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Inuyasha: The New Kagome

By: TimmyTurnerInPurple

Page 1, This is a story I made while I was watching an episode on inuyasha. I got bored and began daydreaming this in my head and I found myself writing this. This is only a preview if you guys like it I may continue.

1. First day in Japan Finally I had made it to Japan. With my family, sadly. The house was beautiful and had an adorable shut in the backyard. It has a weird drawing feeling to me like something was commanding me to go there. My family included my little brother, James, my mother, Joe ly, and my grandma, Shelly. My name is Kira but, my friends call me Kitty or Kitten for a number of reasons I need not list. I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. "Hey mom," I sat down and watched her dish out pancakes. "Hey hun. How was your sleep?" She is so sweet to me. "It was fine... Yours?" She smiled and passed me a plate. "It was pretty short I hadn't slept for most of the night. I'm so tired." She sighed. I half smiled. "I'll cook and clean for you. Go get some sleep." I grabbed one of my pancakes and walked over to her. She looked so tired. There were purplish bruise like marks under her eyes. She nodded at me and began climbing the steps to her room. "Thank you, sweetheart." I nodded. My grandma and brother ran down the stairs and sat down. I put some pancakes on their plates and sat down in front of mine. They nodded at me and began a race to see who would finish first. I cleared my those to try and get their attention. "So... Gran Gran... I wanted to ask you something." "What is it?" She said. "I wanted to know if I could go check out the shut in the backyard today after school." "We'll... If you don't have any homework, then yeah." She said patting my shoulder. I smiled wide and hopped up from my seat. "Thank you Gran Gran!" I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and got dressed for school. Today, I would wear a blue and green kimono. That's all I have in my closet... Kimonos. I ran down the stairs, my bag in hand, and I kissed Gran Gran on the cheek. "See you guys later!" I ran out of the house and down the street to the school. . . . After school I walked down the stairs and hid behind a tree. A boy with blue and white hair stepped out of the academy next to mine and waited for someone. I stepped out from behind the tree casually. He looked over at me and waved. "Hey!" I turned and looked at him. He ran over to me and almost bumped into me. "Hey Kira!" He smiled. "Hey Matsudappiyo," I was burning from the inside out. I've had a crush on him since grade school! "What's up?" I shrugged. "Nothing... I'm just about to go to check out this shut behind my house. You?" "Nothing. Can I check it out too?" He asked dully. Sometimes he can be a really dull guy. I blushed a little. 'Does he really wanna go with me? But I'm not that close to him ... Am I?' TO BE CONTINUED...

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