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Mei and the Avatar (Chapter 1)

Book By: TheStoryMaker
Fan fiction

This is my version of the show Avatar: The last Airbender(Which I do NOT own. It belongs to Nick and the creators). There is no spiritism in this, and it's what would happen if the fictional me (Mei of the Fire Nation) joined Team Avatar. Hope you enjoy.

Meiza Kozai never liked the war. Even being Fire Nation she thought it was wrong and wished it would end. After the twins were born when she was 8 her parents didn't give her the attention and love she needed. So she left. This is the story of what happens after she leaves her family and joins up with the Avatar and his friends.

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I kicked a rock as I walked down a dirt path. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I had to get away from them. Me and my parents got into a huge fight, so I left. My father practically kicked me out, actually. But, it was a mutual feeling. My hands steemed from anger. I pounded the ground with every step, leaving my mark all over it. My parents treated me like I was a possession that they could leave their mark on. I touched me necklace. The smoke emblem of the Kozai family. I curled my fist arround it, scowling, closing my eyes tightly. I grunted and ripped it off, throwing it to the ground. I thrust both of my hands out, shooting much more then the necessary fire at it to burn it. After practically singeing the Earth's crust, I stopped. I was breathig heavily, staring at the black whole in the ground.

Me and my parents fought over my rights. I thought they were controling me too much. They thought they weren't controling me enough, if I thought that. I had run away a couple of times, just to get away. And earlier I had been brought back from runing off for the third time this week by five gaurds. That's how many they need to control me when I don't want to do something.

They yelled at me for a good hour, telling me I wasn't allowed anywhere without a gaurd with me, to be sure I wouldn't do anything wrong. I told them if they did that I would just run off more. "You think I can't fend off one gaurd? I'm a Firebending prodigy!" is what I told them. They told me, as punishment for being disrespectful, I was grounded and wasn't allowed to Firebend the whole time. Two weeks. I scoffed and started to walk away. Father told me if I left, never to come back.

And I don't plan on it. I was going to the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom. A lot of the Fire Nation people have contempt for the colonials, because they're Earth Kingdom born. But, they're Fire Nation like me and like my family and friends. So, I decided I would go there, try and find a decent job and get a small apartment.

I sighed and started walking again. I kept my head down, watching my shoes as I walked. Red. The Fire Nation color. I didn't even want to be Fire Nation anymore! My father and mother were awful to me and so was my brother and sister. And they're Fire Nation. Plus, we attacked the Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes for no reason! Just because our Fire Lord's power hungry.

Maybe when I get to the Earth Kingdom I can get some Earth Kingdom clothes. And live there instead of in the colonies. And then I could-

"Ow!" I shouted as something smashed into my head from above and I fell to the ground. I composed myself, rubbing my head. I looked around, trying to find out what hit me. A canteen. A Water Tribe canteen. I looked up and then I saw it. It astonished me. I didn't believe my eyes at first. It was a flying bison! I saw someone perched over the edge, looking down. Whoever it was must have dropped- or thrown the canteen. I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder as I stood up. I watched the bison for as long as I could before it flew out of sight. I shook my head.

I thought.


I walked up a hill and looked over at the vast Earth before me. The Earth Kingdom was over a weeks walk away. By then I was wishing I had a flying bison. I looked up at the sky. Twilight. I decided I should rest for the night. I set the canteen down and layed back on a rock, staring up at the sky. A couple of stars were starting to emerge from their hiding places. I missed the comfort of my own bed. But, I was never going back. They wouldn't even want me back. Who would want a daughter like me? I closed my eyes. No one would. I wasn't good for anything but Firebending. But, that's a bad thing if you're not in the Fire Nation. I took a deep breath. I would no longer be a Firebender. I was now apart of the Earth Kingdom. Just trying to find my way home, is whatI would tell people. Which was true. No one will ever know I'm Fire Nation. I told myself. Not ever again. I closed my eyes tighter, drifting to sleep quicker then I ever would have thought.



I was startled awake in the middle of the night. I heard rustling noises. I stood and looked around. I held a small flame in my hand for light, scanning the darkness as best as I could. I didn't see anything. The noise stopped. I narrowed my eyes. I didn't trust that it wasn't one of Father's gaurds searching for me. But, it also could have just been some sort of animal. Still, I was too paranoid to stay. I grabbed the canteen and started walking, keeping my flame bright for decent lighting. The rustling continued behind me. I kept swirling around, searching, trying to see through the darkness. I decided to walk without light. That way, if it actually was a gaurd, it would be harder to find me. Staring down at the flame, I reluctantly put it out. I turned back around and walked by moonlight. The rustling still persisted. This time it seemed to be beside me, not behind me. Angry that I didn't know what it was, I thrust my hand out with a grunt and lit a bush on fire. It burned ferociously as I stared on, unphased. Next thing I know some stupid little lemur thing jumps from the burning bush and lands on my head.

