was torn out again, why did I still have feelings for him. It had been three years ever since I ran away. I didn't want to feel anything, anymore. I put off my shoes and through them into the river. I sudden heard footsteps speeding towards me. I looked to my left and a knife was held against my back. 'So we meet again bitch, this time I'll make sure you stay dead.' This was burgalar who attacked me before. He told me too climb over the rail and hold tight on. So this is the end of the line for me, there seems nothing more left for me in this world. 'Lily, what are you doing!' I turned my head and saw Henri stand there. I wanted to call out his name, but the knife kept being pushed in my back telling me to stay quiet. 'This girl is going to take a dip and she won't come back.' The burglar laughed and I felt him push me with a swift push. 'Henri!' I yelled and stretched my hand out, I saw all my memories flash by and felt a emptiness covering me. In my left eye sight I saw Henri jumping after me. I heard a loud splash and the water covered my body. I quick swam to the surface and looked around me. The water gushed into me, I tried to breath but the stream was to heavy.

I tried to run, but I can't ever leave him. With this thought, I gave up on life. But I felt a hand rap itself around my chest and being drawn away. I faintly smiled, he saved me again. I woke up in a hospital, I saw a great scare on my arm. I looked up at the sealing, but then I remembered clearly, I was saved by him again. Why did he do it, all I ever did was run away from him.

A nurse came in and checked my wounds and all. I closed my eyes out of panic, but as I heard her leave I quick got up and looked straight into her eyes. 'Wait, what happened to Henri!' She was shocked first, but called a doctor in who examined me. 'It seems you have no head ache, so you should be able to walk around freely now. You have been asleep for two days.' The doctor laughed, but I was worried about Henri. 'Sir, I need to know. Where is the man who saved me?' I almost begged him and doctor looked at me with saddened eyes. 'Henri Lucas has been in coma till now, you were only exhausted. We do not know when he will awaken, but he cannot have any visitors now due to his condition.' After begging, the doctor brought me to his room. I saw him lying in his bed and sat next down next to the bed. The doctor left us alone, and I kept quiet but started speaking to fill the silence. 'You really are stupid for saving me, you could have gotten yourself killed. I really don't understand you any longer. The first moment I hate you, the next moment I want to see you so badly. You are tearing me apart. I don't know where you're going and I don't know why, but you always listen to your heart.' I sat down on the bed and looked at him. I was now above him and looked at his sleeping face. I bent down and and let my emotions take control. I gently kissed his lips, felt the soft aroma of honey hanging on his lips. I wished hed wake up, from the bottom of my heart. I suddenly saw stars twinkeling around me. Please don't ever leave me! I felt a hand tied around my waist and one on my head pressing against his lips. We sat up straight still kissing, the sensation devoured me and the romance had planted its seeds for good now.

I looked into his eyes, the blue as the average sky. 'Why did you come after me, all I ever do is bring you trouble.' He stroked my hair and and said; 'I love you, that is why I can never let you go again.' He pressed his lips against mine and I got swepped away by him. After half an hour of talking, I left his room and returned to my own. Was this paradise?


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