"Hey!" I cried. I brabbed it and pulled. "Get off me!" I pulled it from my head and dropped it to the ground. It was making panicked noises as it rushed away. I grumbled to myself, then remembered- I wasn't supposed to Firebend. I sighed and put the fire out. Black smoke rose from the charred bush. I continued walking. Looking out on the horizon I could see the sun was rising, anyway. I figured it didn't make much sense to go back to sleep now. I wanted to get as far away from home as possible, anyway.

I eyed the canteen slung over my shoulder. I wanted to drink it, but I didn't know where it had been. What am I talking about!? I screamed in my head. I've never cared about that! I pulled the canteen from my shoulder, twsited the cap and guzzled it down. Bringing it from my lips I tatsed more then water.

Mud. It kind of tasted like mud. I didn't care. I was thirsty and had no supplies of my own.


My stomach was going wild. I was starving. I knew had to find food, fast. So, I quickened my pace, looking back and forth for berries or something. The sun started rising in the distance, making it much easier to see. Suddenly, when I rounded a corner, I saw a campsite. No one was there. There was two empty sleeping bags and- Food! I smiled and ran over. Whoever it was had a small sack of fruit, vegitables and meat. I looked over my shoulder. I knew I shouldn't take any of the food, but I needed it. I slowly reached into the bag, my stomach growling and mouth watering. Just as I was about to take something, the Earth rose beisde me, encasing me in to flat sheets of rock on either side of me. It spun around I was facing three kids. Two of them looked to be about twelve, and the other two in their teens. I looked at the Earthbender who had trapped me. I stared into her eyes. I raised my eyebrows. She was blind. I stood there, unable to move much other then my legs. I was silent.

"Who are you?" the young boy asked. I scanned him. I tried to hold back my surprise as I saw a blue arrow over his bald little head.

The Avatar.

"Answer him!" the older girl cried. I scanned her, too. She looked about 14. Brown hair with these little loopy things.

"I'm-" I hesitated. Do I tell them my real name? Or do I give them a more Earth Kingdom name? I sighed.

Who really cares what a bunch of punk kids know?

"I'm Mei." I answered.

"Mei." the older boy repeated. "Sounds Fire Nation."

I didn't respond. The Avatar walked up to me with narrowed eyes and a judging face.

"Are you Fire Nation?" he asked. Hoping it would satisfy him anyway, I stayed as vague as possible.

"I'm heading to the Earth Kingdom. Just trying to find my way home. That's all." This seemed to be enough for him. He took a few steps back, but they all kept staring at me. I wished the little blind girl would let down the sheets. They were bruising my arms.

"Wanna bring down the defence a bit, kid?" I asked. The girl raised her hands and then dropped them, making the rock slide down back to the Earth.

"Don't call me kid." she said sternly.

"Sure thing, sport." I replied. She scowled. I rubbed my arm. They kept watching me with angry faces. The older girl folded her arms. I decided to break the awkward silence and maybe make friends. For all I knew they could help me out.

"Who are you guys?" I asked. I paused. "Well, I know who he is." I added, pointing to the Avatar.

"I'm Sokka." said the older boy. "This is my sitser, Katara." The older girl. "That's Toph," The blind girl. "And he's Aang." The Avatar.

"Avatar Aang." I said. I smirked. Father would be so proud of me if I was able to bring the Avatar to the Fire Lord. Everyone in the Fire Nation knew of Prince Zuko's banishment. And of the fact that he to search for the Avatar to restore his honor. I didn't want to make enemies, though. That's what the Fire Nation did. I wanted to make friends. I bowed to them.

"Nice to meet you." I said. Their faces softened at the thought I wasn't attacking. "I'm sorry I tried to take your food. I'm just very hungry. I have no supplies of my own." I paused, touching the canteen. "Other then this." I said. I pulled it from my shoulder and Katara smiled.

"My canteen!" she cried happily. We walked to each other and I held it out. She took it happily. "I dropped it while we were on Appa yesturday." I froze. I remembered the flying bison I had seen. I didn't even think it could have been them!

"That was you?" I asked. She nodded. "It hit me on the head. You guys were on a- like a flying bison!" Aang grinned very wide with a nod.

"Appa!" he cried. "He's my sky bison!" I could tell by his face that Appa brang him great joy. I tried to continue being nice, in hopes I could gain their trust and friendship. I cupped my hands behind my back.

"Where are you headed?" I asked.

"What's it to you?" Sokka snapped. Aang waved him off.

"The Earth Kingdom." he answered.

"Would you mind if I travled with you?" They all paused. I knew it was forward, and I would have reacted the same way. But, I needed to change the subject, and I needed to travle with people who actually had supplies. Aang smiled wide.

"Mei," he said loudly. "Welcome to team Avatar!"


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